Thinking about today’s prompt of “bees” my mind went, of course, to honey, and then shortly afterward the ABBA song which has now been playing in my head the entire time. That music is so darn catchy it’s like an ear worm that sets up a nest and starts to have baby ear worms. Ewww… wait, perhaps not that. Suffice it to say, it was so catchy, I was actually singing it out loud. I don’t know all of the lyrics to the song. I pretty much fall off after “you’re a love machine” and just start singing “honey, honey” over and over again. Humming the rest of the melody confidently like that’s how it was always sung. Beyond Swedish pop groups from my childhood, I’m also a huge fan of honey. I love to drizzle it over vanilla ice cream and bite into little semi-frozen honey bits. And sometimes, when I’m certain no one is looking, I’ll just grab a spoon and have a bite. Or squirt that little plastic bear-shaped container directly into my mouth. Yeah, I don’t have a lot of willpower or couth when it comes to a good honey fix.

I’m also a fan of peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Peanut butter is also something else I like to steal bites of directly from the jar, so putting the two together only makes sense. For these, I actually preferred wheat bread over white, even as a kid. There’s something about the stickiness of it all that seems to require something a bit firmer to hold it all together. Getting honey soaked white bread and peanut butter on the roof of one’s mouth meant that it’s not coming off any time soon. Fun the first time, for sure, but then one has to get a little more practical. Awhile back we saw a recipe that asked for Lavender Honey and we went from store to store in search of it. Finally, we gave up, opting for another honey instead and now, we see the same brand of lavender honey everywhere. It was too late for that particular recipe, but it’s really delicious! I have to admit to loving that it comes in a little container that looks like a nice perfume.

Yeah, I’m a total honey fanatic. It’s just so yummy! And a really good version tastes so wonderfully natural and fabulous. I don’t have it every single day as that would be too much, but I do add it whenever it seems sensible. As I head into my birthday tomorrow, I’m all about being sensible you see. Not really, but it makes me sound more adult to say things like that. I’m super excited for my birthday because I get to give gifts to a few of you!! I’ll be drawing for the winners in my first product giveaway tomorrow morning, so if you haven’t signed up, then there’s still time if you hurry! If you’re a U.S. resident… sorry again for that particular limitation, then just click here to enter!  I’m so happy to be sharing my birthday and entire birthday month with all of you. This blog has been such a joy to make because of all of you wonderful folk out there who stop by to read it. I’m sure there’s an ABBA song that would express just how much I appreciate each and every one of you, but for now, we’ll just stick with Honey, Honey.

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34 thoughts on “Honey, Honey

  1. Charlie, your doodlewash honey looks extra sweet! I’ve never used an official honey dipper and usually opt for a spoon, but I love honey in my hot tea. As a product of the 60s, when I hear Honey, Honey, I think of The Archies singing “Sugar, ahhh honey, honey ,” but I am equally as fond of the Abba song too. 🎶😘 🍯 🐝

  2. Honey! Honey! The thought of it alone thrills my heart with joy. We all know how sweet honey is to all mamals. We too as humans can be as sweet as honey to our wives, husbands, children, every body around us even to those that don’t wish well to our Zion. Honey trully symbolizes love. If there’s been honey enough in everyone of us there would’ve been a huge peace in the world greater than what UN or any other body can give. I pray God to put honey in my life enough to impact humanity positively. Thank you honey.

  3. I actually hunted out that ABBA song, as I’d never actually heard it. When I saw the title, I too had The Archies ‘Sugar Sugar’ in mind; now they’re both swimming around. I regret nothing, just as I wouldn’t regret delving into this when nobody’s looking. Yum yum!

    And what day is it today, I wonder? Happy birthday, Charlie! <3 Sorry this is not quite to the level of last year, but then, I'm not really sure how to outdo a zonkey so I might have royally shot myself in the foot. (You should really have specified zonkey for the day's prompt, then you'd have got a whole army courtesy of your doodlewashers! :P) Whatever you get up to, have a good one!

    1. Thanks so much, Jacob!! 😃💕 Yeah… seriously? How the hell do you top a zonkey??! LOL But a party horn will do nicely! Thanks so much my friend for all the fun this past year! hehe I honestly can’t believe it’s been a year since that zonkey. Yikes! Time flies! And seriously? You never heard the ABBA song?? Your list continues to grow my friend.

      1. Oh, I know. I sometimes go back to things like the wheel drawings and think blimey – nearly two years! How can that be possible? Speaking of which; next stop is, I presume, Doodlewash turns two in July – your ‘official’ birthday, perhaps, like the Queen. 😉 Woo!

  4. A friend of mine adds honey to popcorn and it is sooo delish! 🍯 Just the right amount of sweetness! Happy early Birthday Charlie!! 🎂 I remember last year I painted the Scrabble game pieces to wish you a happy day! 🎨👍 Hope it is a fantastic day for you!! 🏆

  5. I have three hives is our walled city garden. The girls are all very busy collecting nectar. It is always good to have a spoonful of local honey every day as it can help with pollen allergies. Looking at our honey under a microscope last Spring we saw pollen grains from pear tree, clover and privet hedge to name a few..
    Hapbee birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! Peanut butter and honey sandwiches were one of my faves as a kid – or just honey sandwiches. The honey transformed the white bread of my youth. Have a terrific day!

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