GUEST ARTIST: “Share Your Work, You Might Touch Someone” by Irma Rianne

Peacock Watercolor Painting by Irma Rianne

It takes courage to be creative and share that part of you with the world. That is what I’ve only learned recently. My name is Irma and I live in the Netherlands. When I was a child I always loved to draw and paint, to create things on paper. But I was very insecure about what I made. I grew up in an environment where art or self-expression were not really valued or stimulated.

Since childhood, because of the criticism, I’ve felt very insecure about what I make. I often quit painting. Almost everything I’ve made until 2013 has ended up in the trashcan. Even though I stopped painting often, fortunately, I couldn’t help myself and was always starting over, because, I just had to. It’s part of who I am.

I tried different mediums throughout the years. I’ve done a lot of acrylics and watercolors. I have tried digital painting and even did some photorealistic pastel. My subjects were mainly people and animals. I’ve focussed on different styles like; cartoon, manga and realism. My heart always longed for the loose and imperfect style of watercolor. It’s my favourite medium. I still focus on different styles. I guess I like to variate.

Zebra Head Watercolor Painting

In 2013, I started doing emotive watercolor portraits. The response was HUGE on DeviantArt. It did so much for me, knowing that there were people in the world understanding and appreciating what I was doing. It was the first time that I could look at my work differently. After that I went “offline” for some years. I recently pushed myself again to share some of my newest work with the world. I’m glad I did.

My Painting Process And Materials

I often “feel” that I need to paint. For techniques, I often watch YouTube, but I never have the patience to follow along. I love to make paintings that breath a sensitive or emotional sphere. I’m a “feelings” painter. I will study the subject and sketch it roughly on my watercolor paper. The only thing I’m really precise about is while sketching. I really want to get the proportions looking right, before I start. After that it’s just a sort of meditative flow, not knowing where the journey will take me. I love to use wet-in-wet and just go with what my mind is intuitively telling me to do. I let go of rules or techniques. I love to throw in some unusual colors. Happy colors. These pieces are the dearest to me.

Gorilla Face Watercolor Painting by Irma Rianne

I often use Dutch watercolor paper: Schut Terschelling smooth. I like to work small. For some reason if I tried a bigger piece of paper it often didn’t work out as I wanted. But, I will keep practising that. I recently bought professional hot pressed paper from Arches. I thought it wouldn’t matter as much, but it does make a big difference! It can handle so much more layers and water. For watercolor I prefer to use tubes. I own Winsor & Newton and Van Gogh tubes. I would love to have a Daniel Smith set one day. I use a variety of watercolor brushes.

It’s amazing how you start with just a white piece of paper and some paints and can create such beautiful things from your imagination. The possibilities are endless! I find this very inspiring and freeing. I find it fascinating to see how we all can make such different paintings with the same materials.


I’m trying to do what I love. I hope to inspire others to do the same. I will even re-open my Etsy store soon. One day, I would love to give my own workshops in self-expression through watercolors. Since I’ve started to take myself and my work seriously and have been sharing it with the world, I’ve met a lot of creative and like-minded people.

Elephant Profile Watercolor Painting by Irma Rianne

It’s ridiculous what we can sometimes tell ourselves. What determines a piece of art is good or not? Is that your responsibility anyway? No one will be able to make what you make. If you don’t make it, no one will. Be happy you are you, and create. For everyone feeling insecure about their work or for those who are afraid to share it with someone; please share it with people. Don’t keep it to yourself, you might touch someone.

Irma Rianne

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  1. Mary Roff 3 years ago

    Beautiful paintings and wonderful advice, Irma. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    • Irma 3 years ago

      Thank you!

    • Ronn Quinn 3 years ago

      I have struggled with these sorts of issues throughout my creative journey. While I have and continue to be inspired by the creative work of others, I never considered that I could inspire others. Thank you for your insights and your art.

  2. Karen Fortier 3 years ago

    Thanks so much Irma for sharing your story and your art. I agree that is very important for all of us artists/creatives to share our art with the world especially now. If we can bring a smile, a laugh or just make someone feel or forget for a moment that is an important gift! Keep sharing!

    • Irma 3 years ago

      Thank you! I totally agree!

  3. J Name exercise 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your absolutely breath taking skills as an artist!

    • Irma 3 years ago

      You make me blush haha! Thank you!

  4. Mique 3 years ago

    Dank je wel ! (From the Netherlands, so in Dutch)
    Mooi werk en ja die drang om te schilderen, dat herken ik.
    Goed papier en goede verf is zoo belangrijk.

    • Irma 3 years ago

      Dank je ! Inderdaad een groot verschil!

  5. Sandra Strait 3 years ago

    Irma, I love your loose and expressive style! You may have struggled with your art (I’ve done the same over the years) but what you paint is sheer joy to see! Thank you for sharing your artistic journey with us.

    • Irma 3 years ago

      That means a lot. Thank you!

  6. JA Wilson 3 years ago

    Beautiful work , it made me smile!

  7. LoriCtoo 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness! Your work is wonderful. I love the whimsical side of. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and story!

    • Irma 3 years ago

      Thank you! Love to hear you liked it!

  8. Lisa Ann Ulibarri 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous art and story!!! 🙂

  9. Sharon Nolfi 3 years ago

    Wow! I love those animals, especially the polar bears. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Irma 3 years ago

      Haha! I do loved my bears also! They came out very easy somehow..

  10. Susan Masters 3 years ago

    Fantastic work thank you for sharing your journey

    • Irma 3 years ago

      ThAnk you! I’m glad you liked my story

  11. Anita Sinha 3 years ago

    Fabulous painting and such an inspiring post!🙏 Thanks for sharing!🙏🙏🙏

    • Irma 3 years ago

      Thank you! I love to hear you liked it!

  12. Danai Mongkolrat 3 years ago

    Composition and painting are amazing

    • Irma 3 years ago

      Thank you!

  13. Abhishek 3 years ago

    I feel like i do paint good..but i cannot see any chance to prosper..ur paintings have encouraged me ….could u plz help me out how could i make my paintings public and make it sold?!
    I m 19 yrs old

    • Irma 3 years ago

      The first think I could advise you to do is start sharing on instagram or facebook. I would love to see it.

  14. Marilyn Martin 3 years ago

    I am 62 yo, and have wanted to “be an artist ” since I was a kid. Really appreciated your story! I am definitely not ready to share, but giving myself permission to “play in private ” is a big step for me! Thank you!💜

    • Irma 3 years ago

      I would love to see what you make and what your story is. Thank you for the appreciation🤗.

  15. Zalando Barnes 3 years ago

    Thank you so very much! How did you know? Again thank you!!❤

    • Irma 3 years ago

      Thank you☺️

  16. Lin Powell 3 years ago

    Love, love, love your work.

    • Irma 3 years ago

      Haha! Really? Thank you for sharing, it is still hard to believe it sometimes when someone’s really loving or getting my work. But I insist to keep on going no matter what. I love it that you love it. you make my day 🌹

  17. Nancy Sapp 2 years ago

    I KNOW that your work was on “Doodlewash” 6 months ago but I just found the post. I’m in AWE of your work – as many have already stated. Your work is loose – not constricted & tight like my watercolors. I SO need to “loosen” up. I practice as often as I can. I also share my work – in the form of watercolor greeting cards.

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