For our prompt of “Radish” today, I made a sketch of a couple of snails about to feast on radish leaves. When I was a kid, like many foods back then, I didn’t like radishes at all. Today, I rather adore them. I particularly enjoy French radishes, mostly because the shape makes them easier to snack on. While this seems so wonderfully healthy, my actual favorite thing to do is dip them in Philippe’s homemade mayonnaise. I’m pretty sure this ends up as a net zero on the health scale, but it’s so delicious! As I get older, my tastes continue to change and morph, along with my metabolism. I’ve learned that I can eat pretty much anything as long as I consume everything in minute quantities. I’m actually fine with this as having a few nibbles of lots of different flavors makes me incredibly happy. I adore all kinds of foods and have trouble making a decision at restaurants. I’d rather just order a sampling and then take a little nibble here and there so I can taste more things!

In truth, this is how I approach most everything. While on the surface, it could seem like a commitment issue, it’s really just my short attention span. I just don’t enjoy spending a lot of time doing the same thing. Even painting, which I totally adore, has to be done in doses and I still never spend more than an hour at a time. Since I’m unlikely to return to something that’s half-finished, I have to make my illustrations in one sitting and call them complete. The positive effect is that I end up with a consistent style as nothing feels more or less worked over than the previous piece. And, I’m still creating something brand new each time, which is awesome! I mention this for anyone out there who also lacks the attention span to spend hours and hours painting something. It’s totally fine to just make a little something each day! I just bend this “flaw” into a strength and use it to practice creating lots of different images in a short amount of time.

Philippe is the same way that I am when it comes to attention span. I actually appreciate this as it can make it seem like I’m actually quite focused in comparison. And, the inability to maintain focused attention goes double for our puppy Elliott. So, keeping each of us entertained would be a monumental task if it weren’t for our own natural ability to distract ourselves with something new when necessary. Elliott, of course, can often find distractions that are unsuitable, like gnawing on the edge of the rug or pulling the rubber thingy off the fun springy door stopper. But, mostly, you’ll find Philippe playing a game on the couch, Elliott chewing on the latest bone of the day, and me doing whatever comes to mind in the moment. We’ll jump back into that show on television when it gets interesting enough to warrant our attention again. In the meantime, we’ll simply enjoy spending each moment doing something that truly makes us happy. Even if it’s just a nibble.

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Two Snails And Radishes Eating Radish Leaves Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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17 thoughts on “Just A Nibble

  1. Love the little snails nibbling Charlie and I love your concept of a little bit at a time. I am sort of half way in the middle. I can have a deep attention span if I am really caught up in something. But lasts only as long as it lasts and then I’m off to something else. Little bit of this, a little bit of that and a long bit (once a week) on something that has caught and held my attention – lol and that is as far as it goes. But I think at my age – heck any age – it doesn’t really matter. We can all just do ‘us’ 😉 Am I right?

  2. When I was a kid, I could get super focused – to the point where people would have to touch me to get my attention because I completely tuned out everything else. But I lost that somewhere along the way, and now I have the opposite problem. Funny how life does that to you!

    1. Yeah, I think I ended up more focused when I was younger as well. But it was still rather fleeting even then. I figure if I have enough things going to bounce around to, eventually everything will find my interest again and get completed! hehe 😉💕

  3. Spending time doing the things that make you happy…best way to spend your time. I seem to go full speed ahead…for awhile, lose interest and then jump feet first into the next thing I’m sure I’m just going to love doing..until I lose interest…
    .and the beat goes on.

  4. Mmmm, I love radishes. It’s interesting reading what you and everyone else has said on here about attention span. I thought it was just me that it’s happened to. I even have troubles watching a movie without having a break to make a cuppa. I’d be hopeless going to the cinema.

    1. You’re definitely not alone, Gary! Yeah, going to the cinema is rare for us. I can usually make it through (if there’s popcorn!), but Philippe gets noticeably bored and starts shifting in his chair. hehe 😉

  5. Hello Charlie,

    Those snails are beautiful! Would you believe it, the first ever pets I had were a couple of snails? I don’t know why I’ve always held a fascination for them. Even today many of my neighbors give me odd looks when they find me squatting on the sidewalk pressing a leaf flat and waiting for a stray snail to glide on, so I can get it out of harm’s way. Back in school too everyone thought I was weird coz I was a girl who liked snails. Do you think I’m weird Charlie? Be honest – ruthlessly honest. And the radishes look crisp and fresh too. And Elliott sounds as adorable as always. Big hug to you,


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 And if I find you weird, then I have to go ahead and find myself weird as well, because I think snails are so cool! I’ve done the same thing with a leaf to get them out of the path and harm’s way. That’s so awesome that you had pet snails. Big hug and much love to you, my friend! ❤️

  6. Sorry I missed the party, Charlie. I can’t seem to keep up with anything. I’m sorry that I missed it. Sending you hugs, mi amigo.

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