Lessons in Doodlewashing: Leap Year Break

So I wanted to start my February project today, thinking 28 days would be perfect, but realized it’s leap year. Also, it’s been an insanely busy day and the sketch I made was pretty crappy and not particularly inspiring in the less than 10 minutes I had to make one. No matter what, I can’t seem to stop doodlewashing, but then I worried about my theme and whether it was even inspiring me or if there was something more. There was.

I needed a break. After 7 straight months of posting a doodlewash a day, I just needed to sketch like a child and make something crappy that I wouldn’t even show my own mother (or even my dog Phineas as he’s really quite judgy). Perhaps this childish notion came from spending a month of doodlewashing toys, but that’s what happened to me today. So I’m taking a leap year holiday (something I just made up and seemed appropriate) and will reveal my sketchbook when I return to my regulary scheduled programming tomorrow! Please stay tuned my friends!

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41 thoughts on “Lessons in Doodlewashing: Leap Year Break

  1. Yay for a break! Yes, I agree with so many that you need to recharge! I’m hoping that I can do some drawing by this weekend.. I’m more concerned that I didn’t get a notification about your post! Lol. ❤️

  2. Wow Charlie- 7 months! That is quite an accomplishment. I’ve been making all kinds of crappy paintings lately that I’m not posting. There is something liberating about it. Have fun with the little Charlie in you.

  3. you made me smile. creating is fun, its what we Do… but it also takes energy out of us too. I loved your line about not showing (it) even to your dog! Did some of those myself yesterday. ah well, another roll of the dice and we’ll see what happens! thanks for sharing Charlie!!

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