Announcing the NEW Jean Haines Watercolor Sets from DANIEL SMITH!

Jean Haines Watercolor Sets From Daniel Smith

Jean Haines Photo Watercolor ArtistNEW Jean Haines Watercolor Sets from DANIEL SMITH! Jean Haines is an Internationally renowned watercolorist and author of best-selling books including “Atmospheric Watercolors”.  Described as a “breath of fresh air” on the art scene, Jean’s ability to instill enthusiasm and inspirational motivation is captured in her popular DVDs, books and sold out workshops globally.

“I love the stunning colours available in the DANIEL SMITH Watercolour collection and I am also fascinated in how many interact leading to fascinatingly unique effects. Perfect for my style which is why I am delighted to share my favourite shades.” -Jean Haines

Jean Haines and DANIEL SMITH have collaborated to make two new watercolor sets!

Jean Haines’ Watercolor Sets

Jean Haines’ Master Artist Set

Jean Haines Master Artist Set Daniel Smith WatercolorThe set contains ten 5ml DANIEL SMITH Colors selected by Jean for their exciting, fabulous color.

“Since discovering DANIEL SMITH Watercolours, my life and art has changed dramatically. My work in now far more vibrant and exciting. Furthermore, the fascinating quality of each shade I have selected for this thrilling set of colours leads to beautiful watercolour effects that often cannot be repeated. A creative experience when painting that can only be described as the very best!”  -Jean Haines

Two of the colors in this Special Set, Aussie Red Gold and Imperial Purple, are only available open stock in the 15ml size. For this set they have been exclusively produced in 5ml tubes.

Jean Haines’ All That Shimmers Set

Jean Haines All That Shimmers Set Daniel Smith WatercolorSix 5ml DANIEL SMITH Colors that Jean has selected from the Luminescent Watercolor collection.

“A fabulous selection of shining shades that can be used in so many beautiful ways. Mix with existing watercolour pigment, use alone or as a glaze to turn an ordinary painting into a stunning piece of art” -Jean Haines

All six Luminescent colors for the All That Shimmers Set have been exclusively produced in the 5ml size for this unique set of six colors. Outside of this special set, the 48 color Luminescent Watercolor collection is only available open stock in 15ml tubes

The Shimmer Set includes a coated sample sheet with the DANIEL SMITH Mars Black Watercolor Ground, which is a wonderful surface for the Luminescent Watercolors in the Shimmer Set, and a perfect vehicle for experimentation with the new black surface trend.

Jean Haines’ Master Artist Set

Jean Haines whose lush, expressive paintings are filled with color and movement, has selected a collection of ten DANIEL SMITH Watercolors that will excite and inspire you with her new Jean Haines’ Master Artist Set.

Jean Haines Master Artist Set Daniel Smith Watercolor

These 10 vivid colors, in 5 ml tubes (both Aussie Red Gold and Imperial Purple are only available in this size for the Jean Haines’ Set) are a great way to discover more exciting DANIEL SMITH Watercolors! The 5 ml tube size makes the set a great value to introduce new colors into your collection.

Jean Haines has chosen these fabulous, vivid DANIEL SMITH colors:

  • Nickel Azo Yellow
  • Aussie Red Gold
  • Opera Pink
  • Quinacridone Magenta
  • Imperial Purple
  • Moonglow
  • Lunar Blue
  • Cascade Green
  • Green Apatite Genuine
  • Undersea Green

Beautiful on their own, these 10 colors mix beautifully together as you can see below on our color mixing chart.

Jean Haines Mixing Chart Master Artist Set Daniel Smith

Jean Haines’ Master Artist Watercolor Set Mixing Chart

Ten Color Paint Out Example

Jean Haines paint out of the 10 DANIEL SMITH Watercolors in her Master Artist Set

Jean Haines’ All That Shimmers Set

The new Jean Haines’ All That Shimmers Watercolor Set is an exclusive, 5ml tube collection of six DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Watercolors selected by Jean Haines that add special reflective depth and color which regular colors cannot.  This is a magical set that can add unique shimmer to enhance a diverse variety of subjects from gossamer butterfly wings, to beautiful golden lights and so much more!

Jean Haines' All That Shimmers Set Daniel Smith

The Jean Haines’ All That Shimmers Set is a wonderful introduction to six of the DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Watercolors in a special, smaller 5 ml tube size that are only available in this set, and at a special value.

Jean Haines has chosen these shimmering DANIEL SMITH Luminescent colors:

  • Iridescent Ruby
  • Iridescent Aztec Gold
  • Pearlescent White
  • Iridescent Electric Blue
  • Iridescent Topaz
  • Iridescent Copper

You can use these beautiful colors on their own, mixed with or glazed over other colors, you can see some examples in the Mixing Chart below.

Jean Haines Mixing Chart Shimmer Colors Daniel Smith

Jean Haines’ All That Shimmers Watercolor Set Mixing Chart

Note: We used DANIEL SMITH Mars Black Watercolor Ground on the All That Shimmers Set Mixing Chart to show how the Iridescent colors look when glazed over darker colors.

Jean Haines Orchids Painting Example

“Orchids” by Jean Haines, painted with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors, including colors from her All That Shimmers Set

These sets are a wonderful way to start your collection of DANIEL SMITH Watercolors or add to it!

Watch for articles from Jean Haines about her new Watercolor Sets on the blog!

Look for these new Jean Haines’ Watercolor Sets from DANIEL SMITH coming soon to your favorite art supply store!

DANIEL SMITH is a World Watercolor Month (July) Official Sponsor!

Click here to read Jean Haines’ Artist Feature here on Doodlewash! 

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  1. Sandra Strait 3 years ago

    Ooh! I’m all over that luminescent set! It would be perfect for all the black paper work I’ve been doing!

  2. Jodi 3 years ago

    woohoo! so exciting!

  3. Sandra Gilbert 3 years ago

    OOOOH, I am adding these to my wish list!

  4. Janet 3 years ago

    Hi Charlie, when will the 2 sets be released and where will we be notified? Thanks 😊👍🏻🎨

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      They should be here later this month, but check the Daniel Smith blog link in the post as you’ll find the latest there! 😉

  5. Karen Fortier 3 years ago

    This is exciting news.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      Yes! Thrilled to announce it! Jean was a former featured artist here on Doodlewash! 🙂

  6. Lisa Ann Ulibarri 3 years ago

    OMG!!!! What wonderful colors. I see more new watercolor paints in my near future lol 🙂

  7. Alejandro Morales 3 years ago

    I have most of the colors in the master set. I should make a palette with them!

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