Today for our prompt of “Scarf,” I decided to sketch a little kitten wearing one while admiring the falling snow. I love watching kittens and how they’re totally and completely fascinated with everything around them. This actually applies to children as well, which is why when I sketch I always have my inner child there for inspiration. Heading into a new year, I’m so excited for all of the things coming next. I don’t know exactly what they will all be, of course, but that doesn’t stop me from being thrilled all the same. What I adore is the same thing I adored when I was a little kitten myself. There were so many possibilities and the world seemed endlessly intriguing. As an adult, it’s easy to approach this same idea with a feeling of being perfectly overwhelmed. There’s just so much to do and try and so little time to DO it all. I get a bit stressed when I think about those possibilities with my adult brain. But when I look at all those swirling opportunities with the eyes of a child, I simply see a snow globe full of beautiful chances that, if I’m daring enough, I just might take.

I had someone tell me recently that I seemed confident, which actually confounded me as this isn’t the case at all. Or, at least how I’ve always thought it was defined. It’s that feeling of being self-assured and this isn’t really how I feel much of the time. I often wish my sketches were better or that I could create those effortless and gestural lines of the illustrators I adore. But, that doesn’t stop me from showing up with my own little sketch each day. And that’s the trick. I don’t have to actually be confident to seem that way to others. Showing up each day to sketch and write makes it appear that I’m rather certain that I have something worth sharing. I’m not at all sure about that. But, I certainly hope that what I share is something a few folks might enjoy. Instead, I would more accurately describe myself as hopeful and optimistic. I believe that my words and pictures will reach whoever needs to hear that particular story. Like this one, about a kitten filled with hope, who makes a silent wish upon a snowflake.

As I get older, my wishful hope is that my heart continues to stay young. I want to always be able to look at the world like I’m viewing it for the very first time. I want to see each line and shape of everything around me as if I’m the first to ever notice such things. I never want to lose that youthful feeling of wonder. Then, I’ll always find be able to do the unthinkable. Those things I’ve learned can’t be done. Instead, I’ll try those things again, in a freshly different way, excited to see what happens this time. It’s the logic of a child, to be sure, not an adult or already knows better. I think that life can be exactly like a storybook, filled with beautiful colors and lovely surprises at every turn. And as we move into a fresh new year I hope that your life is filled with all of the wonder and hope your own inner child brings. Even as the holidays pass, I’m holding onto that feeling that reminds me that the world is always merry and bright. It just depends on how you choose to view it. I, for one, always hope to be brave like a child as I move into the unknown of a brand new year and face all of those glorious and infinite possibilities.

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Kitten Cat Wearing Scarf Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail

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33 thoughts on “Infinite Possibilities

  1. Such a dreamy look your were able to capture Charlie. I have tried to recapture that feeling in 2019 and have succeeded often. Today I sold the commission I have been working on. She chose my largest attempt. I had done three 9x12s, one 12×16 and one 14×28 which was my favorite. So excited as I have only sold 5x7s and 6x8s. It’s nice when you can make someone else happy doing what you love to do. Looking forward to 2020! Thanks for allowing me to share my excitement.

  2. I was once asked at an interview what is word I would use to describe myself. The first thing that jumped in my brain was energetic. Later when I told Joe about it, he guessed energetic before I even got the whole question out. Confident would have been a good one too. I happen to be very confident in most things. Thanks to my dad for that. He instilled confidence in all three of us kids. He had it himself. His attitude was, of course you’ll do this well, you’re my kid aren’t you!

  3. He’s just purrrrfect! I am glad you show, you do inspire me to get off the computer and get out my sketchbook. Now, if I could only be inspired to post again. I haven’t for awhile because I always had to edit my pics so they would come out right side up. Maybe I’ll give it a try in 2020 (that’s a fun number to type!)

  4. Love this. Kittens are fun. We’ve had a couple over the years. I may be achy and creaky in my body but I’m definitely still young at heart. One of best things about having young grandchildren is that I can act like a child again.

      1. Charlie the story is beautiful, you are so right about colours and how they make you feel as for you not being so sure of your work well Charlie I have news for you that your work is as good as any illustrators that I have seen. Which gives you the right to feel very confident 😀

  5. I took a walk with my husband through the hospital, to see a friend there. She moved from the 9th floor, to the third floor. We were glad we stopped at the desk to ask where she was in the hospital. Our person had company, but this lady was wonderful, and full of wisdom, and caring. She was staying with our friend and making her feel at home, if you can at the hospital.

  6. You’ll always have a young heart, Charlie, and I’ll always enjoy reading your articles and admiring your artwork. It’s the convergence of the little boy in you with the talented man you are that engages me. And this darling little kitten seems to be enchanted with you as well.

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