Hot Mulled Cider Day

Day 30 - Hot Mulled Cider Day Watercolor - Doodlewash

On this day, it’s time to enjoy another fun, and wonderfully specific, celebration called Hot Mulled Cider Day. This is what happens when you bring a bit of cider to almost a boil and add some citrus and spices to make a lovely drink to warm you during colder weather. This is also the last day of this month’s challenge, and a wonderful segue to our Fall Fun challenge in October, which I hope you’ll join us for as well! I hope all of you who joined this month have had a blast exploring these festive days! As for mulled cider, the weather here turned cooler precisely on the first day of autumn a few days ago, but was a bit warmer today. I’m so ready for the cooler temperatures and a bit of chill in the air. Our dog Phineas doesn’t like this time of year and each time we open the door to the terrace to go outside, he looks back as us as though we’re crazy. I’m rather sure he thinks we actually have the ability to control the weather and are just being jerks by making it cold as some sort of cruel joke. All of this is telegraphed in the extra bitchy looks he gives us this time of year. That said, he is rather a fan of the fireplace and loves to lay next to it during these colder months. And, like me, he gets very excited for the toys that are coming as the holiday season approaches.

I’ve always loved this time of year and have always preferred cooler temperatures. Mostly because I simply don’t like sweating through a day while even standing still. It’s just not a pleasant experience. Our summers here are not typically mild and often humid so even the air seems to be sweating. It’s just sort of gross, so I’m thrilled for the triumphant return of fall. That said, it’s a rather dark time of year on the off hours. Once daylight savings hits to “correct” things, we’ll soon be going to work while it’s dark and returning home just as it’s getting dark once more. It’s a bit like cave dwelling during these months, but the glow from candles and our fireplace create a beautiful atmosphere that just feels a bit magical. While I can find myself having a rough day or feeling a bit down during the summer, I find it physically impossible to be anything but happy during this time of year. Yeah, sure, I’m generally ridiculously positive by default, but this time of year, I manage to dial it up even more. I just love autumn! By the way, it’s also International Podcast Day, so if you haven’t yet, listen to my Sketching Stuff Podcast, and if you like it, please leave me a lovely review on iTunes (it truly helps to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle! So many thanks in advance!)

The first day of winter here comes a few days before Christmas. Like a kid, I always make a silent wish for snow. I thoroughly love the coziness that comes with colder weather. The chance to cuddle up with a warm drink or, better yet, cuddle up with that special someone. Oh yeah, and Philippe is inspired to cook even more so there are lovely little bonus delicacies heading my way as well. And it was during December that Philippe and I met for the very first time. A blisteringly cold few days in Chicago that would lead us to where we are today. Perhaps that’s why I always feel a special love for this time of year. It’s when love came as the best holiday gift one could ever hope to receive. And though the weather is not getting colder in all parts of the world, I hope each of you will take a moment to snuggle up next to whomever you love most in life. There are a million things in the world we have to do and worry about, but none of that is ever what truly matters. Sometimes, it’s just about taking a break, sitting next to someone you love, and enjoying the spirit of hot mulled cider day.

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  1. Mary Roff 4 years ago

    Very nice, Charlie! Dreaming of cool temps and cold weather meals. Autumn can arrive anytime.

  2. Sandra Strait 4 years ago

    I do like the chill in the air this time of the year, but I don’t like those shorter days! Here, the late fall and winter tends to be a lot like the 24 hour nights in Alaska. Not quite as dark, but perpetually gray and gloomy. I do find myself fighting not to get depressed because all I want to do is hibernate!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      So true! Yeah, the cooler weather is fabulous! 😃💕 But those short days can definitely get a little tedious. I find myself glancing at the clock already only to realize it’s two hours earlier than I originally though! lol

  3. Lisa 4 years ago

    I prefer summer just because it’s easier for me to get around. But that wasn’t always the case. I used to love autumn best. And all of my favorite gift giving occasions are coming up. Anniversary, birthday, and Xmas. Plus,Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’m already thinking about what to cook. And the obligatory round of answering the question what am I thankful for. Too many things to enumerate, So to keep the stuffing from getting cold, I have to come up with one.

    I’m going to have to get out to the local orchard. Your cider looks good!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks, Lisa! 😃💕 Yeah, this time of year just wins for all of the wonderful celebrations ahead! And the FOOD!! Yes! Philippe has taken to making a full Thanksgiving dinner, even though it’s only the two of us on that day here. It’s amazing!

  4. LoriCtoo 4 years ago

    Ahhhh Fall! It’s the second best time of the year……everyone start singing. 😉 I love Fall. I love all the colors that have gone out of my heat blasted yard during summer. I live where Fall brings in the east winds and makes all the leaves twirl and dance. Unfortunately, this year Mother Nature either forgot to turn the channel to Fall or she is sleeping in the sun. I’m not a fan of apple cider, but I love apples and we are blessed with many varieties this time of year.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Yay for fall! 😃💕 It clicked over here right on time, but then got a bit warmer. I’m ready for that chill. hehe… such a fun time of year!

  5. smzang 4 years ago

    “I just love autumn!”

    I’m with you one hundred percent.
    What a splendid season!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      So fun! I adore this season… it makes it perpetually happy, which is saying a lot, because I’m naturally that way. This time of year, I’m gleeful to the point of insanity! LOL 😊

  6. Anita Sinha 4 years ago

    Nice doodlewash…Yes a warm drink or a soup during winters is certainly delicious…

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks, Anita! 😃💕 Yes! Warm drinks and soup make this time of year pure magic!

  7. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 4 years ago

    Hot mulled cider – this is the way to initiate Autumn. Love your suggestion to snuggle up with someone you love – even better than hot mulled cider.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 hehe.. yeah… snuggling is awesome, but if cider is involved I’m pretty sure it levels up! 😉

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