This quick little doodlewash was something I did right before dinner. I wasn’t sure what to make, so I chose a photo that inspired me from my very talented friend Jeromey’s Instagram feed. Jerm shoots wonderful shots of Kansas City under @the_kansascity_chronicles. You should definitely check out his feed!

Even cooler, as I arrived to dinner I received a text from one of our Guest Doodlewashers, Aesha (missaesha). She too had been inspired by one of Jerm’s photos and sent me what she made. It’s lovely and will be the next Guest Post so watch for it or if you can’t wait, check her out on Instagram.

Jeromey now wants to try making doodlewashes as well, so we’ve already set a date in a couple weeks for a Dinner & Doodlewash night! Should be fun!! And I’ll keep you posted on the results. It’s so exciting to see friends inspiring friends with art. That’s really what the whole doodlewash movement is about! Oh yeah…we’re totally starting a movement. Will you join us?

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