For today’s prompt of “cool” I first thought of cool colors, but then immediately thought of a cold mug of iced tea. Apparently, I’m thirsty. It also made me think of cool in the other sense, as in someone who’s considered cool. You know, like all the cool kids that used to haunt the halls in high school. Perhaps you were one of them. I certainly wasn’t. I didn’t have the cool clothes and although I loved music, I couldn’t even tell you the names of half of the artists who sang those songs. I was a geek who loved doing whatever seemed fun rather than whatever was deemed to be popular at the time. I wasn’t a rebel, that would have been too cool, but I just didn’t like being told what to wear or what to do. I guess I was stubborn. I liked the group I used to hang out with because, for everything we had in common, we still celebrated each other’s differences. We were each definitely cool, in our own unique way. As I continue to grow up, I realize more and more that the little things that define us as individuals are the things that make us the coolest.

Sometimes, I still find myself going into comparison mode when it comes to other people. Particularly when it comes to my art. I marvel at all of the illustrators who have such a wonderfully loose and energetic style. A unique voice. My style still seems a bit cramped and fussy, as I just love trying to bring something to life on paper. But I have so much fun doing it, that I don’t really care in the end. That’s how I know this is a lovely little hobby to keep. I’m not doing what I’m supposed to, and rarely follow the “correct” techniques. I just paint like a kid grabbing for crayons, intently trying to make a unicorn appear. It’s this feeling that reminds me that whatever the heck I’m doing, I’m doing it with a lot of love, so it must be the right thing. Hey, that’s pretty cool after all! And if you’re out there doing what you truly love and painting in whatever style moves you most, than I’d have to say that you’re pretty cool as well.

Sometimes, I struggle with what to paint or what to ramble on about in these posts. I hit a moment where I have no idea at all in my head and wonder if anything remotely meaningful will appear here. Some days are better than others, but so far, I’ve managed to always make it happen. I really can’t thank you enough if you’ve read this far, as these little posts are part of what I make as well. Not sure if it all adds up to “art,” but that’s always been impossible to truly define. I’m just going to keep on sketching my way through life and see where it all takes me. There’s a list of a million things I’d like to do one day, rumbling in my heart and clouding up my head, but if I just keep doing things as I can, then it will all work out just fine. When I was young, I wondered what it would be like to be cool, but now I realize, that’s the wrong way to think about it. I was cool all along. We all were. Life isn’t about trying to become cool, it’s always been a journey of listening to our hearts so we can simply remember how to stay cool.

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Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Red Orange, Quinacridone Gold, Sennelier Red, Phthalo. Green Light, and Phthalocyanine Blue. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 26 - #WorldWatercolorGroup - How To Be Cool - Mason Jar Mug of Tea with Lemon and Mint - #doodlewash

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18 thoughts on “How To Stay Cool

  1. Charlie you have such a unique wonderful style. Don’t even try to change it. It is uniquely you and I always now it is your painting. Always. You are so gifted. And we love reading your posts too. So encouraging. So real. Keep on keepin on !

  2. A jar of iced tea with a sprig of mint – now that is very cool and my favorite drink as well. Great painting today – perfect in every way!

    As for being cool – you are the coolest just as long as you continue to grow up but never actually get there.

    And, no, I would never have been mistaken for a cool kid in high school – awkward and weird were more like it. But looking back, I would never have wanted to be cool either – most of those kids were unpleasant one way or another.

  3. Your sketches always make me smile! I love the colors and the stories that go along with them. You are very inspiratonal with your daily sketching, giving me a lot of permission in my own sketching life!

    1. Thanks so much! 😃💕 That’s such a wonderful thing to hear! Yeah, if nothing else, I’ve proven it’s possible to sketch daily no matter what’s happening in life. And such a great break! Here’s to having full permission to get out there and sketch something always! Yay!

  4. Yay – too cool! Gorgeous colour! I’ve never had iced tea – surprise, surprise – but this certainly looks a handy way to stay cool. I was never the picture of coolness at school, either – but indeed, it is clear now that those doing their own thing that are actually the coolest! Have I said cool? Coolio! 😉

    1. Thanks, Jacob!! 😃💕 You’re back!… I’ve missed you my friend! Seriously, though, not even iced tea? Lol This one is super easy to try, but only on a pretty hot day. Otherwise it’s just a silly waste of tea. And yeah, we were all really the cool kids. It’s nice to know that now! 😉

  5. That slice of lemon inside that mug is amazing!
    Being your true self is THE coolest thing, EVAH! Which is why we all love your blog and your doodles. They read so very true.

  6. Oh no Charlie, don’t try to change your style – I love you the way you are!!!! We all do!!! Your post today was really uplifting – we are all cool – and we all need to remember that. Love the ice tea painting – Thanks Charlie!

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