For our prompt of “Savory” today, I thought of a million lovely fall food dishes at once as I adore food. And while I equally enjoy sketching it, I decided to follow a different line of thought. I thought of the moments in between enjoying such lovely and delicious things. So we ended up with a beagle contemplating an empty plate. Dogs have a wonderful ability to give those little puppy dog eyes to show they’d really love some more food soon. And those same eyes tend to appear soon after it’s quickly devoured. Sometimes, as though nothing really happened at all. I experience this with my own dog Phineas all of the time. While I love the smell of yummy food cooking and that moment of such wonderful anticipation, I have to admit that I’m a touch sad when the experience is over. My puppy dog eyes don’t work on Philippe so I don’t get any more, as he’s actually trying to look out for me. But when a delicious food has disappeared, I’m always a touch melancholy and imagining that missing next bite.

I guess I’m like this with most of the things in life that I truly enjoy. The anticipation leading up to a fabulous moment, be it a vacation or a lovely holiday season, is often the best part. Perhaps this is my inner child simply counting down the days until Christmas each time, but that was one of my favorite moments of all. Still is actually. Not a lot has changed in how I approach life since I was a kid now that I really think about it. And though the world has changed in significant ways, I’m never entirely sure that’s gotten better. Indeed, in these current times, it can often feel like it’s only gotten worse. But, the reality is that I’m simply part of the world. The world itself doesn’t define me or who I am personally. I’m a little kid who loves to see possibilities and all of the happy things that I can explore that day. I want to find the best bits of life and celebrate them with all of my heart. No world, even a misguided one, can ever steal that thrill from me!

Though I’m always so positive in my outlook, this doesn’t mean that I’m detached from reality. There’s much that’s happening in the world today that could seem a bit bleak. And, each bad thing is mostly caused by humans. It’s ironic to think that many consider our own species so superior. Particularly when it’s the very species that seems to always be the cause of anything that’s creating an imbalance in the world. One would think a superior being would somehow know better than that. For humans, superior beings are only the ones that we haven’t met yet. Those impossible aliens from movies and cartoons. And while I love those stories about aliens, I often giggle at the fact that the very idea of a higher intelligence is so completely alien. For me personally, I certainly hope I don’t know everything. If I did, that would make life rather pointless. Instead, I’m learning each day and changing my mind along the way. Yet no matter what wonderfully creative and amazing thing I find while doing so, one thing is certain. I’ll always be hungry for more!

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Beagle At Table Waiting For Food Watercolor Painting Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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28 thoughts on “Hungry For More

  1. I always cringe when I hear of an attempt to ‘improve’ something. From managing forests to latest updates in computers, we seem to create as many, if not more, problems than we solve. At least we aren’t the only creatures that tell lies. Dogs know darn well what they are saying with those puppy dog eyes and they’re lying more often than not, lol!

  2. So sad! They are masters of that look. Wonderful Charlie! Another early morning for me. The alarm will go off at 5:30 as we both have to be up, dressed and have eaten breakfast so my husband can be out the door at 6:30 for work. Tomorrow is day two of demo and rebuilding our back deck. The crew was here at 7 am.

  3. I think its becoming more and more obvious that the main character of your book needs to be a beagle! So cute!

    I get frustrated with all the woe is me complaining about how things are going. I have sympathy for people who lost jobs, became homeless, got sick, etc etc, but most of my friends and acquaintance don’t have it that bad. If you can put a meal on the table and aren’t sick, you’re doing good right now. So cheer up!

  4. You always get me with those beagles! 💜 My Monster was a lemon beagle like your puppy. My gordo was a good vacuum cleaner for left overs. haha haha I laughed because your text reminded me of actor Kevin James from his show “King of Queens.” He opens a pudding cup and tells his tv wife that he’s so happy. After a few spoonfuls, he can see the bottom of the cup, and tells his tv wife, “Now, I ‘m sad.” haha haha Super cute beagle, Charlie!

    1. Oops! Forgot…yeah, humans always ruin things. I am always amazed at the atrocities that humans can inflict on others. We supposedly have the ability to reason, but sometimes animals make better decisions. Animals will fight to the death to protect their babies. Humans kill, sell, abuse, and destroy theirs. And don’t get me started on what humans do to animals. Sadly this pandemic has shown the world just how selfish and arrogant and spoiled Americans can be. People are angry and whiney about staying home or doing school at home or wearing a mask. When did wearing a mask become political or un-American?? We’ve only been in this for 6 months. Imagine how people would react if they had to endure 4 years of rations and restrictions like during WWII? Or The Great Depression? My grandfather remembered having to eat possum and squirrels (hopefully one of the relatives of my backyard squirrel digging up my plants) during The Depression. What would our generation do in a situation like that? They didn’t have food banks. Why the Lord loves us escapes me sometimes. Honestly.

      1. Well said… yeah… I’m not sure we’re built anymore for real strife! And it is sad to see the true colors show during a time like this. Yet, most of us have good sense and a good heart. And we can always spot one another! 😉

  5. Wow a lovely image but I love your words just as much..reminding me that I am in this world but not of this world and I can stay optimistic about today’s situations. We indeed are the causes of much of the insanity of this world. None of us are superior to anyone..and once the world understands that we will be in a better place. Until then hope and joy fill my day as I continue to make art some good some not so good and remain optimistic that there will be a better day!

  6. Hello Charlie,

    First of all thanks a ton for your kind, encouraging reply to me yesterday. That was the sweetest thing anyone has said to me. It felt like getting a hug. I love the beagle and his puppy eyes even more. And Im glad you don’t strive to know everything… it would really make the world boring. Today would probably be pizza night for you. I really hope you enjoy it. 🙂


    1. Mugdha, I don’t know you personally, but from what I have read, you are a very sweet person with a very loving heart. I don’t know what you are going through, but know that you are VALUABLE and PRECIOUS to the Lord and those blessed enough to cross paths with you like me. The darkest part of the night always reveals the BRIGHTEST STARS! Be strong, my friend! I am praying for you! 💜💜💜 your friend in San Antonio, Texas…..Marisela

  7. Charlie, there is imbalance all right not to mention evil. I sat in front of my screen here one day after reading the news and said to the Lord, “I don’t like the way your world is going.”

    I did not expect the immediate response inside my ear: “What are you doing to make it a better place?”

    Good thing I was able to come up with a few good answers but there is so much more a person can do.

  8. Love the sketch of Union City, Kansas City. As far as the beagle with the can I have some more please eyes, my cat does the same thing, only he makes a please face while looking up at me and blinks his eyes. It is so adorable.

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