For Day Twenty-Nine of World Watercolor Month, and our optional prompt of “Carefree,” I made a little doodle of a bunny leapfrogging over some mushrooms. Our neighborhood is littered with bunnies this year so there are always around four or five that I spot on our walks in the evening. There were a couple of baby bunnies hanging out by a flower bush and they were the cutest things ever. They didn’t move from their spot as Philippe and I approached with our dog Phineas, but just sort of glanced over at us. They’d found the perfect place to chill and just couldn’t be bothered. It’s like when I was kid. It took be quite a lot of time to learn to be afraid of things in life. Before that, life was very carefree and always just lots of fun. Now, whenever I want to have a bit more courage, I just think back to what my younger self might do in any given situation. Indeed, when it comes to sharing art, little kids are all masters and will happily share what they created as though it were the best thing ever made!

And, in many ways, it always is, when a child creates something. When something is made with joy, there’s always a bit of sparkle added to the art that’s more about a feeling than anything visual. As adults, keeping that sparkle alive as we create is often a bit of challenge. I find myself rushing to finish things up and plagued with a touch of worry that I might screw something up. At least, if I let my adult think for me, which I always try to avoid at all costs when sketching stuff. It’s always way more fun to sketch with that reckless abandon I had as a kid, leaping gleefully from line to line and splashing color as though it will somehow just find it’s spot naturally. While that sounds like a kooky way to approach things, it’s actually quite effective. I’m often amazed at what happens, because I didn’t try to force it in the first place.

And as both the week and World Watercolor Month begins to wind to a close, I have to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this month. I hope everyone out there is having a fabulous time as well! This month is really flying by, but it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun! I’m hoping to get this post done quickly so that I can take a little longer walk tonight and enjoy the bunny sightings some more. I’ve no idea what’s planned for dinner, but we’re still in soup mode much of the time, so I’m assuming it’s another one of those. Last night Philippe made gazpacho and it was so fresh and delicious. He was sweet enough to make a little extra so I could bring it to work for my lunch today as well. There’s just something about the taste of fresh and healthy food that puts me in a good mood. Don’t get wrong, my eyes light up when I see a plate of fries as well, but the soup really hit the spot today. And doodling is still one of the most enjoyable things I’ve found to do each day. No matter what happens around me, at least on the inside, I’m always jumping for joy!

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Rabbit Bunny Leaping Over Mushrooms Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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12 thoughts on “Jumping For Joy

  1. Phew, Charlie! I am so late to the party! Internet issues, but I am back! Yay! 😀 You seem to take walks in like an enchanted forest or garden because you see the cutest things! I walk out to my backyard and I see possums in my yard, squirrels on our car port, and rats on my neighbor’s roof. No fair, Charlie. haha haha 😀😀😀

  2. Hello Charlie,

    The bunny is super cute and totally carefree. It even has the expression that says “I don’t care if I land someplace other than expected and I don’t care if I skin a knee or lose a tooth doing this.” That for me is being completely carefree and my neighbor’s son demonstrates it everyday – getting into quite some trouble too! And you have now put me in the mood for gazpacho but it’s one of those rare days here when we are enjoying hot corn and cheese soup weather. So gazpacho will have to wait. 🙂 Happy eating!


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