For our prompt of “Parakeet” today, I made a sketch of two parakeets cuddling up together on a tree branch. I think these types of birds are fascinating, though I’ve never had one as a pet, even when I was a kid. From the gorgeous patterns and colors to the way they interact together, it’s a delightful thing to observe. They are very social birds and kissing is simply a way to bond with one another. When I first visited Paris with Philippe, I quickly realized that kisses were a common greeting, but in a very different fashion. The act involved kissing the air on both sides of a person’s head, and not actually making contact with the lips. It’s a grand gesture that makes hugging seem a little too casual for someone you really care about. And I, of course, did it totally wrong on the first try, but I quickly adapted to the correct method. Though, I do think that any expression of love is indeed beautiful, and the world could really use more of it these days.

My pup Elliott likes to give kisses, but being a dog, those kisses involve a lot of tongue. It’s not as passionate as it sounds, and it’s always best to have a towel handy if he manages to lick the entire side of my face. This effusive gesture, however, is reserved for the moment he sees me after I’ve been gone for some time. Once it’s clear I’m back home and everything is back to normal, the affection level drops precipitously. The focus turns to food, play, and treats instead. And honestly, I can’t argue with a love of food, play and treats, since I share the same feelings and focus once I’m back home from work. I always look forward to my evenings at home. It’s how I recharge so that I can tackle all of the many projects I have to complete when the next day arrives. And, I do tend to have a ton of projects going at the same time.

I’ve recently redesigned the Doodlewash site as it was in need of a bit of a modern facelift. It was a massive undertaking that seemed to go fairly smoothly, but if you spot anything weird, just let me know! It’s so wild to think that I’ve been blogging now for almost 8 years. I’ve truly never managed to do anything consistently for that length of time. Though, I have switched to weekly posts, which gives me more time for not only other projects, but also the people (and yes, Elliott… the pups!) in my life. And, each time I show up to post something, I feel the same happiness as I did all those years ago when this blog began. I do always hope that some people will actually read my rambles, but it’s equally good to simply let my mind relax and talk about what matters to me in the moment. And in this moment, it’s just love. Thank you for listening to me and joining me on this wild and fabulous journey. When I do show up, know that it’s not just to share art and words, it’s my way of giving you a kiss on the cheek.

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Two Parakeets Kissing Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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18 thoughts on “A Kiss On The Cheek

  1. Aaw, I love this painting. I had a Cockatiel and Budgies at one time. It was cute to watch my birds cuddling, grooming and kissing. Happy memories those, because I am like you. I don’t think we are affection enough as a species. My parents generation wasn’t either, especially being Scottish – that is all about being dour / strong which meant no showing of affection. But I will hug and kiss anyone willing to exchange that show of friendship with me – lol!!

    I love what you did with the Doodlewash Charlie. Awesome changes to the website and it is wonderful to see. I know what a big job that is. I don’t know whether you code your own website or not, but I code mine and there are a few issues (not with the coding but with the hosting) that are preventing me right now from updating mine – lol and while I absolutely loved coding my own site. Now I wish it was a bit easier.

    Lots of hugs and much love to you my friend.

    1. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 I agree… more affection is always a wonderful thing. And, glad you like the new site design. It’s a combination of themes and plugins in WordPress, but does take some extra coding to get the look and functions that I want. hehe Hugs and kisses to you my friend!!

      Sparkling Heart
      • zoie
  2. We had a budgie when I was a young kid, and it terrified me. The lions and tigers we had were no problem, but that bird. It did bite, but so did the lions and tigers and they bit considerably harder and scratched too. But it was the bird. I think I was afraid it would fly and catch its claws in my hair.

  3. Pucker up, Charlie, cause I’m here for my kiss. 😂😂😂 Hola, Charlie! What a beautiful painting! So sweet! 💜 In Hispanic culture we, for the most part, are kissy-kissy, too. It’s more prevalent in Latin America, though. We actually do kiss the cheek, though. We make contact, but only one cheek. Anything more and you’re instantly a weirdo. I think it’s nice. I see it as a “I’m happy to see you!” kind of thing.
    We are currently in the dark except for the light of my tablet screen. We’ve been stormy for a few days and I think it went out somewhere. I’m hoping they fix it soon. How did people live without it? Of course, that’s why their vision was stronger and better than ours. They were forced to see in the dark. 😲😲😲
    Have a beautiful week, my sweet friend! I’m so happy that you came into my life! 💜 Sending you birdie kisses con mucho cariño.

    1. Hola, mi amiga! Smooches all around! 😃💕 hehe I think kisses with actual contact are the best sort of greeting. Oh… and I hope your lights come back soon… that’s the worst… never quite knowing when they’ll be back. I hope you have a fabulous week as well. Big hugs and much love to you! ❤️

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