Today’s prompt was “reptiles” and so we have this strange lizard that isn’t exactly a natural beauty. I’m sure I didn’t do him justice in this lightning-fast 25 minute doodlewash, but it’s Friday and I’m about to have some wine and head into the weekend. Lizards, however, are likely only an attractive creature to people who love lizards. But, I tried to paint this one with a hint of cockiness as though daring you to say he’s anything other than hot. Honestly, he does have impressive muscles, which I lack, so I for one, am suitably impressed. I find lizards rather creepy and alien-like which is probably why they fascinate me. I would have typically fussed with some detail because of the weirdly wonderful scales, but lacked the time so this is fast and loose. By the way, if you’re not familiar with the phrase “leapin’ lizards,” it was from the comic strip Little Orphan Annie used just as one might use, “Oh, my gosh” or “what the hell?” The latter is mostly likely appropriate in this particular instance.

I have to admit to approaching this doodlewash with a sort of reckless abandon, which was really fun. I’ve no personal story relating to lizards, other than feeling as though I looked like one in junior high. I didn’t exactly, as lizards rarely ever wear thick glasses, but I’m pretty sure I had the look that only a mother could love. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone as puberty does some weird things and many of us had yet to transform into our future selves. But every time I see a creature that doesn’t immediately elicit a feeling of “ohhhh, that’s adorable” I still feel a sense of companionship. So my lizard definitely sees himself as cute, albeit in the way that made E.T. strangely adorable. But, what I’ve found is that no matter what something looks like, there’s always someone, somewhere who sees it as beautiful. Literally everything on the planet has a natural beauty. It’s just that sometimes, that beauty can only be seen by a much smaller audience.

With just four days to go in this month’s challenge, I’ve really enjoyed looking at the natural world and exploring its many surprises. Nature is pretty incredible and I always feel a bit small when I’m truly exploring everything she has to offer. Our planet is precious, and I hope that we can learn to love it more and take care of it as one might something extraordinary. We humans are just a tiny piece of the grand puzzle. But we can always be better citizens of this little green planet. In my heart, I hope that one day we’ll realize the gift we’ve been given and learn to love every little bit of it. Every rock, every flower, every little creature has something to teach us about life. And even when the creatures seem odd or bizarre, they’re here for a reason. And that’s the most beautiful thing of all. Everything is so brilliantly connected and each little thing affects another. When you truly stare at the natural world with an open heart, there’s really no better way to describe it than, “leapin’ lizards!”

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About the Doodlewash

Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Quinacridone Gold, Phthalocyanine Blue, Phthalo. Green Light, Red Orange, Opera Rose, Turquoise Green, and Payne’s Grey. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon with black ink in a little red cloth hardbound l’aquarelle journal I found in a Paris shop.
Day 24 - Leaping Lizards Watercolor of blue lizard - #doodlewash

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26 thoughts on “Leapin’ Lizards!

  1. This little guy is quite attractive, all decked out in turquoise – you know, I have to love anything with a turquoise face. Same essential color as our little turquoise blue planet. Kids do go through an awkward phase and the lucky ones come out attractive or talented or mechanically gifted or athletic or brilliant in some way or another. You seem to have done just fine, from whatever gawky form you (think) you had as a youngster to a man with many gifts, like the ability to paint a darling turquoise creature in no time at all.

  2. Junior high school is an age of grotesque metamorphosis, but we all turn into beautiful swans.

    Question: Are you still loving the l’aquarelle journal? Does it buckle, or are the pages thick enough to take the watercolor? I’m still trying to find a source in the U.S. It’s available on Amazon in Europe, but most don’t ship here. Thanks.

    1. Yes! We all turn into swans in the end! hehe 😃 And yes, I’m still loving the journal! It buckles a bit this month since I’ve been doing full page paintings, but tends to lay flat again once dry. I’ve not been able to find it in the U.S. either, so I nabbed two last time I was in Paris. I still highly recommend my previous journal which was the Pentalic Aqua Journal. It was 5×8… this current one is a bit smaller at 4×6, which I like better since I have very little time and it’s easier to fill the page. 😊

  3. Hmm. I took one look and said, “Awww”, he’s adorable. Guess I’m one of those people that like lizards. And birds, and dinosaurs … and lots of critters. I’m not keen on wasps, but I know they have their place.

    I’m impressed he only took you 25 minutes. Bet you couldn’t have done that when you started this blog. How big is this doodlewash? Did you find yourself liking him or wanting to know more about him as you painted him?

    I admit, I *do* have a soft spot for lizards, it’s about time I sketch a few. I have enough to say about them to fill a couple posts. Better not get started. Thanks for your lizard, he’s making me smile.

    1. Thanks so much! 😃💕 I agree on wasps… can’t work up a love for them, but lizards are much better. And yep… I couldn’t have possibly done this when I started! hehe My current sketchbook pages are only 4×6″ so that helps tremendously from a speed standpoint. And I totally wanted to know more about this lizard, but was soooo short on time I never got the chance! 😊

  4. Haha, you certainly got the cockiness! What a charming little lizard – I’d certainly say he’s adorable, and not in the least creepy… well, unless he starts leaping about the place, I suppose! I’m loving the gradients, the turquoise mid-tones are perfect.

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