And now for something completely different! I needed a drawing for #DrawingAugust on Twitter, but also really wanted to participate in the Draw A Bird Day which the super talented Laura of Create Art Everyday is hosting.  (You should follow her if you’re not already right this minute! I’ll wait…la la la… oh good! You’re back! Cool!). Well I only had time to draw one thing today and it had to be both a bird and hit my theme of France that I’m doing for Twitter. So this doodlewash is it!

Le Coq Gaulois or Gallic Rooster (sounds better in French) is the unofficial national bird of France, so I drew one figuring it covered all my bases. I’m a day late for the official Draw A Bird day, which was yesterday, but Laura was gracious enough to allow a late entry. Additionally… the last time I drew a bird was in grade school, so this felt like a fun new challenge I wanted to try! I kind of like the result. Sort of looks like a design that might appear on a plate or something. Philippe said he wanted this one when he saw the sketch, which made me nervous as I didn’t want to screw it up in the doodlewash. Well anyway, here it is, my first bird, love to hear your comments and thoughts!

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10 thoughts on “Le Coq Gaulois

  1. Awesome, and he has such a cool personality too, strutting his little stuff with his head turned back in that devil-may-care way! Definitely a French rooster!! :))) hehe! Love it! And thanks for the mention. Glad you joined us! You’re good at soft lines! 💛💛💛

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