For our optional World Watercolor Month prompt of “Round,” my mind immediately went to ice cream scoops. This is most likely because it’s really hot outside and a bit of ice cream sounds really good right about now. I unfortunately didn’t have any ice cream on hand, so I just made up a sketch for another one of my fantasy desserts. These are those desserts that by making them in my sketchbook, I hope by some magic might appear in real life. It hasn’t happened yet. I would normally add whipped cream, but I decided to drizzle some toppings on instead. As a kid, I always loved all of the toppings that would go with ice cream. The kind that hardened into a candy shell was particularly awesome. Though my favorite dessert back then was actually just vanilla ice cream with honey drizzled on top. This also hardened in a magical way and tasted delicious. Okay, now I’ve gone and gotten myself all worked up again with no actual dessert in sight. But it’s fun to imagine, at least!

This afternoon seemed to fly by and every time I looked at the clock it felt like I’d lost an hour. So, even though yesterday’s post was all about “fast” this one ended up being even faster. One of the things I’ve learned is that when you have what feels like no time at all, just pick a subject that your’e most familiar with to sketch. For me, this is usually dessert as whenever I couldn’t think of something to sketch during my journey my mind, and my inner child’s mind, always seems to drift to sweet treats! So, by this point I can conjure up one up on the spot. Well, in my sketchbook at least. I didn’t manage that in real life. Ice cream is actually one of the few things I know how to cook, and the only recipe I know is actually a no-cook recipe. As if it needed to be confirmed that I’m “no cook” at all. But, that’s perfectly true and I’m happy to let Philippe exert his mastery where cooking is concerned. The good news is that if it’s “no cook” he opts out entirely, so it’s the one thing I’m allowed to make.

So, though I didn’t manage it for today, I’m thinking of making some tomorrow. But, as usual, we’ll just have to see what actually happens next. Lately, I feel like time is moving in a fast forward motion. I think it’s a blissful morning and the next thing I know it’s time for dinner. I’m not sure where all of the minutes are going, but I’m starting to feel like I’ve been cheated out of a few of them. In truth, Philippe and I were watching funny videos today together and sort of got sucked in. There’s something endlessly entertaining about multiple funny clips that never last longer than a sigh. The next one appears before there’s even an opportunity to get bored or indeed question how ludicrous it is to be watching them in the first place. It’s brilliant fun! And, there’s actually something wonderful to be said for ending the day with just another fantasy.

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Ice Cream Glass Scoop Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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24 thoughts on “Just Another Fantasy

  1. That’s one thing I don’t like about the internet. By the time you’ve responded to all your comments and made all your own comments, and all those little side-trips to watch videos and find reference photos – suddenly you’re scrambling to get all the other things done even though it felt like it took no time at all!

  2. Ooh does that look good as it is hot here too! As far as time disappearing that is what retirement is like so get ready for it. It is great and you learn to just go with the flow and keep the “have to get done” items to a minimum. Don’t over comment! In my world Art is a priority. 😊

  3. Hola, Charlie! So beautiful! And not just because it’s ice cream 🍦🍦🍦. haha I think you got all of us worked up! 😇 Your painting is beautiful! I love the beautiful colors that you chose. I struggle so much with color in my card making and I don’t know why so I am always in awe of people who can rock it!

  4. Super hot here, too. I like the heat as long as I can go swimming, which I did today. Your painting on the ice cream scoop is spectacular! You truly are the master of reflective material. As for ice cream, I eat some chocolate ice cream every day, although in recent years it’s become “light” ice cream. It’s by far my favorite food.

  5. The rabbit hole that is YouTube can suck a person in in 2020 and spit them back out in 2021! I have learned some crazy things from YouTube and relived parts of my misspent musical youth, but I’ve wasted a lot of time probably better spent reading, cooking, or painting. Oh well, there is always next month.

  6. Ahh, ice cream, delicously looking! It’s a good thing that your day whizzed by. That means you were enjoying what you were doing!

  7. Hello Charlie,

    Thats truly a dreamy creamy ice cream sketch! Really the stuff fantasies are made of. I was a tad sad to see there’s no chocolate ice cream there but then I don’t mind the coconut-mango-raspberry trio (that’s what I imagine them to be). 🙂 Hope you enjoy your no-cook ice cream making tomorrow!


  8. This looks scrumptiously delicious especially as today is so extremely HOT! One of the days I’m willing to skip real food and go straight to dessert if it’s ice cream. Nice job on the silver scoop, though if this is yours, you need one gentler on your hands.

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