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Lessons in Doodlewashing: Creating An Online Shop

After some prodding by a few folks, I decided to see what it would be like to open an online shop. The intent was primarily for friends and family as I don’t truly anticipate many others being interested in these little products. I originally thought about Etsy, however, previously mentioned friends and family were wanting the same watercolors and so I decided to open a Doodlewash Shop on Society6 with my doodlewashes and create high quality art prints instead.

First lesson I learned, was that Society6 batches their products based on the images you provide and you can’t really control which products are made available. So, since the resolution I provided was high enough, you can now apparently fulfill your deepest desire to have pigs on a shower curtain! Come on, I know you’ve been wanting this!

22932137_14736575-crtn_pmThe truly funny thing happened when I tried to upload a graphic for tote bags that I thought Philippe, Aesha and I should have to carry around. This too was at a high resolution and created a shower curtain offering that made the term “I’ve been doodlewashed!” take on an entirely unintentional meaning.

On Society6, the image you upload for a tote bag also apparently gets automagically applied to throw pillows, shower curtains, and duvet covers. I figured out a way to get rid of the doodlewashed shower curtains and duvet covers by changing the resolution to just under the 6000x6000px image required for the last two (make it just 5999x5999px instead). But there are still and I’ve been doodlewashed throw pillow available for no one in the world.

Not sure whether anyone will want to purchase any of these goods, but thought it would be fun for the Doodlewash Crew to have some souvenirs.  I’ll be ordering a couple things to sample the quality, but the resolution was crazy high, so I’m sure it’s quite good.

I like Society6 because you’re a link away from other artists. If you don’t like my prints, you can just shop for an artist with the style and subject matter you want! I love promoting other artists, because in the end, art is personal and people have a wide range of tastes. While you might like a doodlewash I created, you might not want it hanging on your wall (or draped across your bed or greeting you in the shower each morning). Also, you might like a doodlewash created by someone else even more (maybe from one of the shops of our fabulous Guest Doodlewashers)! That’s awesome! Buy from them!

In the end, I left the pigs on a shower curtain as well as some other equally hilarious offerings. Who knows, I might just be fulfilling the wish of someone out there in the world. And it was free and super easy to create a shop on Society6, so if you’ve ever wanted to sell art prints of your work, I invite you to try it too!

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27 thoughts on “Lessons in Doodlewashing: Creating An Online Shop

      1. I had to look back again–I didn’t realize the pigs were on a shower curtain as well. Fantastic! That is so great. Wait–are you getting ready for some great deal with Target to bring doodlewash to the masses?

        1. Haha…nope… just discovered the fine world of image uploading and apparently got a little carried away. I don’t actually need a shower curtain but I really want to see it person!! It’s like the unicorn of home decor to me now. So real and yet still only a fantasy. 😉

  1. I enjoyed your humor. Not sure about the pigs shower curtain but the Doodlewashed one is kind of clever! 😊 However, I probably won’t be buying a shower curtain. Sorry to disappoint you. LOL! 😄

  2. pixels.com, an offshoot of Fine Art America, for all your non-fine art items. I wouldn’t have chosen society6 nor redbubble.
    But, having said that, I love both curtain ideas, especially those gorgeous piggies! 😉

      1. No, I haven’t Charlie…I get eNewsletters from FAA as I’ve signed up, tho I won’t be taking it any further as my work is just not good enough to be on there, that’s for sure! Yours would be tho. 🙂

        1. Your work is totally good enough to be on there Janina! It’s wonderful!! You should try it, you never know! I have to admit I like that they changed the name to Pixels…less daunting than “Fine Art”…hehe… I’m thinking…uhm… I just make little doodlewashes. Is that “fine” enough? Hehe 😉

    1. Haha…Thanks Ramida! Okay…the doodlewashed curtains are going back up! Hehe Thanks so much for the lovely post! (May take me awhile to try it and put something together though) Also…can I post what you created from the doodlewash manifesto?! That’s crazy awesome! Can you email it to me?! 🙂

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