watercolor-paletteInterested in watercolor sketching and making your own doodlewashes? Love that! Please do! And be sure to share your masterpieces with #WorldWatercolorGroup on whatever social site you love most so we can easily find you and give you likes, applause and praise! (okay… applause might be tough on social, but you get the idea.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Watercolor Paint or Washable Ink (and some water!) – I started with this little tin of watercolors because it’s super inexpensive, but still nice color and then moved on to these.
  2. A Little Brush – The paint sets often come with a brush, and you could use that to start, but when you’re ready for a low-cost upgrade you could try these.
  3. A Sketching Utensil – Just a pencil will work for a sketch or if you like to ink things try these to startS.
  4. Water-Friendly Paper – Any paper that says it’s down with having water splashed all over it can work to start.
  5. Professional Help – Okay… just had to say that because it sounds funny, but DO check the Watercolor Tutorials from some of our fabulous guest artists, look at blogs, read books like this one and just try doing whatever the heck they do. Though I must warn you that doodlewashing is addictive so we can’t be held responsible if you become obsessed like we are and actually do need professional help.

That’s it! Pretty simple right? Be sure to check out the awesome Art Tutorials offered by Doodlewash Guest Artists and for those interested in Urban Sketching and landscapes I highly recommend the Craftsy classes of Guest Doodlewasher Shari Blaukopf. Also, this little manifesto might come in very handy to keep you inspired. Print it out as a reminder that you can DO this because you’re totally awesome. Welcome to the #doodlewash movement!

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