Butterfly Watercolor Painting Jerson Antao

GUEST ARTIST: “Nature As It Is” by Jerson Antao

Hi. My name is Jerson Antao and nature has always been the source of my inspiration, where I have always loved to transform a pale paper of canvas into vibrant nature-based pieces. Born in Cansaulim, Goa, India, I’m currently working in Mumbai for an advertising agency.

As a young village boy, I enjoyed drawing and painting and I felt the traits in my early age of being gifted with this talent, but the major push came from a relative who saw me drawing and told me that I should give it a serious thought.

I then decided to take up a Fine Art course and studied under the guidance of Milagres Pereira for 5 years. Since it was the computer age, I decided to shift to Mumbai in 2002 and join an ad agency and lost the touch with the brush since everything was done on computers. It took me 6 years to realize that my hidden talent for painting was getting lost. So, I decided to start all over again.

I took normal paper and resumed painting with a ball point pen and small splashes of watercolors. I used to try different mediums like ball point pens, pencil colors, pastels mix media etc. I felt good and confident again, but more over, the inspiration came from the paintings of Vikas Patnekar, a professional artist in watercolors and a close friend based in Mumbai. It was then, that I got a push and started painting during weekends as well.

Bridge Water Landscape Painting Jerson Antao

By now, I had started to explore on the internet, the different techniques of watercolor paintings used by various professional artists, which got me more excited. It was my dream to have an exhibition of my paintings where I could express myself through them.

Boat On Water Sunset Watercolor Painting Jerson Antao

It was in the year 2014, that I took the first step toward achieving my dream and put up my first painting exhibition with a friend in Goa who is an artist where the theme of my paintings was “Nature as it is”. Although the paintings were through references and photographs, the response that I got was amazing and that really boosted my confidence.

I love nature a lot and that’s why I like doing landscape paintings like trees, wildlife, flowers etc. They say when you talk to nature it responds back to you. Although I have a busy schedule, I still make it a point to take some time out and create some magic on the canvas.

Whatever looks beautiful to me and catches my eye, I put it in detail. I like to give my paintings bright colors. My paintings have made a mark in countries like Canada, Sweden and in India as well.

Sheep Watercolor Painting by Jerson Antao

For my paintings I generally use Mijello Misson Gold Watercolors which gives you good intensity and more vibrancy, Rosemary & Co. Artist brushes, Sable brushes which I found to be the best. For papers, I use Arches cold press.

Two Zebras Watercolor Painting by Jerson Antao
Jerson Antao Photo
Jerson Antao

In short it’s just a beginning of a new generation artist who is ready to make a mark with his chosen colors.

” If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you”.
– Steve Jobs

Jerson Antao

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36 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Nature As It Is” by Jerson Antao

  1. Jerson, remarkable paintings! Thank God you decided to pick up the brush and watercolors agin, your work imparts such warmth and happiness, and your love of nature comes through with vigor. Hopefully you will post again at Doodlewash! bob.c

  2. Hello Brother, good to see your artwork and always appreciate the incredible talent that you have been blessed in your life. Continue expressing yourself through Art.
    Well, I wish you all the best and looking forward to seeing more artwork from you.

  3. Dear Jerson l always liked your creative work I was a part of your exhibition in Goa U have got the art keep it going, All the best,God bless U

  4. Jersen, I loved viewing your paintings. Your style is very soft, a dreamy-like quality. I also love your choice of colors, and given you adore nature, and paint her gifts, your palette would be warm golds, greens. Very lovely. Your story brought hope to my world of watercolor, wherein I’ve been painting a little over 2 years. I’m glad you found your “art voice” again, and began to paint.

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