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Day 28 - Gerbera Daisies Watercolor - Doodlewash

We’ve reached another month’s end and that means it’s the last day of our “Flora & Fauna” challenge! I hope everyone who sketched and painted along with me had a perfectly fabulous time. And I also hope that you’ll be joining me for our “Beautiful Stories” challenge in March! I’ve really enjoyed this month as I ended up sketching flowers six times which is, admittedly, a record for me as they aren’t a subject matter I’d previously sketched very often. As it turns out, like all of my little fears, when it comes to certain subject matters, they’re just another bit of stuff to sketch and actually quite fun. Yes, I do put my flowers in vases most of the time since I like to paint glass or invite a bird to join them for the same reason, but that’s just my way. I’ve found that pairing a subject I’m less comfortable sketching with something that I’m more comfortable with sketching makes things a bit easier. Also, I went with the more colorful gerbera daisies because I adore a bright and colorful palette. All happily and quickly sketched in my trusty sketchbook. One day, I’ll go back through all of these sketchbooks I’m filling, but right now, I just quietly add them to the little tower I’ve made in the corner.

It’s been so much fun to sketch bright and happy things this month because the weather has been extremely cold, gray, and sometimes a bit bleak. The groundhog had promised an early spring, but I’m quite sure now he was drunk when he made the prediction. Though the first day of spring here won’t occur until March 20th, the next 10 days are pure winter with lots more snow heading my way. The plows have created large mountains of snow at the corners of some streets. Though the current snow on the grass is a bit patchy, these mounds remain like newly formed mountains and a reminder that the cold isn’t ready to leave just yet. As I kid, I remember climbing these structures and thinking it was all really cool. Now, though I don’t actually attempt to climb on them, I still find them rather intriguing. It’s wild to think they’ll eventually disappear and be replaced with a view of spring flowers. In this weather, I often have dreams of living in a warmer climate, but then I’d have to give up my four very distinct seasons. It’s such a happy journey to take each year, and one that always sends me back to fond memories of my childhood.

I’m always excited for another month and brand new adventures. I’ve got some new things planned that I’m working on and those will reveal themselves soon enough. In truth, I still have zero clue how I’m going to accomplish what I have in my head, but that’s never stopped me before so I’m not going to let it stop me now. I’m rather like those persistent snow mountains that are dotted around the neighborhood at the present. I simply stay the course and hope for the best all of the time. My favorite part of this journey is that my motto of simply “DO” and that little manifesto I wrote back in 2015 has served me very well. I’ve faithfully managed to show up each and every day since the very beginning. I make my little doodles, wash them with color, and then ramble on a bit in these posts to get my writing fix in as well. I’ve passed all personal records on committing and doing something on a regular basis. Previously, I had only a photoblog that lasted just three years (by the way, if you haven’t found them yet, that entire blog has been repurposed here as Freshly Curious – free reference photos for artists and writers!). Though I’ve done a lot in over three and half years, I still feel like I’m just getting started as paint these last flowers of the month.

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Gerbera Daisies Watercolor - Doodlewash

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  1. Sandra Strait 4 years ago

    I feel betrayed! If you can’t trust Punxsutawney Phil, who can you trust? I’m still hoping for spring here. It’s rare for us to get snow or ice in March. When we do though, it tends to be very bad. *fingers crossed* I can’t wait to see what new things you have in store, and that goes well with Spring when all things seem made new!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      haha! I know right?? I felt the same way about that little critter! lol But he’s still just so plump and lovable that I quickly forgave him of course. 😃💕And fingers crossed for you my friend! Yes! I’m SO ready for spring and all the new things it will bring!

