Day 21 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Childhood Snacks Snack TIme Potato Chips Cola Coca-Cola Oreos Cookies

It’s Snack Time!

When I was younger, I enjoyed lots of different snacks. But give me a cola, some potato chips, and Oreo cookies and I was in heaven. Well, at least that what I’ve chosen for the doodlewash today. I really didn’t have a long list of snacks that I didn’t like as a kid. I no longer drink cola and I haven’t had an Oreo in years, but potato chips are very occasionally still on the menu. The best thing about an Oreo was pulling it apart to eat the white cream filling by itself. An admittedly dumb thing to do as the outside cookie pieces didn’t really taste very good on their own. Truth be told, my all-time favorite snack was a few peanut butter sandwich cookies with a glass of milk for dunking. These cookies were elusive and only to be had once a year when a little Girl Scout came to the door to sell them. After they were gone, it was always sad, but I think only getting them once a year is what made them taste so good.

When I was really little, you’d find happily slurping on that amazing invention called a juice box. But as I got older this switched to sodas of all varieties. I’ve mentioned before that I really just loved the bubbles, so today you’ll likely find me with a Perrier instead. There always seemed to be some sort of liquid snack on the menu back then. I loved strawberry Quik, which came in little metal containers and had a sweet pink bunny on the front. It was a powder you mixed in milk and artificially flavored, which I now know means some sort of chemical I shouldn’t be ingesting, but I used to love the taste. Another, billed as a breakfast drink, but consumed whenever I could get my hands on a glass, was Tang. This was an orange drink, something that referred to the color as no actual oranges were harmed in the making of this beverage. They billed it as “natural tasting” which was pretty much a confession that it wasn’t natural at all. It was really just colored sugar, but it the taste was amazing.

One of my other favorites when I was young were Cheetos. I liked the crunchy version best, but any version was happily accepted. These weren’t a snack you could sneak, as they were a day glow orange color that stained your fingers for the remainder of the day. I preferred the taste over the smell and ended up being put off by them when the kid I had to sit next to each day in a summer school carpool reeked of them. So much of the food I ate back then, I realize now, was practically poison, but it brings back great memories. And potato chips are still my favorite and something that I refuse to give up entirely as an adult. As long as everything is in moderation, being naughty every once in a while is a fabulous thing. So you’ll still find me sneaking the occasional chip, or two, or three, or well, who are we kidding? There’s no counting allowed when it comes to Snack Time!

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Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Indian Yellow, Sennelier Red, Red Orange, Phthalo. Green Light, Phthalocyanine Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, Dioxazine Purple, Ultramarine Deep, Burnt Sienna and Payne’s Grey. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon with black ink in a little red cloth hardbound l’aquarelle journal I found in a Paris shop.
 Day 21 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Childhood Snacks Snack TIme Potato Chips Cola Coca-Cola Oreos Cookies

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27 thoughts on “It’s Snack Time!

  1. It’s a lovely doodlewash, and an interesting combination to boot! How I can relate to all of this – good choices by Little Charlie (well, in the context at least!). I used to do the very same thing with my Oreos and often still do, aware of the biscuit’s taste. Honestly, that cream is just too darn tempting.

    Cheetos were simply marvellous, even with the unpleasant aftermath. These put me in mind of 3D Doritos. Goodness, I was obsessed with those cheesy wonders – sigh, yet another favourite now available only on the big shelf in the sky.

    Now I’ve got the munchies, well and truly! Yum yum!

    1. Thanks, Jacob! 😃💕 And you’re welcome for the munchies… hehe… hope you found something awesome to have. I had stopped eating Doritos by the time they became 3D and never tried them! 😊 There’s something still called Doritos Jacked 3D, but it’s in a shape that looks like it’s trying too hard. lol

  2. No oranges were harmed in the making of this beverage – hilarious! I think I see a bevy of oranges playing outside, so happy to be represented by your civic kindness.

    Love your Doodlewash of your favorite snacks but you won’t find me sneaking out of the house for chips, cola, or Oreos – My favorite snack as a kid was TastyKake and my favorite flavor was the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. Still is which is why I’m so lucky that they’re hard to find here in Southern California.

    OK, now I’m hungry – all your fault, Charlie. 😀

  3. Funny how our tastes change as we get older… I prefer salty over sweet especially with a glass of wine! 🍷 And pass the plate of cheese, please!! 🧀 Awesome Doodlewash Charlie! 😍

  4. Love your Doodlewash! Thanks for all the kid snack memories. I had forgotten some. Strawberry Quik was one of my favorites too and we did drink Tang, not because it was “natural” but because it was what the “astronauts drank!” I do remember one of my favorite treats as a kid was Ritz crackers with peanut butter and a cup of cold milk. BTW, do you realize that it is Girls Scout cookie season right now? You could treat yourself to a box of peanut butter sandwich cookies. They still taste pretty much the same you just get fewer in a box and they cost over $4 each!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! 😃💕 Lol… too funny… I actually did have to google when it was Girl Scout cookie season and saw that it was happening now. Ohhhhhhh…. tempting!!! But wow… yeah… the price was a bit different the last time I had them. And that’s so true about Tang. If the astronauts hadn’t made it famous, it would have died. Sales were horrible before that! hehe

  5. Charlie – I just started following your work. LOVE your watercolor doodles! I need to sit down & paint the everyday foods here. But viewing your watercolor foods made me hungry – just like everyone else here. I’m already overweight so your paintings aren’t helping me. 🙁

    DO admire your work though. That slice of pizza looked scrumptious enough to take a bite.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Grandma Nancy in central IL

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