Day 28 #WorldWatercolorGroup La Vue De Notre Appartement Bicycle in Paris France

La Vue De Notre Appartement

Today was really busy, and although I had plans to take a walk to find something to sketch, the only little bit of time I had available was in between plans. Not to be discouraged, I simply stepped outside the front door of the apartment we’ve rented for the trip and sketched what I saw. If you take a right and walk past this bicycle, you’ll find a couple of doors leading out to a busy street. But right here, in this little courtyard, it’s really quiet and you feel miles away from all of the noise and confusion. I really don’t like the crowded tourist areas here, but I promise I will try to make it to one before I leave so I can share something more iconic and recognizable. My inability to speak the language fluently is the only thing that makes me feel like a tourist. Otherwise, I’m quite content living amongst the locals and enjoying everyday life in Paris.

Even though I love all the food and access to things we simply can’t get back home, I do appreciate living in a less crowded city. Today, we took a long car ride with Philippe’s parents to get to a large Carrefour in the suburbs. The best way to describe this brand of store to other Americans is that it’s like a Walmart, only with lots of fabulous French champagne rather than shelves of cheap beer. Champagne happened to be the primary reason for our trip and the prices were indeed amazing. But sitting in the traffic and navigating the tiny narrow streets would make me crazy. So as magical as it all seems to be here on foot, the reality of living here can also seem a little less than appealing.

But right now, as I type this, the window is open, the weather is lovely and the atmosphere is really quiet. In this moment, I fall in love with Paris again and want to live here. Of course, in reality, we couldn’t possibly afford the fabulous place we’re borrowing via AirBnb. But that’s part of the magical feeling to these trips. We’re not just living in Paris, we get to live rather well for a brief period, and experience a lifestyle that’s more like a dream. A beautiful dream filled with fine champagne et chocolat, free from the stresses of work. It’s not our reality, but we get to borrow it for a little bit of time. Excited to be here and charmed by the view each time we step outside our little apartment.

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 Day 28 #WorldWatercolorGroup La Vue De Notre Appartement Bicycle in Paris France

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28 thoughts on “La Vue De Notre Appartement

  1. We’re not just living in Paris, we get to live rather well for a brief period, and experience a lifestyle that’s more like a dream. – a temporary enchantment – yep, that’s a vacation for you – glad you’re enjoying yours.

  2. what a holiday! champagne, chocolates… lovely company so perfect for you guys – I spy that bike resting. ah so peacefully. and wonder about hopping on and going adventuring to the spectacular French villages. yes, in my dreams! have fun Charlie!!

  3. Lovely watercolor ! Lovely places like “petit coin de province” in Paris. No noise, no people or less people, you push a door and suddenly you are in a garden or a yard with beautiful garden furniture… I like a lot walking in Paris and find those little paradises ! Like too the Rue Cremieux I think you must know !!

    1. Thanks so much, Laurence! 😃 Yeah… it’s my favorite part of Paris… hidden Paris! hehe… love finding all the nice tiny gardens just off the busy streets. Actually… we hadn’t heard of Rue Cremieux, but I just looked at it on Google Maps and it looks lovely!! We’ll definitely try to visit! Thanks!

  4. Great Charlie your vacation and appartement; lucky that you have your OWN quiet place!
    Can imagine that you sometimes need the rest in this crowdy city.
    It really seems like a dream, a beautiful Paris dream!

    I am curious about the sketch but don’t see any?

    1. Thanks, Margriet! 😃💕 It’s wonderful here. But you don’t see the sketch? That’s odd… it’s there as always! It’s always at the beginning of the post and then in the About The Doodlewash section if anyone wants to click to view it larger. Are you viewing it in the WordPress Reader or some other reader?

  5. A charmingly sunny doodlewash! And the nice red bicycle is like the key to the city… for when you’re running low on champagne and chocolate 😉 but what uplifting vibes we can glean from this simple snapshot. Inspiration literally on the doorstep!

    1. Thanks so much, Jacob! 😃 Yeah… I totally want to hop on that bike and take it for a ride. It’s always there when we leave, so I’m not sure who uses it or when! Lol But even without a bike of our own, we’re having a fabulous time (thanks to the champagne and chocolat!)

  6. Sounds wonderful Charlie!! 🍷😍👍 I apologize that I haven’t been commenting much lately. I’ve had to return to work in my hubby’s business and feeling a bit worn out in the evenings. So glad you are enjoying Paris! 💕💖 I’m reminded of the old TV commercial for bath oil and saying, “Calgone take me away!” Lol! 🗼🚲✈️

  7. I’m pleased to read you’re enjoying things, Charlie! I got a feel of the place through your virtual courtyard, so quaint I must say, it’s all good! And you are, in a manner of speaking, next door – so I knew it would be anyway!
    Have a great weekend!

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