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I Bought New Shoes For This Prompt

When I put a prompt of “Shoes” on the list for this month, I realized I had already sketched every shoe I own. Certainly, a clear solution would be to simply sketch a pair of Philippe’s shoes, but they are always a bit drab and lacking in color. So, I hopped online and found this pair of Diadora sneakers that had a lovely retro color scheme. When they arrived, Philippe looked at me questioningly without saying an audible word, knowing I already have plenty of shoes to wear. I said, “I have a prompt of shoes this month and had nothing to sketch!” In my mind, it seemed perfectly justifiable and I was pleased with both my excuse, along with my novel solution. He simply grimaced, with that very particular emotion that wildly misguided logic tends to always bring out in people. Seeing his face, I followed up with, “they have really good arch support” which then made him nod approvingly. In truth, I had no idea, as I just liked the colors, but it added a level of practicality that was indeed missing from my first explanation. I still wasn’t on the path to full approval, so I told him, “I used credit card points so they didn’t cost anything at all.” And then, finally, he smiled.

In my defense, it’s been a full year since I acquired a new pair of shoes. I know, because I checked my Amazon account before ordering this pair to avoid a divorce. The last pair was nearly a year ago, but I just managed to sketch them last month. I also bought them with points, so in truth, I can’t remember the last time I paid outright for a pair of shoes. So, I’m quite certain I don’t have a shoe addiction, though I adore getting a new pair, but compared to Philippe I certainly must have one. It’s actually been more than three years since he last purchased a pair of shoes. While I get tired of styles, his black or brown approach means he just waits for the sole to come loose before finally replacing them. He has one pair that’s a drab blue, and I assumed these were only for wearing around the house. But, as we headed out to the theatre, I saw him sporting them and realized that shoes, to him, are just something functional, like underwear. Indeed, if you’re not in a dating mode, underwear is something only seen by your significant other, unless you’ve just attended a rowdy house party. But, I still like wearing fun underwear as well. That Mickey Mouse print down there is just my little secret that makes me smile during the day.

I also like to wear printed socks as they are mostly covered by jeans, but at just the right moment, reveal their true spice. Philippe joined me in this briefly, but then realized that one printed sock always gets lost in the laundry and it’s far more practical to just have black or gray socks that can always be easily paired in such an unfortunate event. It’s all quite logical really, so we now have mostly this version. But, there are still those rogue socks there and sometimes I just grab two different patterns and wear them for their sentimental value. In secret, I adore that Philippe has a bit of logic to add to my illogical approach to life. It’s definitely a wonderful balance. And, though we have an incredible amount in common, the differences in a relationship are always the most interesting. In the end, I adore our similarities, but I love those unique bits most of all. Those bits of personality that are simply like a hand-written signature. The same unusual approach to life that doesn’t surprise anyone who knows you well. Which is exactly why many of you won’t be at all surprised that I bought new shoes for this prompt.

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51 thoughts on “I Bought New Shoes For This Prompt

  1. I have to virtually twist Patrick’s arm to get him to buy new shoes (or wallets). It isn’t that he doesn’t want new ones but he truly hates shopping for clothes of any kind. Totally baffling, I know! I’d just buy them, but he’s also incredibly picky about them and never likes what I get. So now I threaten to buy some and make him wear them if he won’t buy some himself.

    1. haha! That sounds like a good approach indeed! I did that with Philippe once when a pair of shoes went bust. It works! 😃💕Nothing like attempting to make a decision for someone to push them to make one themselves! 😉

  2. Great shoes Charlie! I’m afraid I am one of those that go for the practical and comfortable shoe with comfort being key. It shoes could last forever and I never had to shop I’d be happy. Now art supplies and books are another matter. 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕hehe… yeah, actually, I’m all about comfort when it comes to shoes. I knew this brand so I took a chance that they would be just as comfortable and voila! They were! And yes, art supplies and books are really my passion!

  3. Love these shoes! I recently tried sketching my shoes and it was hard. You did an amazing job nd I’m one for lots of color so these are awesome!

    1. Thanks, Mireya! 😃💕So happy you liked this! Yeah, it’s really challenging to sketch shoes, but also really fun. You should definitely keep trying it. Like most things I avoid and then try, they’ve become one of my favorite things to sketch!

    1. Thanks, Lisa!! 😃💕 haha… YES! I thought of that… at this point, I should add a shoe prompt every month! But, since I don’t want to bore people or end in divorce, I guess I won’t try that. But I love the thought!

  4. I used to be the shoe queen..but alas I have gotten older and need more comfort than looks 🙂 Love your story..that used to be me back in the day..because I liked the color and my husband would just look at me and shake his head…LOL
    Great story ! and I love your new shoes!

