Day 17 - Snack VS Treat Skittles - #doodlewashApril2018 Doodlewash

Is It A Snack Or Is It A Treat?

As a kid, literally everything was considered a snack, our prompt for today. But in truth, those little bites in between meals were almost entirely composed of treats back then. From potato chips to candy, these were what I considered to be perfectly wonderful snacks. As an adult, I’ve grown to learn that snacks are supposed to be actual food with nutritional value to tide you over until the next meal. Sweet and salty treats should be eaten only rarely. That’s why, after all, they’re called “a treat.” Oh, how I miss those days of snacking on candy though. These days, I’ve had to replace Skittles, my favorite candy, with a handful of nuts. Yummy, yes, but lacking that rainbow of bright colors that gave me so much joy in my youth. I actually never buy candy except around holidays and even then rather rarely. Occasionally, one of my coworkers brings in a bag of candy and I do feel the need to sample a bit. It would be rude not to indulge, right? At least that’s what I always tell myself.

Beyond my daily art, I’ve apparently made an art of justifying things to myself. I can always come up with a reason why I should have what I want. I’ll go through a wild series of fantasies and mental leaps to justify things. The reasons are often elaborate, convoluted and, even sometimes, perfectly stupid. Often, it’s just a game I play in my head, but, other times, it’s a way to justify why I need a dessert of some kind to Philippe. The look I always get back would imply that he feels my amazing justifications are in the “perfectly stupid” camp. It’s true, I don’t have a sound and compelling argument as to why I should be able to eat dessert after every single meal, but that doesn’t stop me from requesting it. Even though there are probably times we should avoid giving into our dreams, there’s never a good time to give up on them.

Philippe and I are heading to California in the morning for a little trip this week, so my posts over the next few days will be appearing at whatever odd time I find to sneak them in. Spring never really arrived here properly so we’re heading to SoCal to get some better weather. Well, there’s a bit of business and day job work involved, but mostly it’s going to be a nice little break with a change of scenery. We’ve not packed yet or made all of the plans of what to do while we’re there, so as ever, we’ll just be going with the flow and seeing what happens next. It strikes me that we live our lives a bit like watercolor painting. Knowing we can’t really control every little thing so simply not bothering to even try. Life is far more fun when you mix it up and let it take you where it wants you to go next. When I look at my life, I want to feel like I’m doing all I can to enjoy this little time I have on the planet. I guess it never hurts to ask myself, is it a snack or is it a treat?

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 Day 17 - Snack VS Treat Skittles - #doodlewashApril2018 Doodlewash

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28 thoughts on “Is It A Snack Or Is It A Treat?

  1. Have a wonderful and safe trip. A box of those Skittles would be a nice little travel snack don’t you think? Not as bad as some…worse than others. So treat yourself. It’s a nice memory. Looks just like the box and the candies do look efible. Enjoy.

  2. I think you should buy a small pack of Skittles otherwise the weekend won’t really feel like a treat. Or have a compromise (I love the promise in there) and buy a packet of Peanut M&Ms? Nuts, chocolate and sugar MMMMMM

  3. Painting is as for ever exciting u know.
    The story is to close to my heart . I don’t know why I feel some things is very very touching n feel shivering ,n panic in the story.may be the reason of u r a stage artist also that i i can’t forget but what ever it is really i apricieted. Charlie.
    Have a wonderful time with Philips in a toure. thanks so much

  4. Yes!! They look so tasty! Skittles are the best, to the extent that I would quite like a house with a Skittle tap. I’ve never really cared for nuts, and won’t consider them a replacement. You need some Skittles – a little break, along with ‘Jacob said so’ is the perfect justification here. Have fun!

  5. Have a fun trip. Hope it includes some treats, even if they’re not skittles. (me? I hanker after reeses pieces. That p.butter and chocolate coated in candy. yum! Sadly, they don’t like me back………sniff….

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