There’s just something incredibly cozy about this time of year. Perhaps, it’s because the cold wind and occasional snow outside tends to push Philippe and I indoors where a fireplace is burning. Currently, our dog Phineas is curled up behind a curtain, near one of the heating vents on the floor. He occasionally looks back at me forlornly as if to say, “this weather is stupid and should be fixed immediately.” But, even Phineas, who is usually rather independent and not wanting to be bothered, enjoys a few extra cuddles this time of year. Though our nightly tree ritual happens throughout the year, the peppermint always tastes better when the weather gets colder. As a kid during this time of year, peppermint stick ice cream was one of my favorites. It actually tasted colder than regular ice cream, which made it an even odder seasonal choice than eating cold cream in frozen weather. I haven’t had that kind of ice cream in years, and only just remembered it now. I should make a note to try that again sometime, or at least to suggest it, so I can get a giggle out of Philippe’s reaction to it.

This month is always a rather busy one as we’ll be heading to Texas on Thursday to visit my family. I’ll still manage to post, but doing so is a bit more difficult since my mother doesn’t have Wifi, though thankfully does have indoor toilets. I’m going to be giving her a copy of my new book, which I’m actually a bit nervous about. Since she doesn’t have that crazy thing called the Internet, it will be the first time she’s ever read any of my stories (including the ones featuring her!). It’s an odd thing to fret over to be sure. But, that’s the weird thing about the Internet. Making your diary public to people you’ve not yet met is somehow less stressful than handing a copy of my personal diary to my own mother. I’ll be giving a copy to my sister as well, but she’s already read some of the posts. This was evidenced my mother telling me that they have lava lamps on sale at Walmart during a recent call. I’ve tried to stress to Philippe that regardless of his personal view of the things, he’ll be a villain in the story if he fails to deliver. This might have been too harsh a tactic, but the subtler suggestions didn’t seem to be working.

Of course, I don’t really care what gifts I’ll receive this Christmas. It’s never about the gifts at all, but about the lovely candlelit evening spent together unwrapping them. Yep, everything happens on Christmas Eve in our house, in keeping with his tradition. This, I happily adopted as though I might have been able to handle such anticipation as a kid, as a childlike adult, I simply can’t sleep probably waiting for Christmas morning. Plus, as an adult, it’s wonderful to have no pressing reason to rush out of bed on a delightful day off. I’ve already many plans of things I’d like to accomplish during my annual winter break from my day job, but I’m quite sure most of them will fail to happen. Instead, as usual, I’ll be trapped inside the snow globe of the season, lost in the moments as they come. And truly, this is the best place in the world to spend the holiday season. A place without deadlines and regret, shining hope in every direction while delivering those homespun moments.

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Day 2 - Peppermint Tea And Teapot Watercolor Detail - Doodlewash

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35 thoughts on “Homespun Moments

  1. My parents departed life before Internet and I have often wondered what they would have said about of it. Daddy did work with an early computer at GE…that is he made it part of his work and others actually ran the computer. But now I keep up with family members on FB and use my computer and the Internet for genealogy and art. I know your mother will love your wonderful book! She has a lovely part in it! Happy and safe trip! Love that tea pot! You do such a fantastic job of rending metal and glass in watercolor, Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Elsie! 😃💕 Appreciate that! We’ll find out this weekend what she thinks! hehe And I think the Internet is lovely for how it connects family. I would miss out on so much if it weren’t for that connection!

  2. Congrats on the book. I’d like to know more. I do enjoy your blog. This time of year is wonderful as it reminds me of love. I don’t care about gifts. I live for the smile when I see someone open a gift I have given them. Who am I kidding I live for this everyday.

    1. Thanks so much, Mireya! 😃💕 The book is one that I self-published via Amazon and Ingram. It turned out really nice and I’m proud of it! My posts can be hit and miss so it’s nice to have a compilation of the best in print! 😉 You can find it here: – hehe And yeah giving and getting are both part of the wonderful gift package!

    1. I actually have blogged every day since I started, but that’s part of my brand… showing that you can DO something creative each and every day. 😉 But I wouldn’t recommend daily otherwise. It’s usually much better with search engines to carefully craft just a few really good posts that get well indexed.

  3. Charlie, we had candy cane ice cream for dessert tonight. This variety has chocolate shavings in it, lots of them. So delicious that I am willing to turn on the fireplace if I get chilled while eating the cold treat! And even though we have had snow here for several weeks, we still enjoy ice cream…Have a great week!

  4. I’m hoping that you re-read your posts and see this best typo ever, but if not, here it is: Though our nightly tree ritual happens throughout the year, the peppermint always tastes better when the weather gets colder.
    Because everyone should have a nightly tree ritual which I assume involves tree hugging, and ring around the _____ tree! 😂😂😂 I totally approve. I had to remove three trees from our property this past spring and I’m still devastated. Even though I’ve planted more than I removed, I miss the big old guys a lot.

    And just in case I forget, have a delicious time in Texas!

    1. To be honest, I’m not even sure what I was trying to say there! LOL This happens more than typos. Thankfully, I did re-read all the stories in the book so they’re free from those! 😉 And I guess it good to have fewer trees as too many may attract a host of tree huggers. And thanks! Texas should be a really fun time!

  5. That teapot is wonderful – I love how you use color! Your mom will love the book. Once I graduated from the Santa Claus years (I was the youngest), our family opened presents on Christmas Eve as well. Italians celebrate Christmas Eve even more than Christmas Day – we have a feast on the Eve involving different kinds of fish, including salted cod prepared multiple ways, followed, in my childhood, by Midnight Mass. Christmas Day dinner was antipasto, stuffed manicotti, then turkey with stuffing, yams, vegetables, salad, etc. A few hours later, multiple desserts. I don’t know how we ate so much (no one was fat then), but we did.

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕And what a glorious ritual you had! That sounds SO delicious and amazing! I bet it was perfectly wonderful. I love the very idea of multiple desserts… so impossible to choose! I usually just took a tiny piece of each one!

    1. You’re so sweet! Thank you so much for that, Mary! 😃💕 I’m really happy with the way the book turned out… it’s looks really great! And books are always way better with pictures. (so says my inner child! lol).

  6. She’ll love it! (that reminds me I need to finish my Amazon purchase} It will bring lots of memories for her. Even though her views will be different. Ahhh, another book, “My Mother’s View”. Lol

  7. Peppermint ice cream!! I had forgotten about it, too, until you mentioned it. It was always my favorite, and I agree that it *did* taste colder than just ice cream. Safe travels to Texas!

    1. No worries at all! 😃💕 Thank you for every comment, Snehlata! They mean so much to me! And I’m so happy you enjoy my stories. I hope the book will find some new readers. They’re good stories for anyone who likes to create things!

  8. No need for nerves; your mother is going to be hugely proud and much enamored with your book.
    You have a magic with both pen and brush.

    Charlie says, “I’ll be trapped inside the snow globe of the season, lost in the moments as they come. And truly, this is the best place in the world to spend the holiday season. A place without deadlines and regret, shining hope in every direction while delivering those homespun moments.”

    A perfectly wonderful place to be!

    1. You are my angle, Sarah! 😃💕 Seriously! You always give me the confidence to keep writing (or rambling!) on! I really can’t thank you enough for that. As much as I adore sketching, my goal in life has always been to tell stories. The ones I hoped people might enjoy reading. I’m touched and honored that you enjoy reading mine. 😊

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