Today is St. Patrick’s Day and in Kansas City, where I live, it’s a big event. There’s a parade that attracts people from all over the city and suburbs as everything is drenched in a sea of green and orange. Philippe and I don’t like crowds, so we don’t attend the festivities, but it’s sure fun driving past to see throngs of people walking down the street in their St. Patrick’s Day costumes. From tall green top hats to green polka dot leggings to feathered green boas, everyone decided to be Irish for the day. I doubt this parrot is Irish, but here, as long as you’re wearing the colors, then it seems to count today. For my part, I actually am half Irish and bits of other things my family doesn’t seem to remember because we’re deplorable when it comes to genealogy. Many years ago, I participated in the parties, which primarily consisted of getting horribly drunk on green beer. In some ways, I guess, I actually have grown up and I’m probably the better off for it. But, seeing all of those smiling people as we passed today, was fun and made me giggle. One woman was wearing so much green bling that she had to walk a bit hunched over to compensate. Or, maybe, she was simply already drunk. It’s wildly difficult to tell.

I realized when we went out shopping for groceries this morning that I’d failed to wear anything green. Somewhere in my closet are a handful of t-shirts that I purchased specifically for this day, but then each year I forget to put them on. One, I’m certain has the oft repeated phrase, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish,” which relates to the Irish legend of the Blarney Stone. Legend has it that Queen Elizabeth I wanted the land rights from Cormac Teige McCarthy, and he wanted to convince the Queen to change her mind. While traveling to meet with the Queen he met a mysterious old woman who suggested he kiss a specific stone at Blarney Castle, outside Cork, and would receive the gift of eloquent speech. He did so, was able to persuade the Queen, and the stone has become a famous tourist destination. For anyone unable to visit Blarney Castle, legend also has it that kissing an Irish person for luck is the next best thing. I’m rather sure when I wore the that t-shirt last I wasn’t inundated with kisses, as that would be rather hard to forget, so perhaps that why I end up not bothering with it at all. And since, I’m not exactly sure what percentage of Irish luck I actually have in my DNA, it’s a rather direct bit of messaging that could border on false advertising.

But, I’m happy to share whatever luck I do have with others. I think I have been rather lucky in life and for that I’m very grateful. I’d love to say all of my successes were due to hard work, but luck played a bigger role than I’d like to admit. I do work intensely at whatever I’m currently doing, but I also get so distracted in the process that it lacks all the focus a hard worker would employ. So, I’m pretty sure that my Irish luck must certainly come in to make up the difference in the end. Tonight, instead of green beer, Philippe and I are having a glass of champagne with some green pesto gouda cheese and crackers. It’s so weirdly civilized, but it’s our own little way to celebrate. Actually, we just happened to have some champagne in the refrigerator waiting for a special occasion and today was the perfect excuse. And though I may not know the exact stories of my own Irish heritage, I’m still happy to raise a glass and toast them this evening. No matter what happens in the world I think we’re all rather lucky. We just have to stay positive so that luck has its fuel to occur. Even on the days when we feel our luck has run out, it’s still there, waiting for us to notice it. Though if you’re ever in doubt, you can always plant a smooch on that silly guy wearing a t-shirt that says, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!”

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Parrot St. Patrick's Day Illustration - Doodlewash

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30 thoughts on “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

  1. My go-to shoes have fluorescent green laces, so I’m always ready for St Paddy’s day! I don’t drink much alcohol so it’s easy to pass up the green beer. Your pesto gouda cheese and crackers sound really yummy though. If there is one area in which my hubby is lacking, it is his dislike of any cheese save cheddar, and then only on meat sandwiches. Probably better for my waistline that we don’t have it often.

    1. hehe! True! 😃💕Philippe and I both adore cheese and so we have to monitor ourselves a bit! But I will say the pesto gouda cheese was amazing! It was from Aldi… love that store. Lots of little treasures hidden there! lol

    1. I think when it comes to Irish genes, it’s always enough to celebrate! 😃💕 hehe… and yeah, I’m certainly rather direct Irish origin on my dad’s side. But I’ve no idea what percentage of that earns me!

  2. Beautiful green parrot and interesting story about the T-shirt..I have seen one photo and painting of Angela Fehr standing next to a rock when she was in Ireland to conduct a painting workshop..was that the famous rock. .well now I need to check that painting again….That Green pesto gouda cheese with cracker sounds awesome idea to try…..

  3. This is wonderful lie same pair of parret s.I have they are called Love birds.
    Don’t know about originality of Irish but connection of may be. Liked very much.

  4. Yep, I forgot to wear green yesterday too. Realized it halfway through the day. Didn’t go anywhere so I didn’t get pinched. However, I did kiss an Irish man, my hubby. 😉 Your parrots are always so good!

  5. Charlie says, “No matter what happens in the world I think we’re all rather lucky. ”

    That is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thank you for being a carrier.

    I have heard that the way to tell if a green parrot is Irish, is to wait for him to speak.
    If he says , “Polly want a Guinness” instead of “Polly want a cracker” it’s a pretty sure
    thing. Looking at those telltale eyes, I’m guessing he’s Irish through and through.

    1. Yeah, I know!! Terrible manners! 😊 You’re, of course, invited anytime you find yourself in Kansas City. Just so you know, it’s a stock from Costco, so while it’s indeed French Champagne, it just has the world “Champagne” written in big black type on the label with Kirkland above it. 😉

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