Lessons in Doodlewashing: A Doodlewash Dinner Party

Aesha (@missaesha) hosted the first (of hopefully many) Doodlewash Dinner Parties last night! So Philippe (@Phinomet) and I happily attended. The photos were taken by our friend Jeromey (@the_kansascity_chronicles) who we talked into doodlewashing for the very first time! We also recruited our lovely friend Courtney who made her first doodlewash last night! (She loved it and wants to include her son in the future! Don’t worry… no wine for the little ones. Adults don’t like to share).

It wasn’t a highly planned event so we realized that although we did have plenty of wine, we almost didn’t have enough palettes and pencils to go around. But we figured it all out and after enjoying a lovely dinner, we launched into an hour of doodlewashing.

Another lesson we learned from this little event was that although summer days are longer they don’t last forever. By the time we started painting the light was growing dimmer and dimmer, so the last bits of doodlewash were applied using only the light from citronella candles.

But that didn’t stop us and it was a super fun time that I highly recommend trying for yourself! You don’t have to only invite other sketchers to a Doodlewash Dinner, you can recruit anyone with a positive attitude and willingness to try new things (or simply lure them with the promise of great food).

One of the cooler things that happened was when for a few minutes everyone went silent and was completely absorbed in their painting. It’s an awesome feeling to be with friends in silence, yet knowing you’re all still connected through the art you are making together.

The biggest lesson learned from this experience is that doodlewashing is indeed better with friends. Hope some of you out there will try your own Doodlewash Dinner Party! And if it’s near Kansas City, be sure to invite us! We’ll bring some wine!

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12 thoughts on “Lessons in Doodlewashing: A Doodlewash Dinner Party

  1. Doodlewashing Dinner Party sounds like lots of fun! So cool to hear that you live in KC. I was there once when I stayed in KS for a year as an exchange student. That was in a small town called Holton. It´s not too far from Topeka. Loved the landscape there – huge skies and amazing thunder storms. Have a wonderful week! 😊

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