Here’s a quick little doodlewash of some bread, because today is Homemade Bread Day! This is another holiday with no traceable owner, but it’s a delicious idea so who really cares.

For this one, I decided to do a nearly monochrome painting with only two colors: Neutral Tint & Burnt Sienna. Not sure why, necessarily, just wanted to see what it would look like. And this is what happened.

Bread is one of those much-maligned foods that never quite rebounded from the nation’s carb phobia. Thankfully, Philippe is French, so there’s no fear of bread in our house.

If I were told I could not have real bread (not the stuff in plastic with all the corn syrup), it would actually make me cry because I love bread! Particularly with a bowl of olive oil, pepper, and salt to dip it in.

When I was a kid though…it was all about the stuff in plastic. Particularly Wonder Bread which was appropriately named as you have to wonder why there are 29 ingredients in a single slice of really white bread. Turns out they’re mostly chemicals that aren’t truly safe to digest, but not so noticeably unsafe to immediately require companies to stop feeding them to us.

But the super cool part about this artificial bread, beyond the paranormal shelf life, was the ability to turn it back into pure dough. Squeezing the bread into a ball would turn it into a wet lump of unbaked dough. As a kid, this was so cool…like being able to eat the equivalent of raw cookie dough, something your mom wouldn’t usually allow.

With a few slices you could make a nice-sized dough ball you could eat like a jawbreaker. This is infinitely grotesque to think about doing now, but back then, it was a magical good time. Of course, the brown crusts had to be sacrificed in the process, but no self-respecting kid ever really liked those anyway.

But today, it’s all about delicious, chemical-free homemade bread. It won’t make a satisfying dough ball after it’s baked, but on the bright side, it tastes much better and is far healthier to consume. The only daunting step for some, myself included, will be actually baking bread yourself. In this case, you’ll just have to charm the pants off a baker or persuade one who already happens to love you to bake some for you.

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45 thoughts on “Homemade Bread Day

  1. I try to stay away from white carb so most days, I don’t eat bread. But I do love to make challah occasionally. I used to make it every Friday with the kids for Shabbat but as they got older, I stopped making it every week. I was laughing when I read your wonder bread comment as I used to squeeze the slices into balls. I’m amazed you only used two colors! Looks great!

  2. How perfect! I made 3 loaves – 2 of the no-knead artisan by hand, and one a light honey sandwich loaf by bread machine – just yesterday and worked on one today for breakfast…though that’s not a surprise. We eat bread (hubby is a huge Vegemite on toast fan). You might want to try making the no-knead artisan bread. It is SO easy. It only has 4 ingredients: water, salt, yeast, and flour. I make 2-4 loaves every week. I used to make baguettes a lot (Philippe would love that!) but got away from it for some reason. And I always make our own burger and hot dog buns. I can’t abide store-bought bread anymore. Your loaf is beeeeyoootiful! xo

    1. Yum!!! That all sounds delicious Teresa!! ❤️😃 Philippe makes awesome bread, but we don’t have it very often. There’s a local baker that delivers fresh bread to the grocery so we usually end up with that. But I still prefer the homemade kind…it’s soooo good!! 😃

  3. I am addicted to baked goods, bread especially, so I say YUM to Homemade Bread Day. Hubby actually has a bread maker stored in a closet around here somewhere. Maybe I need to dig it out and get him baking!

  4. Oh, that’s superb – I can practically smell it!!

    Fear of bread? I wouldn’t go without the stuff and I would most definitely miss that smell. I admit it’s been terribly long since I made my own, though. Other people make cooking look so darn easy!

    Until I was about three, there used to be a bakery near home and I would go in there and get cute miniature loaves for nothing. They were better than their (ludicrously expensive) cakes! I think this is where my unending love affair with bread began.

      1. That does sound good! It used to be a similar story around here: bakers, butchers, sweet shops… but of course many have fallen victim to the gargantuan supermarkets.

        Your doodlewashes surely make up for it – they’re more appetising than my cooking!

  5. We used to make those Wonder Bread balls too…it is gross to think of it now, but I always knew the bread was worthless as food. I would trade my lunch sandwiches (margarine and bologna on Wonder Bread, I gag to even think of it) for real food–a bag of Cheetos perhaps. (K)

    1. Haha!! That’s awesome, Kerfe! I used to ride in a summer school carpool with a guy who smelled liked Cheetos, so that sort of put me off those. And ham and butter sandwiches are what I eat a lot when I’m stopping at convenience stores in Paris. 😊 Not bologna, but close enough in concept. For some reason it’s less gross when I eat it there. Hehe

      1. I always thought butter sandwiches was a Midwest thing (my parents are from Ohio). But of course my mother couldn’t use real butter! I forget whether it was too expensive or bad for us. Probably too expensive…we ate enough chemicals as children to last several lifetimes.

  6. Oh goodness – Wonder bread balls are new to me! 🙂 But homemade bread – now we are talking! You totally make me want to bake some bread – but it is closing in on 11pm after a long day (had to actually go into town for meetings) LOL! Maybe tomorrow. Hope your travels were safe! Cheers to red wine and some good bread!

    1. Yeah…I agree there’s nothing better than homemade bread. But it’s closing time for your kitchen it sounds like…hehe…you can always celebrate tomorrow! 😉 Made it back home just fine, only an hour late, which I count as a success! Hehe Thanks Jodi! ❤️😃Oh and definitely wine with the bread and olive oil…that’s just required!! 😉

  7. Your bread looks delish, yum 😄 I too remember squishing bread into dough balls many years ago! I love a homemade loaf but can pass on the pre packed sliced stuff, it’s a poor imitation of real bread in my opinion. I bought a bread machine a couple of years ago which is great but unfortunately recently got carried away with adding seeds and grains to my loaves. This was a big mistake as chewing on it I broke a tooth in half. I go to the bakers for bread nowadays, much cheaper than dental work!!!

  8. Painting is great, Charlie! Gluten made me sick for years (without my knowledge or consent!) but there are some wonderful gluten free breads out there that taste better than the ones I used to knead and bake myself! (Food for life Brown Rice bread in the pink bag of the frozen foods section, in case anyone cares, was my favorite until I went grain free – also for health, not by choice lol!) Two colors and very realistic – really love the painting! Have a good week!

    1. Yay! I love seeing your lovely comment pop up again sis!! ❤️❤️😃 Thanks!! I had fun with this one and the weird restrictions I placed on myself for fun. Hehe… Oh no though! Sorry you were forced into involuntary bread removal. But there are Sooo many yummy alternatives now, so that’s a good thing. 😃👍🏻 My friend has a blog at with gluten-free ideas as well! Hope you have a great week too! 💕💜❤️

  9. Your painting makes me hungry for a sandwich Charlie! There are so many artisan breads available now, we are so fortunate to have such a healthier selection. ❤️😄 With bread I like a little wine and cheese! 😃🍞🍷

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