Though it’s a gray rainy day here, it’s finally warm enough to wander about without a coat and that means spring has officially arrived. So for our prompt of “something that inspires you” I decided that in this very moment its spring! And seeing the first blooms of color is always fascinating to me. To demonstrate this, I’ve tossed in a kitten as my proxy. There are a million things that inspire me, of course, but many are difficult or impossible to illustrate. For example, I’m thoroughly inspired by each of you who have joined me in the challenge this month! I adore what you’ve created, and it’s been fun to see everyone’s take on these very open-ended prompts. It’s been a great month and there’s just one week left! Keep those beautiful drawings and paintings coming! And this is the second kitty I’ve sketched this week, so apparently cats are rather inspiring to me as well lately. After what feels like weeks of hibernation, it’s finally safe to wander around without the fear of frostbite. The weather was sunny all week long during the work week, which always seems to happen, but I’m still thrilled and happy for the weekend.

Tonight, our friend Aesha is coming over for dinner, so I’m excited for the evening ahead as well. Our dog Phineas is sleeping on the couch at the present, but has one eye on me, staring me down. It’s nearly time for his dinner and he always watches me closely like this to assure I’m there and ready the moment he suddenly jumps up and starts pawing at me. I’ve no idea how he always knows the precise time, but in just a few minutes, he’ll go from completely still to rushing around like a maniac. Philippe is preparing a delicious dinner for tonight and though I’m excited about it, I’m showing decorum and not rushing around in the same fashion. We will be toasting champagne and even picked up some boozy chocolates for dessert as well. It all sounds rather decadent, but once shared, it will only amount to a couple of light beers. A beautiful and civilized evening to be sure. Just kidding, really, we’re totally like little kids when we get together and giggle and joke the entire time. It’s a blast!

I guess my body has the same sort of internal clock that Phineas has when it comes to food. It’s amazing how transformative spring feels to me and how I can go from generally motivated to crazed with excited ambition. I’ve layered on way too many personal projects on my plate and I’m having a blast trying to complete them all. It’s fun to take on challenges and give them a go. Although I certainly DO hope to complete them, the act of trying always makes me so happy. I’m sure I’d accomplish more if I weren’t a bit like this little cat I’ve sketched today. I’m always staring off into the distance at times, mesmerized by something I see or just something that’s on my mind in the moment, and don’t even realize how much time has past. My internal clock apparently only functions during large transitions, but fails to alarm me during the smaller ones. And that’s fine by me. I love just taking in the world as it comes and enjoying the moment without putting too much stress on myself. Everything seems to work out when I don’t try to force it. Instead, I’ll just take my time to enjoy the weekend while being throughly inspired by spring.

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Cat Watercolor Illustration Bleeding Heart - Doodlewash

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29 thoughts on “Inspired By Spring

  1. Sweet kitten appreciating a Spring bloom! Contrary to popular opinion, we do have seasons in So Cal, and it definitely feels like Spring after an unusually cold and rainy winter. I feel so much better with the longer, warmer days.

  2. Love your cat, but especially love the bleeding heart. I have a big clump of them in the back shade garden. When they are in bloom, they are my favorite flower. My favorites are quite seasonal. I finally got outside today. My Lenten roses are blooming and the bulbs planted last fall are poking out of the ground! Yay! I heard some chattering over head and look up to see a pair of bald eagles. They were kettling on the thermals from the sun in the dark fields. I happened to be holding a camera in my hand, and never even thought to take a picture. Lol! Nor did I take one of the pair of bluebirds checking out the nest box. I must be too excited for spring!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! 😃💕 Yeah, the bleeding heart is one of my favorite blooms as well! And your visitors sound amazing!! And you were just experiencing the world like an artist! Taking all in and marking it in your mind. Often much better than a photograph! 😉

  3. Your kitten is so sweet! I’ve never had a cat that liked flowers, but one of my mastiffs used to love them. He’d insist on stopping to sniff at each one he passed while on our walks! We’ve had sunshine today, though the East wind still demands a coat. It’s definitely Spring!

  4. Love that kitten and the Bleeding Heart. My grandmother had a huge patch of that flower the length of her house…I absolutely loved them!!! In spite of what most people think we do have a Spring in Florida and for the second year in a row my Spiderwort plant had its first bloom on the first day of Spring!!!! That plant is a miracle plant…I started a flower garden behind our house when we moved here 20+ years ago and absolutely nothing survived so eventually it became just grass….3 years ago one tiny sprout of the Spiderwort appeared where it was 1st planted way back when…and has since become a nice full plant. Since I am a horrible gardner (though one with good intentions) you can not believe how excited I am to see the bloom again this year!

    1. Thanks, Kerfe! 😃💕 I realized I should probably not wait so long between subjects if I really want to practice them properly! hehe And yay to blue sky!! Some appeared here today even though it was forecasted. It was a gift!

  5. Don’t be fooled, that adorable kitten is just about to destroy the flower (if my experience with kittens is anything to go by anyway lol!)

    Really nice looking sketch though as is everything here!

    1. Assay. .. adorable cat.but the best part of ( i may say) your letter is that as i feel u r explaining Your daily routine ,in front of me.liked very much.

  6. Well, I wonder where that bleeding heart inspiration came from?? 😉 This is such a cute sketch. Our Spring is a little delaid due to a bit of late snow. Once we have a few more warmer days, it’s all going to happen at once.

  7. I really love it when you use Opus and leaf green..It is true that the members of doodlewash family and also World Watercolor facebòok group inspire me to paint everyday….If I have not painted everyday then I would not have come this far…but then this is a very long journey indeed….one can’t go alone..

    1. Thanks so much, Anita! 😃💕 Yeah, I love that color combo so much! And I totally agree… I’d be lost without our community… there’s no way that I would have continued to sketch each day like I have. And practice pays off! But yep… sooooo much more practice to go! hehe Glad we have each other! ❤️

  8. Charlies says, “After what feels like weeks of hibernation, it’s finally safe to wander around without the fear of frostbite”

    There is an indomitable joy shining through those lines. There is music and there is sun; there is poetry. Take a bow,
    Poet, Painter, Philosopher, I have been mia, and it took a few days to find my way back to spring. On reading this post
    and adoring that ginger kitten, I am steeped in the glories of spring. Thank you!

    1. You’re the greatest, Sarah! 😃💕 Thank you so much! You always make me feel like an artist which is a fabulous gift. But most importantly… yay!! welcome to spring! I’m so happy you found your way back!

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