For our prompt of “Snack” today, I had only a few precious minutes to come up with something to sketch and indeed actually sketch it, so I just sketched the first idea that popped into my head. A little squirrel, and then what he might like to snack on, which was followed with the idea of strawberries. Indeed, as summer begins to turn to autumn it’s really me that’s already missing those fresh strawberries. Though a squirrel would adore them as well as they pretty much eat or at least taste any fruit or nut in existence, much to the chagrin of many gardeners. I share this in common with squirrels actually as I really do adore both. Though, I should probably state that I’m not foraging in other people’s gardens to get my hands on these treasures. Yet, even just a bite of something I enjoy always leads to another and another. That’s the wonderful thing about something wonderful. Just a little bit more is never too much!

So, I have to admit that my world has been a little stretched lately. Things are not as smooth as they once were and yet I’m still holding onto my signature hope. I don’t have anything specific to share on that front yet, but suffice it to say that I’m finding these times rather challenging. As most of you know, I’m a devout optimistic, so when things start to unravel me, that’s a rather signature event. To explain what’s happening is simply to say that I’m attempting find clarity in something perfectly uncertain. Yet, that describes pretty much the entire globe in this moment, so I’m not remotely unique. I’m not going to go into any specific details about what I’m currently facing, but instead, talk about what I’m learning. Whenever a challenge or uncertainty presents itself, the best solace can be found in the known. The people who understand you and share your view of the world. Those little jokes that you tell to each other that are funny, but remind you of ideals you both share. Even when the jokes touch on subjects that aren’t quite so humorous. There’s hope in a shared understanding of the world.

So, I’m spending the evening with my little trio. For anyone who’s just arriving to my posts, this is my husband Philippe and my little dog Phineas. Our world is one I can always count on to provide me with all of the safety and hope I need to face the rest of it. But, I’ll admit for the first time ever that the rest of it does cause me much anxiety. Yes, even the little adult kid who is always seeing the positive can be affected by the opposite. But, I’ve learned that if you focus on what you love, that love can make the rest feel less daunting. Suddenly, I find myself in a perfect bubble of everything that’s right in the world. And I can smile. I can feel happy despite anything challenge that’s presented to me! I’m not at all kidding when I say that I find all of this perfectly miraculous. There’s always that unique world that only we create. And when I even get a glimpse of it, I find myself wishing for just one bite!

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30 thoughts on “Just One Bite

  1. It’s quite likely that the year 2020 will be remembered by historians as a bad one, possibly a turning point in the future to come. But it’s easy to get lost in that thought and forget all the wonderful things we still have. I hope your troubles soon turn around, so you can catch your breath, finding it easier to be your usual happy self. If there is anything I can do, let me know.

  2. Strawberries are a wonderful choice for a snack Charlie! My thoughts are with you as you struggle through. I’m sending you positive thoughts in the hope that on some level it helps to know we are concerned for you! Take care of yourself through this difficult time!💕

  3. Do you remember Pink Panther movies? Remember how the chief inspector ‘s eye would twitch when someone mentioned Inspector Clouseau’s name? haha That’s how I react when I see a squirrel. I spent all summer in a turf war with our backyard squirrel. She dug up and destroyed some of my plants. Grrrr! 💜 Your squirrel is cute.
    Charlie, I give you what I have: never forget and never doubt that the Lord loves you. He knows your name, who you are, and His Word says that He has beautiful plans to prosper you, never to harm you; plans to give you hope and a bright future. Don’t discount sharing your heart with Him. 💜 I will be praying for you.

  4. Most if not all of us are feeling some kind of anxiety during this time…hold on to your optimism and your family as these will help you get through. The uncertainty, the chaos and the unknown…I have my faith (and my art) to help me through and for all its just one day at a time..Praying for you and family and sending you a big hug…!!😊🤗🤗

  5. Everything will be okay. Not that you’re not allowed free floating anxiety, because everyone is, but, it will be okay. We adapt. Its what humans do. So eat some comfort food and remember that you’re surrounded by love. It’ll be okay.

  6. He looks like one of the little guys we’ve had visiting our yard lately. The squirrels around here are looking rather small. There seems to be more than in the past few years. I think we had a good birthing year this Spring! Good to see. We were awoken by a wonderful large rain thunderstorm this morning!! It was music to my ears even at 3:00 a.m. Thank you for all the prayers!

  7. How cute! I probably wouldn’t even care if a squirrel came and helped itself to the garden. They are just too darn adorable!

    Yes, it’s hard to be particularly optimistic at the moment – for various reasons – and that does draw us back to the known and the constants. You have the rest of your trio, and I daresay countless people have had you and your posts over these trying times. You are doing so much for people, and the support shown here proves it! Wishing you plenty of pizza, Animal Crossing New Horizons and, yes, even ice cream. <3

  8. Hey Charlie, just remember this: The world does not end til God tells it to. It is only man who tries to annihilate other man and what is man? This too shall pass. About that I have no qualms or thoughts. Right now I have my watercolours set up and several retreats for some reason all in the last two weeks of this month. My plants are happy and this time there is no mold in the apartment (from my overly generous watering hand). It is beautifully quiet and if the smoke ever clears I will resume my daily race walk whereby I pass joggers. Life goes on is what I am saying. Just like nature. You will too!

    As for strawberries, cook in a bit of water and freeze. I did that with packaged cranberries, made that into a sauce with only half the sugar or less, and froze in little containers to put over my hot rice cereal.

    Take care and have a splendid weekend!

  9. It’s going to be ok Charlie, we are going to be ok. Praying for us all to have peace of mind, peace in our hearts… our beloved ones and our art will help us through this all… thanks for your gorgeous characters like this lovable doggy with his sweet smile !!!

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