  2. Sharon Nolfi 4 years ago

    I’ve liked all your flower paintings. The colorful reflections in this one are fantastic. As far as weather goes, we’ve been “freezing” all month, and now it’s official: L.A. had it’s coldest February since 1962! Average daily high temperature only 60.6 degrees, a full 8 degrees below normal. Did not reach 70 on any day, and as low as high 30s some nights. At least my daffodils are blooming!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 And wow! That’s cold for L.A…. but you know of course… you can send it my way! lol I would LOVE 60.6 right now. Sunday night is forecasted to be -1… ugh! I want daffodils!!! hehe

  3. Lisa 4 years ago

    Nice daisies! I love old fashioned wild white daisies with yellow centers. They grew like mad where I was a kid. The whole field north of the house was blanketed in them every summer. Imagine my surprise when I moved away and found out that that was not the case all over. No more daisy chains, no more he loves me, he loves me not. It kind of breaks my heart. In compensation, when we moved here twenty years ago, it was the end of July, and once we got out of the city, the ditches started showing their true colors. We followed a swath of the most beautiful blue chicory studded with Queen Ann’s lace all the way to our new home. Those flowers and the big bluestem prairie grass solve any existential problems I may have. 😂😂 I see blue flowers, therefore I am.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks, Lisa! 😃💕 I agree… I love white daisies as well, but those require a background to sketch properly in watercolor. hehe And yay to those blue flowers… I know the kind… and yes… just seeing them feels like a gift!

  4. LoriCtoo 4 years ago

    Oh how I wish I would have thought of gerbera daisies instead of the plain old white ones. However, I like the plain old white ones in my yard. So Springy! We had one of those crazy Oregon weather weeks where we got a bit of snow one day, turning to ice the next and partially melting and then the final day it snowed most of the day, but it did not stick and any sign of snow was gone by the end of the day. (Yes that is a very long run on sentence, but that is pretty much how I felt about the week!) Ahhhh, you never know what you’ll get here. Of course that was on our side of town, on the otherside they received inches. We had our turn last week. :p I’m nervous about March’s prompts! I already can’t make my mind up on what to sketch for tomorrow!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      hehe… my reference was actually white daisies, but I couldn’t figure out how to make them interesting on my usual white background. lol And I think this entire winter season has been one run on sentence that I hope is ready to end soon! And yeah, I always seem to do something like this in March…. hehe… it’s easier than you think. The key is to not think at all and just paint the first thing that comes to mind. That makes it both fun and totally crazy at the same time! haha 😉

      • LoriCtoo 4 years ago

        Good advice! Or wait for you to paint something and copy your idea! Bahawaha! :p

  5. June Hadaway 4 years ago

    Sweet flowers. Spring is near!!!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks, June!! 😃💕 Mostly for saying “spring is near”! hehe… I want to believe that even as we face a snow storm this weekend. I’m SO ready for its arrival!

  6. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 4 years ago

    I especially like the flowers in the shadows – well observed (the key to making good art) and well painted. Yes, Charlie, you are DOing quite well.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled you liked these. I still can’t quite get over my fear of flowers, but I figure painting them more helps. Next up… people… that’s one of my biggest challenges. hehe

  7. Mary Roff 4 years ago

    Beautiful and wonderful shadows! Spring seems to have arrived early here….actually, i think we missed winter all together.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks, Mary! 😃💕 hehe… and are you just gloating now?? lol That’s awesome! It actually happens sometimes here, but certainly not this year!

      • Mary Roff 4 years ago

        LOL…not gloating….a bit of winter like weather would be welcomed…too hot, too soon.

  8. smzang 4 years ago


    There seems to be no limit to your talents.
    I love the photos, already working on a poem, many more living
    amongst those shots. I will post a link to your photos along with
    the credit for the photo.

    as for these flowers, gorgeous, and the vase too.

    Charlie says, “The groundhog had promised an early spring, but I’m quite sure now he was drunk when he made the prediction.”

    It is amazing what elixir of morning dew and fermented grapes will do to the mind, especially to the mind of a
    groundhog looking for his shadow!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks, Sarah! 😃💕 You always make me feel like what I DO matters and that’s such an insanely beautiful gift! Thanks, my friend! And the last line of your comment if pure lovely poetry!

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