For our prompt of “Tractor” today, I decided to sketch an old red tractor that I remembered from my grandparent’s farm. Then I imagined what it would be like if a pig decided to purloin it and take a little joyride with his friends. Though I would sometimes help out on the farm when I was a kid during the summer months, I never got to drive the tractor. My grandfather usually drove it, but occasionally my grandmother would as well. She would also drive her truck down gravel roads at an extraordinarily impressive speed. Anyone attempting to follow her was literally left in the dust. It wast truly impressive. And, I always thought it would have been fun to drive the tractor, so now I’m just living vicariously through a sketched pig. To my knowledge, this never actually happened on the farm, but it’s fun to consider. I’m not sure where this trio is heading, but I can only imagine it’s off to some great adventure!

This sketch also felt like a perfect way to roll into the weekend and, yes, another pizza night! This week sort of zoomed by really quickly and I can’t believe it’s already the end. I’m not complaining, of course, as I adore the weekend and the chance for a little break. I always have rather big plans in my head of things I’d like to DO on the weekend. There are projects I’ve been meaning to get back to and things I’d like to try. But, the reality is always quite different. I just sort of veg out and spend much of it without being truly productive at all. I’m never sure why this happens, but I think it’s just me telling myself that I actually need to take a little break sometimes. Let my overworked brain take a little rest. So, with no guilt whatsoever, I just do fun things all weekend long. I even snuck in laundry today so that’s off the table. Well, some of it is still on the table waiting to be folded, but I’ve told our dog Phineas he’s old enough now that he can start helping with such things.

Of course, he just looked at me like I was crazy. And perhaps, I am. For a brief moment I actually pictured him doing it. This is likely because I’ve been sketching animals doing things like people for awhile. It’s fun to DO! I love the many emotions that can be conveyed with animals and the visual stories are more universal and relatable. That said, if you’ve never been on a farm, then stop reading this immediately and go visit one! They’re amazing places, full of inspiration, even when just driving by one. Perhaps, I’ll take a drive to the country weekend. Our one and only car was on the fritz making any travel outside of a few city miles a bit uncertain. But, everything is fixed now. In truth, I’ll likely just find myself cuddled up next to the dog and reading a book or playing video games. That’s a level of comfort and enjoyment that’s hard to beat sometimes. And, in my head, I’ll dream of all of the places I might go, if I were to finally take that joyride.

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36 thoughts on “Joyride

  1. Please tell me that you did get to ride on the tractor? It would be cruel to grow up on a farm and never get a ride on one. I’m waiting to see the Doodlewash of Phineas folding the laundry – as likely and adorable as these three farmhands driving the tractor. A tractor is one of those vehicles that kids are just naturally attracted to – they always want to drive the tractor, and love pictures of them. We all know that tractors and farms go together like boats and water, but I wonder what does anyone actually DO with a tractor?

    1. I was only allowed to help move the hay bails, but never drove the tractor. I was rubbish at working on the farm when it came to that stuff. But better at feeding and taking care of the animals! 😉 And ohhh… if Phineas would only fold that laundry! lol

  2. Wouldn’t that be a sight! So good! Well tomorrow is our 14th since the big wedding. All is good and I hope I am not jinxing it! Off to do some much needed painting myself.

      1. I really need to read things before I post. LOL! This did not make any sense to me and I wrote it. What I meant to say is that it has been 14 days since our nieces big wedding that 90% weren’t wearing masks. We are all still healthy!

  3. I’m not sure about this scene, because I think it’s a bit Orwellian – it would definitely be a perfect illustration for ‘Animal Farm’ and we all know how that ended up! It’s early days here, before the pigs have taken over. Later, he’d be kicking back eating pizza, while the other animals did the work!

  4. Fantastic Charlie! Relax and enjoy your weekend! Tomorrow I take down my last exhibit which has been up since the first week in March. Then I have to find somewhere to store 25 paintings as I have painted more than that since they left the house. 🤔 I may need to just work on paper for a while until places open up again.

  5. I love the chicken standing tall at the front. The pig might think he’s in the driver’s seat, but his rooster friend surely has other ideas. Ah, tractors. Nothing enrages Norfolk motorists (my father) more than being stuck behind one! But they do look kinda fun.

  6. Well, I had one dog that would curl up in the warm laundry…but no good at folding! We haven’t gone far from home, but we can dream about joy riding. When I had a community garden plot, I dreamed about tractors to do my cultivating for me-all 200 square feet! ;-D 😀 I am just loving the color in this piece (as usual!) I have to be more brave!

  7. I love images of animals doing human things like driving. Especially if they’re wearing glasses 👓👓. haha Love it! I do the same thing, Charlie. I always make these plans to do some serious card making and rubber stamping, but I get lazy or I start too late at night to do much. (I have to wait for my mother to go to bed so I can move freely.) Every Friday, I dream and plan….like today. Maybe this weekend will be different. 😊 Wonderful painting, Charlie! Have a wonderful weekend. Monster was our vacuum cleaner…..he would pick up bits of food that accidentally fell. 🐕🐕🐕

  8. Hello Charlie,

    Funny Doodlewash! Are the Pig & Rooster egging the Goose on to race the tractor? I agree with Sharon Bonin-Pratt. I too realllllly wanna see a Doodlewash of Phineas folding the laundry. 🙂 I know you decide your sketches based on prompts but someday soon could you please sketch what you’ve put into our minds?. In gratitude, I’ll pray to a fairy to inspire Phillipe to bake all your favorite cookies – and a big batch of brownies too! 😉 I would’ve done it myself if I lived anywhere near you but for now, I can only wish…


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