JANUARY ADVENTURE: Childhood Memories

Though our World Watercolor Group will always be a “paint whatever you like” collective, many of you have asked for inspiration and ideas to keep your daily painting routine going. To keep things simple, whenever you post your watercolors, simply continue to tag them #WorldWatercolorGroup on all social networks so we can find you and link to your lovely work in real time! (even if you’re not participating in this very optional theme this month!) Also, if you’re not a member of our Facebook Group, please join us there as well!

JANUARY ADVENTURE – Childhood Memories

Want to play along? For the January Doodlewash Adventure, we’re keeping the childlike feeling of the holidays alive by going back in time to remember all of the fun of being a kid again! Take a trip down memory lane to revisit all the things you loved when you were little for inspiring things to paint this month. Those wonderful moments when you rode a bike by yourself for the first time, played with your favorite toys, or had a heart-to-heart conversation with that dear imaginary friend. In the hustle of bustle that comes with being an adult, let’s start the year off by thinking back to when each day held something new and wondrous to discover! And then lets keep that youthful enthusiasm going and make 2017 the happiest and most prolific year of watercolor painting ever!

31 Things To Paint This Month

If you’d like some prompts for what to paint for this adventure, then here you go! (these are just to spark creativity and get you painting! Seriously… just have fun and paint whatever you love most!)

#WorldWatercolorGroup January 2017 Art Challenge Prompts

Just want something new to try? Check out these fun and creative “anytime” prompts courtesy of Laura at Create Art Everyday and spark that creativity!

    • Something entirely abstract
    • Something with eyes
    • Something monochromatic
    • Something in only two colors
    • Something in only three colors
    • Something wet in wet
    • Something featuring water! (of course!)
    • Something done en plein air
    • Something you made to swap with someone else participating
    • Something that you made because you were inspired by someone else’s post
    • Something you made to donate
    • Something you made to sell
    • Something to eat
    • Something in your favorite color
    • Something in a color you dislike
    • Something geometric
    • Something with no drawing underneath
    • Something done with only 31 brushstrokes or less
    • Something done entirely with a very large brush
    • Something done entirely with a very small brush
    • Something done in mixed media with watercolor as a feature
    • Something done in line and wash style
    • Something done in XX minutes or less (as a challenge)
    • Something done on a paper or surface that is new for you
    • Something featuring a bird (had to throw this in for DABD)
    • Something featuring one or more letters, numbers or words
    • Something inspired by a book, video, or by a working artist
    • Something inspired by one of the Old Masters
    • Something done using a color you’ve never used in a painting before