Today we celebrate the vegetarians in our lives with a hug. I can happily support any day that involves hugs as I rather enjoy them. That said, Philippe and I rarely eat meat, but are not actually full-time vegetarians, so I suppose we don’t qualify for the hugs. But it’s still a lovely idea. I decided to sketch tomatoes as they are a regular feature in our house and one of my favorite things to eat. We typically only have fish in our home so I guess we’d be considered pescetarians most of the time. But it’s only most of the time, so that label doesn’t really apply either. And our dog Phineas is quite the carnivore since he’s hardwired that way, so he’ll just get hugs because he’s cute. Thanks to Philippe’s amazing ability to make vegetables taste incredible, our meat-free dinners never feel like there is anything missing. As a kid, my favorite thing to eat on the planet were the green beans my grandmother made. Yes, they were cooked with oil until soft and probably devoid of all nutrients, but I’ll never forget the flavor. She’s left us now, and I haven’t had them in years, since nobody seems to have inherited the precise recipe.

One of the advantages my grandmother had was that she could walk outside to a full garden and select whatever vegetables she needed. It really doesn’t get much fresher than that and the flavor is so much better. Philippe has said that he would like to have a garden, but we live in the city and would actually need a yard first. We tried growing tomatoes in pots one year and though it worked, the squirrels usually tried them before we had a chance to do so. By try them, I mean literally take a bite and leave the rest behind cruelly as though taunting us. We decided to give up in the end and now Philippe just has a few little pots with herbs in the window of our kitchen. Well, now that colder weather is here, we’ll be back to just things we can find at the store. But, I”m looking forward to all of the hot vegetable soups in my future (a managed to get Philippe to release a couple of my favorite soup recipes in our little cookbook!). I’m a huge fan of all of the autumn food that’s heading my way. Sure, there’s also Halloween and Christmas to send my inner child into fits of enthusiasm as well. This is definitely my favorite time of year!

My niece is the only pure vegetarian I know, and she’s not in the same state, so I’ll just have to send my hug virtually. And if any of you reading this are vegetarians, then I happily send you a virtual hug as well. They’re not quite as nice as the real thing, but still a lovely heartfelt gesture to be sure. Any chance to spread a little love and happiness is truly a wonderful gift. These days we’re met with so many salacious headlines and sometimes horrible things happening in the world that any chance to take a step back to appreciate the simplest of things is always a good one. I fully realize that I’m terribly optimistic about life. But, I think that’s always a good way to approach it. That’s why I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this month of celebration days. Each one is a reminder of all the good things that exist in the world. Whether it’s ginger cats, pet rocks, or elephants, together, we’ve taken a trip through the world’s most specific and often unexpected celebrations. And that just makes me smile as I happily embrace yet another occasion to spread some love on this wonderful Hug A Vegetarian Day.

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Day 28 - Hug A Vegetarian Day Tomato Watercolor - Doodlewash

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22 thoughts on “Hug A Vegetarian Day

  1. Nice doodlewash of tomatoes…Thanks for the virtual hug..I have become a vegetarian…. some five years back…I still can’t believe it..!!!!….I also try to grow some vegetables in my balcony garden…They taste awesome when I cook them…My grandfather was very fond of gardening….and had a very good knowledge of Ayurveda….India is anyways famous for its vegetarian dishes…

  2. You can be very proud of yourself, Charlie, and give yourself a big hug. Your Doodlewash sent me to the kitchen to eat the last of the grape tomatoes – very yummy, thanks.(Keep in mind that your posts have a direct affect on your readers – some of us, anyway.)

  3. When I first saw your painting, I misread the title as Hug a Vegetable day, and was thinking that could get messy! I’m glad your lovely tomatoes are safe from being squished. It’s possible your grandmother had a species of tomato that isn’t commonly found today and that could account for the difference in taste too. Thank you for another lovely ramble!

    1. Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕 Lol… I think I typed it as Hug A Vegetable accidentally at first as well! Yeah, I think we’re missing many of the species of vegetables that I experienced in my youth these days. Miss those flavors!

  4. Fall is here! I know because I made chili last week and osso bucco is on the menu for tomorrow! And a cooking note: I’m betting your grandma’s beans were so good because they were cooked in bacon fat! Because bacon makes everything better!

  5. I think we should all get together and honor the creator of this site with a very special International Charlie O’Shields Day. Your paintings are pure joy, your writing is pure genius.

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