  5. Love your new shoes! A Doodlewash prompt is an entirely valid reason for buying new shoes. Wait! ANY reason for buying new shoes is valid especially if the are fun colors!! it’s Kind of like buying art supplies. 🙂

  6. Well those are fun shoes. Sorry to say my shoe attire doesn’t include any colors. Lol, mainly “sensible” shoes that I can run around crazy doing errands. Usually my running shoes have a splash of color, but that’s the way they come. Hahaha!

  7. A perfectly logical explanation to me, then again I bought a bag of pairs last week because they were pretty. I have no idea what kind of pears they are but I immediately fell in love with the colors and bought them to paint (and eventually eat). And yes my husband laughed at me. 😛

    1. Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕 hehe… aww husbands… Yeah, when I get something like this it just feels like pure logic to me. And yay to pears! Philippe still gives me hell about the “expensive” Harry and David pears I just had to get at Trader Joe’s. (they WERE incredible and better than any pear on earth!)

  8. I do like the retro look of these sneakers! This sets an interesting precedent – now you can acquire all manner of things with the doodlewash prompt excuse 😉 I’m with Philippe on shoes, though – it must be three years since I last bought a pair, and the brown ones I normally wear are probably over ten years old. When I was at college, I’d get lots of stick for wearing brown shoes 😛 but they’re so comfy!

    1. Thanks, Jacob! 😃💕 Glad you liked my new trainers! And yes, isn’t it awesome? I’ve just opened up a whole new way to get things I want but don’t particularly need! Love it! That said, seriously? You too? lol Aww… well… that’s probably why we’re friends as well. They do say opposites attract… and that includes ice cream. 😉

      1. Ha yep, ‘fraid so! And as for ice cream, well, I’m sure you can employ the tactic there and sample an array of flavours and concoctions. Order it, take a photo… well, it’d be a shame to waste it now… I can just imagine Philippe’s expression now!

  9. Nice kicks! Now you’ll need some new pants or socks to show them off, right? Or maybe a fancy shirt, perhaps Hawaiian shirt to pick up the colors in the shoes? I like the idea of using Amazon points to buy the shoes; I have a copy of your sketching activity book coming today or tomorrow, paid for with Amazon points!

    1. Thanks, Bob! 😃💕And actually… I just bought a shirt with flamingos on it so yeah… I guess that happened just as you described! lol And Yay! Thanks so much for getting my book! I love even more that you got it with points! hehe…. that’s the best way to live! It’s a very “Charlie” sort of book and not like the others, so I DO hope you enjoy it!

  10. Mickey Mouse underwear? That made me laugh! 😁 And I like that you wear mismatched socks! Love the colorful shoes! I miss those days of buying shoes for fun! 😊 Cheers Charlie! 👠👟🥾🧦

    1. hehe! Thanks, Jill! 😃💕 Actually, I have 3 different pair of Mickey Mouse underwear as they came in a 3-pack! lol I love them! And I still insist on buying things just for fun. But yeah, now that I’m older this is only my second fun pair of shoes in 2 years! 😊

  11. I think your new shoes are nifty, and the article (and the painting) even more so.
    I love the warmth, the humor, the comfortable atmosphere. And I’m still chuckling
    about Mickey Mouse.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! 😃💕hehe… legend has it that Walt Disney invented Mickey Mouse when he had his studio here in my hometown Kansas City. No idea if it’s actually the case, but it’s always made me like the mouse. hehe

  12. Goodness, what poor Philippe has to put up with – you and your shoes. I used to love to go shoe shopping but the only shoes I ever rendered in art is a pair of my husband’s military boots from Vietnam. There’s a story, and it’s the stories our art tells that are the most important thing we convey to viewers. You are great at this aspect, Charlie, one of your most charming traits. BTW – I love your new shoes. Wear them in good health.

    1. Aww thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 That’s such a sweet compliment. My art is really just about creating a story with an image and words. Sometimes I’m just judged by the image and I’m thinking… but that’s only have of what I made today! hehe Glad you like the full presentation!

  13. Give Philippe some fancy new socks again, and at the same time, give him four or five small mesh laundry bags, with zippers, so the socks never get separated in the laundry. Those bags are my favorite laundry accessory (if such a thing can be said with a straight face).

  14. I love this excuse for buying shoes. I never had to make a reason to buy shoes. Joe never noticed shoes. As a matter of fact, the only time he ever said anything to me about spending was my long distance phone bills. Lol. I got very upset and said fine, fine. Give me the bill and I’ll pay it. Then I slammed a door. Never heard a word about it again. 😂

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