Today was a perfectly lazy day at my mom’s house in Texas. Outside, a rare snow has been falling all day, completing the holiday mood, as Mom, Philippe and I worked on this year’s puzzle. At 1,500 pieces, we’re making slow yet steady progress. The show Property Brothers was on TV in the background, apparently a marathon event, so I’m not quite sure how many homes were renovated during that time, but I think it was quite a few. Spending an entire day doing nothing much at all is a joyous experience and one of my favorite bits of the holiday season. I normally do a million things at once all of the time, but that tends to make each day feel like it’s rushing by. Today, however, has felt blissfully slow and wonderful.

Last night, we enjoyed a fun evening at my sister’s house. She had made her infamous rum balls, but had waited a bit too late to make them, so they didn’t have time to become quite as potent as last year. But, they were still delicious! We’re hoping the weather doesn’t hurt our plans to attend the dinner theatre this evening, but we’ll be waiting until the last moment to see if the show is cancelled. Our backup plan will be a pizza party where everyone brings a holiday movie of their choice and we’ll vote on which one we’ll all watch. So, either way, it will  be a fun time. Knowing my family, it will be a game of picking the worst possible movie as a joke. My fingers are still crossed for the theatre, though, mostly because I love the bread pudding they serve for dessert. A silly thing to be sure, but I love the tradition.

In times like these, I wonder why I never make a little more space in my life to enjoy nothing much at all throughout the year. I get so caught up in everything I’m doing and all of the grand schemes I have planned, that I don’t often allow myself these little breaks from it all. This makes my watercolor time each day extra special. Though it’s not much time at all, it’s at least a little moment to pause and reflect on life. A special time where I can focus on something outside of chores and deadlines. It’s that briefest moment of piece in all of life’s chaos. And, as my inner child giggles gleefully during this wonderful time of year, I’m happy to have found a hobby that’s so emotionally rewarding. It always makes life a bit shinier and happier when I let myself enjoy something I’m passionate about. And, for just a moment each and every day, I can once again experience the fabulous feeling of a holiday state of mind.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Vermilion, Aureolin, Leaf Green, Quinacridone Red, Terra Cotta, Cobalt Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with black ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
Day 8 - Cardinal Christmas Red Bird On Tree Branch - Doodlewash

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27 thoughts on “A Holiday State Of Mind

  1. I had to laugh at your statement that the reason you were hoping for the theatre was because of the bread pudding. It struck as such a Charlie statement, lol. I’m with you there. I’d rather bread pudding over pizza any day! I’m glad your enjoying your family time.

  2. Today I put up on Facebook a photo I took of 15 cardinals in the tree in my front yard. They really are the holiday bird. I hope you’ve left for the theatre as I write this at 6:30. If you’re watching Xmas movies, I beg you to bring Die Hard! It’s got everything!

  3. Happy to hear you are enjoying some time with your family, Charlie! 😍 Your Cardinal is beautiful! 🐦 Cheers to slowing down and enjoying life! 🎁 It truly is a gift! Thank you for sharing your art and heart! 😘💕

  4. That cardinal is especially noteworthy because it is so faithfully real. It’s expressive eyes
    hold secrets that it will share with each of us if we take the time to listen. Not only that,
    the cardinal is the WV state bird (as well as that of several other states.) I hope you make it to your dinner theatre. Bread pudding is a favorite winter treat for me. I’m just a bit envious, but I’m pretty sure whatever you and your family choose to do it will be a
    memorable event that will no doubt inspire a future doodlewash.

    Charlie says, “Our backup plan will be a pizza party” It is always wise to have a plan B.
    (extra cheese for me please.)

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! 😃💕 I love painting birds… they do seem to be hiding secrets. (well, that and cats… hehe). And though a pizza party would have certainly been lovely, we thankfully made it to the show and the pudding! 😉

      1. Thank you Charlie and I loved to hear your Podcast! I know I haven’t been much present on Doodlewash cause I have been busy with collaborations creating but I always post on the World Watercolor Group! I had some time and I visited your blog and discovered all your beautiful new things! <3 Congratulations also for your new book I would love to get it as soon I can I love your stories and art! <3 Have a wonderful Christmas and Holidays

        1. Thank you SO much! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the podcast! 😃💕A total experiment and since I’m a bit shy… a big achievement to show up like that! hehe And so happy you enjoy my stories and art! Let me know what you think of the book! (and if you enjoy it! Let Amazon know as well.. hehe.. I always forget to ask that. I’m terrible at marketing myself and would far prefer to market YOU! 😊)

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