Lupina Watercolor Aquarelle Painting by Jitka Zajíčková

GUEST ARTIST: “I Love Aquarelle” by Jitka Zajíčková

My name is Jitka Zajíčková, I live and create in Prague, Czech Republic. I’ve been painting since my childhood and it was always something that made me happy. When choosing my profession I had to choose something more sensible than art, thanks to the time period I grew up in nothing was sure (1980s, big changes in Europe – end of Communism, etc). I never gave up painting though.

I started learning aquarelle myself in 2000, back then there were only two books about aquarelle available in Czech Republic, no tutorials online, nothing. I have found my way of painting that I’m now even teaching. For me, aquarelle is the prettiest painting technique. Aquarelle can be dreamy and gentle but also exact and describing. I really love the diversity you can achieve.

A big inspiration for me is nature. I paint flowers, birds and animals. I love free painting, loose aquarelle, but also exact botanical painting. I often switch aquarelle for drawing ink or gouache. I also like to combine the eastern technique of sumi-e with our European kind of aquarelle. I paint with coffee, it is really easy to do and it also smells great.

A big part in making aquarelle such pleasure takes the correct selection of art supplies. You don’t need many, but you need to choose carefully. I usually use products made locally. For example papers form Czech paper manufacturer (hand papermill) Velke Losiny, where they make paper by hand since 1596.

For years, I have been using their cotton and flax handmade paper. I make my own watercolors from pigments and gum arabic but I also like the Czech manufacturer UMTON (manufacturing since 1919) and some international manufacturers like Renesans, Sennelier, Schmincke or Roman Szmal Aquarius. I prefer watercolour with honey in their formulae.

Abstract Watercolor Painting Mountain

I sometimes use natural pigments from plants and spices for painting. I like to experiment. For me, flowers are the ideal subject to paint with aquarelle. I have a dedicated sketchbook just for flowers. I also have my own personal illustrated herbarium. I find the simple flowers the most beautiful (meadow flowers, grass, lichen etc.)

I enjoy both aquarelle techniques – wet in wet and wet in dry. I combine them as I need. I paint with a sketch or without it. It is interesting to see how both approaches have different outcomes.

I’m really happy that I have a school of aquarelle in famous Czech magazine “Kreativ”. I love cooperation with different brands for which I create illustrations. I also do my own author’s work. I had the honor of being invited by our national TV channel to present aquarelle and some other techniques I do (painting with coffe and with natural pigments).

I would love for my website to become a kind of guidepost for people interested in aquarelle. I have a lot of interesting tutorials, guides and helpful information there. I’m also starting to review supplies that are available here in Czech Republic.

During the COVID quarantine, I have started my own YouTube channel where I uploaded some simple tutorials and ideas for creating with children. As a mother of two, I know how difficult it can be to find ideas for what to do.

Jitka Zajíčková
Gallery of My Students’ Work on Instagram 

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21 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “I Love Aquarelle” by Jitka Zajíčková

  1. Jitka, beautiful art you create, my family is from Italy on my father side, I am from Puerto Rico but live in Indiana USA… Prague is one of the places I want to visit some day, it’s one of the most famous art center of the Old World… Thank you for sharing your art with Us….. “Přeji krásný týden”, I hope that it’s well written, have a good week….

  2. Hello Jitka,

    Thank you so much for sharing your creations and journey! Your paintings are not only beautiful but also very soothing and calming to look at. I look forward to more of your videos on Youtube.
    Best wishes..


  3. Jitka, your work is beautiful, your story inspirational. I love that you sometimes paint with coffee or spices, and that you’ve figured out how to make your own paints. It appears that limitations on supplies and information encouraged you to explore and invent.

  4. Hola, Jitka! Wow! You are fabulous! Your paintings are stunning, but my favorite is your cat. No, the real one. 😊 haha Our neighbor was from Czechoslovakia and she would tell how she came through Ellis Island as a baby. We miss her. Warm greetings from San Antonio, Texas…..

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