For our prompt of “Bricks” today, I wasn’t quite sure what to create, but opted for this bit of brick building with a glimpse of a window. I love older buildings like this where a bit of craftsmanship was involved. There’s just something more artistic and interesting in these types of materials, which no doubt are more expensive today, causing other options to occur instead. So many of the newer buildings going up around me lack the bits of personality that these structures provide. I’ve always wanted a brick home, mostly because a masonry home is a bit more stable and secure. This is something I learned, of course, from the story of The Three Little Pigs. Unfortunately, I do live in a standard American home made out of sticks instead of the one made of bricks that successfully defeated the wolf. Actually, this story in its original form is quite bizarre. First, the wolf is blowing down houses, which is an odd wolf behavior to be sure. And in the end, the triumphant pigs actually boil the wolf up and eat him for supper. As in the case with many of these tales, it simply leaves one suitably shocked but still grasping for the actual moral of it all. Yet, odd stories aside, I still wish I had a brick house to this day.

Ever since I was a little kid, I had to admit to having a thing for arched windows of any kind. I’ve no idea why, but I’ve just never been quite as attracted to squares and rectangles. I like a bit of curve to my window. There were houses in my neighborhood that has cool arched attic windows. My house didn’t even have an attic. There was indeed a little square in the ceiling that led to a sort of crawlspace, but nothing that could ever be made into a proper room. This didn’t stop me of dreaming of that room, of course. It’s the bedroom I’ve always wished I had. A bit odd, considering, I’m not actually a fan of heights, but I love that attics are associated with memories. A place to store things from the present that ultimately become part of the past. Bits of mystery abide there that make me want to explore a place like this further. So, when I see a window like this, my mind travels to all sorts of places and imagines so many wonderful things. So, many stories are there behind those panes of glass.

As we head into the weekend, I’m happy for so many simple things in life. Philippe and I will be attending a show at the theatre tomorrow afternoon, but other than that, we’ve planned nothing much at all. What will happen next is anyone’s guess including my own, which is just how I love it! It’s how I show up to each of these posts each and every day. I’m sure a bit of planning in advance is a good thing to do on some occasions, but for the most part I like to live my life as it comes. I don’t worry over what may or may not be happening next, I just wait for it to happen and proceed accordingly. I’ve no idea if this is a prudent way to live or indeed if it would save me from a blowing wolf attack, but it’s the way that keeps my heart continually fulfilled. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always looking for that next amazing thing that I might try next. But, in the interim, I love all of those less unique things as well. Like the evening Philippe and I are currently spending, just watching some silly little show and having a glass of wine. Sometimes, the life we’re living is even better than the one just beyond the window.

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Brick Window Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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19 thoughts on “Just Beyond The Window

  1. Sometimes I think the American populace is too hyped up, feeling they have to be doing something – anything – producing – sleep is optional. They’re so busy hopping to the next thing, they don’t take time to enjoy the simple life. Here’s to a quiet weekend of savoring the simple things!

  2. Great bricks Charlie! I have lived in two brick houses. I would not recommend a little one in the summer time in Virginia. Hot was an understatement. The one in Vermont was much more comfortable. Enjoy your weekend! I am off early tomorrow morning for a 4 hour ride to Mom’s and back again late tomorrow night. Hoping to squeeze in a few photos of the foliage for some watercolor paintings.

  3. Such a gorgeous building!!! I myself am also very intrigued with old buildings. Wow some amazing beautiful architectural elements to so many of them or amazing history. I feel just being super creative opens us up to wonderful adventures and also the serene gentle times as well in our art. Happy weekend. Wow where did the week go? lol 🙂

  4. Nothing going on here this weekend either. Mainly just lying around continuing to heal my back.

    Up to the age of 10, I lived in a cement block house. It was not as ugly as it sounds. It was painted, and it was nice and cool in the summer. The yard was full of giant oak trees. There were a bunch of kids in the neighborhood, and I was the oldest, so I was the “boss.” . I come by my bossy nature from those formative years. Lol The lady next door was quite the gardener. I think I love phlox and snapdragon flowers because of her. I also remember a giant purple eggplant. I must have been impressed to remember it all these years later. And I don’t even like eggplant. Haha!

  5. Lovely brick walls and windows. I think brick houses are much more interesting. However, living in an earthquake area, I would not want to live in one. Around here, they seem to be tearing down anything with property so they can put in ugly box apartments. Nothing like the beautiful old brick apartments with character, like I lived in when I was single. 🙁

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Yeah, it’s sad to see the new construction go up. It’s cheap and boring and lacks all the character of the older buildings. I had a loft when I was young with exposed brick walls. Loved that place! So much character!

  6. Lovely painting, Charlie! Always wanted to live in a house with a real, honest to goodness big enough to be a room of its own, attic. There’s something mysterious and romantic about an attic full of memories.

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