Day 2 - Bunny Rabbit Watercolor Sketch - Doodlewash

I’ve Always Wanted A Bunny Rabbit

There’s no doubt that bunnies are just about the cutest little things ever, with their giant ears and lovely little eyes. Calling one a “bunny rabbit” is perfectly redundant and unnecessary, of course, but somehow makes them seem even cuter still, so it’s become quite common to say. As a kid, I was a huge fan of Bugs Bunny, a tall gray cartoon rabbit with a perfectly naughty, yet harmless, demeanor. Something I’ve always admired in people as well. But I really wanted one as a pet. I think I must of have met some other kid along the way who had one and this, combined with my penchant for the cartoon, created a new longing. I never got one, or any of the other random animals I suddenly wanted to invite home. I was given a little golden hamster instead to placate me, but I always felt like I was missing out on something. I’m sure that the bunny rabbit and I would have gotten along famously and gone on amazing adventures together. At least, that’s the memory, and like so many things in life, the memory of what could have been is almost more magical than what could ever have actually happen in the first place.

By the time I was a teenager, the 80’s had arrived and with it came a fashion trend of carrying around a rabbit’s foot on a keychain for luck. These could be won at carnivals and found in vending machines. This was born out of a far older and creepy as hell Celtic tradition that treated burrow-living rabbits as mystical creatures that could communicate with the spirit world. There’s more to that story, but it’s too creepy to post here so I recommend you google it if you’re interested. Being a rabbit-lover, the idea of carrying around a severed foot was beyond disturbing. Adding to the oddness was that they came dyed in a rainbow of impossible colors. Perhaps this was to distance the fact that it was indeed the foot of an actual bunny, but I always felt that a foot on a rabbit was so much cuter. And, certainly luckier for the rabbit, to be sure.

Looking back at those times, I have to stop and wonder how most of it happened. There were so many fads that seem bizarre to me today, and others, although still bizarre are managing to make a comeback. What we crave is sometimes inexplicable and it’s easy to be caught up in the fads and trends of the times. And no matter how kooky or crazy, they each become part of our story. Sometimes to look back on and giggle about while, other times, we experience a real sense of loss. Anytime you love something, even if it’s only for a short period, a change occurs. It’s a powerful feeling indeed. And though we move on and find other things to be fascinated by, there’s always a piece of that feeling still there. An urge so small that it no longer seems relevant, but it’s all part of our story. The same urge that many guest artists as well as myself describe about wanting to create art again after many years of making nothing at all. Through art, I can make things appear and fulfill those cravings that I had as a kid. With a few strokes of pen and some splashes of colors, I can make my little childhood dreams come true. After all, I’ve always wanted a bunny rabbit.

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Day 2 - Bunny Rabbit Watercolor Sketch - Doodlewash

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26 thoughts on “I’ve Always Wanted A Bunny Rabbit

  1. Your bunny is beautiful, as is the real thing. I suppose I can see how people had little feeling for animals in the past – they had little enough for anyone who wasn’t part of their tribe. But I’m glad we’ve changed in that respect and hope we stay changed!

  2. We were told that carrying a rabbit’s foot would bring luck,
    but that obviously didn’t work for the poor bunny rabbit!

    Love that bunny. You are a genius with eyes. You make
    them so alive.

  3. Such a sweet and beautiful bunny you painted! Bunnies are the cutest and so sweet I had a wonderful Dutch Rabbit and he was such a joy sadly died last July! I miss him very much. I painted him maybe you remember! <3

  4. Coincidence? Today I saw an ad from a young kid who was offering his services to take care of pet rabbits to make a little money. Didn’t seem that lucrative to me, but maybe I’m wrong.

    We had a big old pet white rabbit when I was a kid. He went feral, but for a long time after we would see what seemed like a ghost rabbit in the woods around our house.

  5. Sweet bunny, Charlie. I have had 3 bunnies. The first was a spur of the moment, “aww, isn’t he cute!” buy. He is the one I attempted to paint for our Bunny challenge (Harley). The next two were rescues. I am always saddened when I see bunnies in hutches. Those wire bottoms must hurt their little feet! Mine were litter trained (which they pretty much do on their own) and free roaming. Of course since we brought home Harley as a relative young one, we learned the hard way that their favorite chew thing are electrical cords (no he did not get injured and we bunny-proofed the house), and actually anything they can get their teeth on. We had him for 10 years. He would hop around our guests, fearless.

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