Another favorite part of this season is the appearance of sweets that I rarely get to indulge in. In particular, hot chocolate and cookies, my pick for today’s prompt. A mug of hot chocolate is such a wonderful thing on a blustery and cold winter day. No matter how old I get, and I seemed to be doing that each year, I still think of coming home from sledding in the snow each time I have a sip. And as for cookies, I love how festive they become this time of year. That said, you’ll still find me loving those Danish butter cookies in the tin more than just about any other kind. Simple and plain, to be sure, but they’ve always been a tradition in my family. We don’t like the ones sprinkled with sugar on top as evidenced by those being the very last ones to ever be consumed each year. Opening the tin only to find the sugar covered cookies left was always a disappointment, so it was prudent to attack the tin early to get the best ones.

When Philippe and I were at my mom’s earlier this month, she had the traditional tin of butter cookies out and it was the first bite of Christmas we had during our stay. Pro tip, if you close the tin in between cookies, the count restarts back to just one. At least that’s what my sister once told me and I believed her simply because it’s a wonderful thing to believe. The same is true of Santa, of course. I figure the first day I don’t find myself wanting to believe reindeer can fly is the first day I’m actually getting old. The fun part about this season, for me, is seeing it with all the wonder one would find through the eyes of a child. Letting my mind and heart travel back to a time without cynical adult thinking and only youthful exuberance. A sense of sheer anticipation and joy that’s always shining inside, burning bright like lights on the tree.

Though this time of year, I really let myself become a kid again, I guess it’s something I strive for all the time. When I’m painting, I know in my heart that my observational skills will be far better if I wear the eyes of child seeing things for the very first time. I don’t assume to know everything there is to know about what I’m painting, and look carefully at things as though on my very first field trip to an unknown place. No matter how many times I paint the same subject, the child inside sees things that I might take for granted. New and wonderful bits of intrigue that I missed on my last painting and and so I’m thrilled to add them to the next one. I guess, in a way, every single time I sit down before dinner to quickly make a little doodlewash and write a story, it feels like the perfect treat. Every bit as memorable and wonderful as sitting down to have some hot chocolate and cookies.

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About the Doodlewash

Da Vinci Paint Co.: Quinacridone Red, Yellow Ochre, Benzimida Orange, Cobalt Blue, and Payne’s Gray.  Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
 #WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 12 - Hot Chocolate And Cookies - Doodlewash

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50 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate And Cookies

  1. gosh I miss those butter cookies. I’m just lucky that the traditional company, Walkers, now makes gluten free shortbread. Christmas isn’t Christmas without shortbread! Mom used to make that melt in your mouth shortbread cookies, some with cherries on top, others plain. I always fought for the plain. I hear ya about the sugar on top!

  2. I do love the tinned shortbread cookies, but Mom’s homemade shortbread, hot from the oven – just butter, sugar and flour, can’t be beat. I have the recipe but with so few people around I’d eat way too much of it. It’s probably tastes better in my memory anyway. I’ll have the cup of hot chocolate though, especially if served up as pretty as your painting!

  3. Such a lovely painting, Charlie! And your description of observing this holiday season through the eyes of a child- oh how wonderful! Enjoy and never lose that ability!

  4. This post stirs my heart! I was writing a reply, and realized it was as long as your article. I tried to delete the last two paragraphs, but the gods were on your side and my whole diatribe just disappeared. Basically I had said when it comes to writing and painting, you are the bees knees. Ok, that isn’t what it really said, but that’s what it meant! Off now to put some more whipped topping on my hot chocolate.

  5. Here it is 10 p.m. & NOW I want some hot chocolate & those scrumptious-looking cookies you painted. ALL your foods look Divine – the way you paint them. I thought for sure I saw Santa last year & the year before. 🙂

  6. Nice on Charlie. I’m afraid the Danish cookies are too ‘melt in the mouth’ for me, and so I have already got in my stash of butter shortbreads from Scotland. Same plain fare, but the butter makes them divine. The other thing is – they go so well with a glass of sherry or port..🥂

  7. Your jam shortbread used to be a favourite of mine, at any time. But, I don’t seem to see them any more. Maybe that’s a good thing; gives my teeth a fighting chance! 😁 Hot choc, yum (cute mug).

  8. I can almost feel the cold snow melting into my socks. Yes, we had hot chocolate and cookies after tobogganing too! Exhilarating. Ah, we should always strive to see the magic of this world through the eyes of a child! Nice memory and nice painting.

    1. Thanks so much, Susan! 😃💕 Yeah, sliding around in the snow was such a fun time and hot chocolate was the perfect conclusion! We don’t get as much snow here these days with the changing climate, but it’s always a treat when it shows up! 😃💕

  9. Perfectly cosy! I drink plenty of hot chocolate throughout the year, but it tastes better at Christmas, for definite – maybe it’s the shortbread!

    Hahaha, I do the reset with the tin too, and it’s the same with the box of sweets and the tube of Pringles, and any other container of temptation. It really works! 😉

  10. I love how your charming stories often conceal rich philosophies and lessons — like remembering to seek wonder in the world, as if seeing through the eyes of a child. In your honor I will have hot chocolate tonight, Charlie, and raise a toast to your good health. 🙂

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