For our prompt of “Pie Slice” today, I did a quick little doodle of some peach pie. I truly just sketched the first pie that came to mind as I adore all kinds of pies and making a choice any other way would have been impossible. My mom didn’t make a lot of pies, but she did often make peach cobbler, so perhaps that why my mind wandered to this. I’ve not had her peach cobbler in years, but the memories of it still make me smile. Memories so vivid I can almost taste them. It strikes me that this is the third dessert I’ve sketched in a week, and now I’m totally craving something sweet. I did have an amazing lemon cookie that my friend made this afternoon, but it really just made me wish for more. Though indeed, even a little bit of something sweet is a truly wonderful thing. Indeed, I’m a pure optimist, who always looks for the good in the world. Even in a troubled world there are still signs of beauty and hope.

This afternoon I was once again in a nostalgic mood so I had the original Muppet Movie playing in the background. I was eight years old when the movie came out and I still remember the words to all of the songs. I had a cassette tape of the soundtrack that eventually became warped and worn out because I kept listening to it. One of the songs in the movie, sung by the character named Gonzo, is a song called “I’m Going To Go Back There Someday.” This was my favorite song back then and still my favorite today. My most loved line from the song is, “There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.” It’s odd that as a young kid this song struck me most as it’s a bit of a tearjerker. Though I always tended to like the sad songs most. Not because they actually made me sad, but because they often had the opposite effect and filled me with hope. I think that’s the signature effect of a truly wonderful song.

And it’s that same feeling of positivity and hope that has followed me into adulthood. Indeed, watching kids movies, I’m reminded of my younger self and all of the dreams that I had. It’s a humbling experience to be sure as I’ve not come close to achieving most of them yet. That little kid had a big vision for the future that was likely too much for any adult to handle. Other dreams have shifted and changed as I’ve grown older, but there are some still burning in my heart that I’m hoping to accomplish one day. I can’t say that anything is possible, but if you want something badly enough, it quickly starts to seem a bit more probable. It just takes hope and perseverance to make things happen. And though it’s never likely possible to make everything happen in the world that we would wish, the best things in life often start with just one slice.

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20 thoughts on “Just One Slice

  1. My mom made the best pies ever and unfortunately I did not inherit that gene….I got the cookie gene 🙃😊. We watched Doolittle the other night at my special request and it was the perfect distraction from the world in general. How can one not love a movie with animals that can talk.

  2. Ooh peach pie sounds marvelous Charlie and your sketch is deliciously done! I’m trying to lay off the sweets and the wine.😒 The doctor gave me a bit of a hard time about my weight being up from last year. Sometimes it is hard to make yourself be accountable. Time to start walking again and working in the yard. I’d rather paint. 🤨

    1. Peach pie was a good choice because it means everything is peachy! I often think having dreams is more about the journey than actually achieving them (except for the ones about the genie popping up and giving you three wishes).

  3. Mmm! I really need to bake something again, but yard work is taking up a lot of time. Plus, I love being outside when the weather is nice, so gotta do it.

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