For our prompt of “Squirrel” today, I did a super quick little sketch of one all alone. Since we’re all in the era of social distancing, this seems to be the running theme of these very exceptional times. I actually had a lot of work to complete today, so I ended up with very little time to sketch. But, even a quick doodle was so therapeutic! If, like me, you’re wondering how to deal with all of the things our current reality is presenting to us, then just sketch and paint! It’s the most wonderful thing of all, and the best therapy I can recommend these days! And, I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful it was to block out all of the news for a precious moment. That, along with all of the “we don’t have any actual breaking news to share, but in lieu of that we thought we’d make this inane thing seem gravely important” news that we all seem to face today. Looks like even a pandemic doesn’t stop people from gaming for ratings, likes and click bait. While that’s super sad to see, I’m still infinitely hopeful. In between all of those major headlines are little stories that remind me that we’re all in this together. And together, we will indeed get through it!

For Philippe and I, our family in France is under lockdown and we’re getting lots of texts these days. Everyone is fine, but going out in the street requires the appropriate paperwork to justify the excursion. One of our friends doesn’t have a working printer so she has to write out everything by hand each time. To say this is a unique moment in history is a touch of an understatement. While my own blog has never been particularly topical, often jumping back in time, this is a very different situation indeed. I’ve been blogging continuously for almost 5 years and during that time, I’ve had to pause and take note of various tragedies. They were immediate and short-lived. Yet, today, we face something quite different. A pandemic that doesn’t show those comforting signs of stopping anytime soon. But, through sheer determination, creativity and will power, I think we can get through this as well. I read an article that said artists, often known for their solitary lifestyles were least at risk, only behind loggers. Yet, art is poised to create a huge difference in the world. We have the power to depict a beautiful future.

I don’t actually know what will happen next, nor can I predict what various governments will do. But, I know that if we all keep creating, sharing and showing what we love about this world, we’ll make a positive difference. It’s the perfect way to provide hope. The most needed thing during this most trying of times. We need to be reminded that even with a novel and insidious foe, we can still show up and share the best bits of the world with everyone. The beautifully simple and wonderful things that have always existed and will survive even this. Today, we live in a time when we wonder what new headline we might wake up and see in the morning. But, when you dig through all of the endless prattle that presents itself as news, there’s one thing that always remains true. Keep your distance for the moment, wash your hands regularly, and don’t panic. The stronger we are together, the better hope we have of defeating this current foe. I’ve know doubt that we’re capable of DOing it! And while we all wait to see what happens next, it’s alway best to just keep doodling.

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Brown Red Squirrel Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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27 thoughts on “Just Keep Doodling

  1. Wonderful squirrel Charlie! I’ve hit a wall tonight so will turn in early. My fingers are covered with blue ink from experimenting on a small stretched canvas with various inks and alcohol creating a celestial maybe. I managed to stay fairly clean when playing with acrylics. Got through my exercise class online and tried the yoga but I didn’t do so well with that. Walking to the mailbox was my excursion outside. Rain tomorrow.

  2. Love that squirrel and how it’s all set to face any situation! Thanks for all the words of hope and encouragement, Charlie. Just read somewhere that a 103-year old Iranian lady has recovered from the coronavirus, so that gives hope too.

  3. I received a package of Blue Lake Bush Bean seeds in the mail today. That gives me hope! I also painted some ugly flowers on the back side of a failed landscape. Lol At least the leaves turned out well.

  4. He’s so cute! He looks like he is trying to figure out where he hid that nut last fall. That’s what I look like everyday when I am trying to find something. Bahahawaha!

  5. I’m in quarantaine and home alone. Hope my fridge, freezer and pantry will last me till I can get out again.
    I doodled a page full of feathers
    Thinking of Emily Dickinson’s poem; “Hope” is the thing with feathers
    Love the lonely little cuty you painted.

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