GUEST ARTIST: “Inspiring People For A Healthy Lifestyle” by Elena

Doodlewash - Illustration by Elena @dancelovedraw

My name is Elena. I am living in the beautiful German city, called Leipzig. My passion for art began at a very early age. I have never visited a school for the arts (except at a preschool age), but I’ve loved to draw as long as I can think. Portraits, animals, landscapes etc.

But the time I started my second hobby I had had much less time for my passion. As time went by, I became a professional athlete dancer, dance instructor and health expert. Professionally, I am also a scientist, specializing in human biology and medicine.

Doodlewash - Illustration by Elena @dancelovedraw

Well, when you grow up, you can always come back to things you loved as a child. This passion is inside every one of us and it comes back in times when something changes in your life. The same happened to me.

Doodlewash - Illustration by Elena @dancelovedraw

The artworks I create now are maybe a combination of all of my three passions, namely art, health and science. And I love Copics! With my artwork, I want to inspire people for the beauty of amazing colorful fruits and veggies. I create recipes for natural remedies of different health conditions.

Doodlewash - Illustration by Elena @dancelovedraw

People are busy, people want quick and easy ways to heal illnesses. To take some drugs is the most easy way but it’s not the best one. To live a healthy lifestyle is very difficult at the first glance, but at the second one, it’s not.

Hang my artworks on the wall of your kitchen and see the recipes immediately. You will be inspired to prepare these easy recipes at the first sight. Some artworks show superfoods like the Manuka honey or special fruits.

Drawing Tools And Accessories

In the beginning, I was drawing with pencils, watercolors and charcoal. But last year, I got the chance to see a picture drawn with markers. It was love at first sight. I bought a medium sized set of Copic markers (you know they are expensive for a beginner 😉 and started to draw.

Doodlewash - Illustration by Elena @dancelovedraw

I use different utensils to create my art. Both Copic Sketch and Ciao. I also use different kinds of fineliners for my artworks, from multilines to comic fineliners . For highlights, I use some white gel rollers and for sketching I use some multiliners from Copic or Pigma Micron.

Doodlewash - Illustration by Elena @dancelovedraw

I use a different kind of paper for markers and different formats. I love the paper from the German shop Boesner the most. Follow my page on Instagram @dancelovedraw to see more upcoming artworks and be inspired. You can find me at the links below!

Facebook: Inspire Me Healthy 

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  1. Mary Roff 5 years ago

    Beautiful illustrations!

  2. ann christina 5 years ago

    Beautiful! And they all look so delicious!

  3. Shar Kennett 5 years ago

    love the overall bright feeling.

  4. Sandra Strait 5 years ago

    Elena, your artwork is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your art and your healthy perspective on life with us.

  5. Sharon Nolfi 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your story and art.

  6. Janneke Booister 5 years ago

    These are gorgeous! 🙂

  7. Miss Gentileschi 5 years ago

    Very lovely artwork!

  8. radiatewithruby 4 years ago

    Who wouldn’t want to eat healthy now! Amazing

  9. torontofitchicks 4 years ago

    Amazing! Such great work!

  10. skatteredsite 4 years ago

    gorgeous! absolutely love the drawings and colors!!

  11. Elena 4 years ago

    Thank you very much dear friends for your compliments!

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