GUEST ARTIST: “A Watercolorist From ‘Pokhara, School of Watercolor’” by Ishan Pariyar

Hello, Namaste! I am Ishan Pariyar from Nepal. I am an artist, Illustrator and art educator, currently living in Kathmandu and from Pokhara, the beautiful region, which lies on the western part of Nepal. This region is also a synonym in the local art scenario for ‘School of Watercolor’, because so many artists’ basic practices are especially on watercolor.

This was a tag to every Pokhara-based artist and most probably because of the scenic beauty of the rich landscape, mountains, lakes, hills, gorges. Most are a primary inspiration to artists to paint quickly in watercolor. Among the veteran artists like Durga Baral, Buddhi Gurung YC Bhurtel, Alok Gurung & Hareram Joju, who was also most important founder of this genre style of painting. I belong to the younger generation to continue their tradition.

ishan_pariyar_Mt. Fishtail_watercolor_on paper_2019

I had my informal art training in Pokhara and later on had my higher art education in Art from Fine Art Campus in Kathmandu with BFA and did my Master’s in creative painting from Tribhuvan University. I had a great passion to learn watercolor and already had it from the master’s from Pokhara.

During the University time, I had a chance to practice different techniques, mediums as well as get a deeper knowledge of art & history. I had my first solo and second solo based on my watercolor painting and currently I am been practicing my other creative forms like Contemporary Art, Performance Art & Illustration. I am deeply connected with watercolor and watercolor always turns my mood & feeling towards joy and happiness.

My childhood was full of tremendous experiences. I used to draw the sketches of vehicles like trucks, buses, cars etc. and give them to my friends. They used to be happy to have a friend with some drawing skills. I can say those experiences were the process of learning. Later on, I develop my interest into a dream towards a quest. During the school days as an average student, but more interested in art, I once participated in an art competition and placed 3rd position. In this way, my passion was turning into a dream.

ishan_pariyar_pachdeval Landscape watercolor_on paper_28x38cm_2013_

Moreover, I got the other prizes on local art competitions, which made me clearer to follow my dream, to carve the path of creativity and art. My childhood memories were very rich in the sense of those inspirations that I gained through my childhood experiences and my surroundings. As an Artist and practitioner, I am doing my art practices which are somehow connected with the old​ childhood memories and experiences too.

I enjoy creating my paintings using the techniques like wet in wet, dry brushing and creating textures using salt, etc. I believe several practices could take the command on painting to its highest level. Talking about inspirations, John Singer Sergeant and JMW Turner are my inspirations. Currently, I am very fond of paintings by Moldova’s Igor Mosiychuk, Thailand-based Artist Direk Kingnok, Durga Baral, and Shreejan Rajbhandari’s artwork is on my favorite list from my own country.

ishan_pariyar_Manang_watercolor_on paper_2019

About the subject of my paintings. I like to paint mostly landscapes, Yet the thirst of painting the landscape is not over. I like travelling and the peak of snowy mountains always attracts me. Beside landscape I would love to paint portraits and life study compositions of the daily life.

The paper that I’ve used for a long time for my paintings is Canson. Fabriano and Arches watercolor paper are on my latest list for some years now. I used to use Camlin Artist watercolor and Pebio, but the colors of Winsor & Newton and Mission Gold Watercolor by Mijjelo are on my new list. I am currently been using the best and most comfortable brushes available in the store.

Ishan Pariyar

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26 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “A Watercolorist From ‘Pokhara, School of Watercolor’” by Ishan Pariyar

  1. Thank you for introducing us to a world artist! It helps us get to know and appreciate each other so much better.

    Barbara Stoner
    Davidson, NC

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my country. I hope you could relate and my paintings could give the impressions of your visit…Welcome as always. but of course after the pandemic will gone forever.

  2. Namaste Ishan.. Thanks for introducing us to yourself, your journey and your art. Your artwork is fabulous and inspiring. Also I think you are fortunate to live near nature and beautiful country of Nepal.
    Thanks for inspiration..


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