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Lessons in Doodlewashing: Sunday Blogging With George

I doodlewash daily and love it, and in order to share it, I’ve discovered that I also have to blog daily, which is often challenging. I always wanted to write a blog, but every other time I’ve tried I’ve failed. I started by photoblogging years ago because I could simply take a photo, post it, add a clever title and move on.

A few years after that I tried another concept called Life Out Of Context where I captured bits of conversation from other people, but this became tedious after awhile so I stopped. I realized that I’ve now been writing blog entries for longer than I ever have before so that’s quite an accomplishment! But blogging can be tough when although you were inspired to draw something, you may not be inspired to say much about it.

Last night we went to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to see a show presented by the Kansas City Repertory Theatre. It was Stephen Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George. It was a wonderful performance and highlighted all of the various idiosyncrasies that come with living with people who are passionate about what they do. The themes in the show remind us that while it’s important to follow our passions, it’s just as important to make sure we’re present for the people around us.

During intermission I stepped outside because I realized I had forgotten to schedule one of my blog posts. Then I wondered if that counted as not being fully present. When I returned to my seat, however, I discovered that things could be much worse as I overhead a conversation from the couple behind me. I decided to share it with you below. Don’t ask me how I can remember whole conversations, but not remember the name of someone I just met or even members of my own family sometimes. It’s a weird gift. But, anyway, here’s the conversation I heard:

Husband: “This is really good! I’m glad we came.”
Wife: “He died at 31”
Husband: “What? Who did?”
Wife: “Georges Seraut. He died of meningitis at the age of 31.”
Husband: “Thanks for spoiling it for me.”
Wife: “You already know he’s dead now.”
Husband: “Yes but I didn’t know how he died. I prefer to just come see a show without looking it up online first. You know…just be present…in the moment…are you listening? Wait…what are you doing now?”
Wife: “Nothing.”
Husband: “You’re updating your Facebook status!”
Wife: “No I’m not!”
Husband: “I’m right here. I can see you doing it! Can’t disappoint your adoring fans…”
Wife: “Oh I don’t have that many adoring fans.”
Husband: “You just admitted to having fans, you realize that right?”
Wife: “I did not!”
Husband: “Well I think it’s terrible.”
Wife: “What’s so terrible?”
Husband: “That you can’t just be here with me! Always dreaming about something else.”
Wife: “I dreamed you had a change of personality but it’s obviously too late for that.”
Husband: “Oh put that on your blog, why don’t you.”
Wife: “Oh don’t think I wouldn’t, but you always have to keep the tone just right to keep people reading. Like that piece I wrote about our last date night. People loved it. It was very romantic.”
Husband: “Was it?”
Wife: “Maybe if you would have read it you’d know!”
Husband: “Why would I read it, I was there.”
Wife: “I mean what I wrote!
Husband: “That’s what I mean. You wrote it while we were still having dinner together!
Wife: “oh…”

This really made me giggle as we were just watching a show about a similar theme. So yeah, I guess blogging can sometimes get in the way of life, but for me it’s just been a way of enhancing life. It’s been amazing to “meet” all of you and your kind words and encouragement keep me motivated each day!

I especially like one of the final songs in the show as I think it pretty much sums up our journey as artists. If you’re ever wondering what to paint next or write next, I think I’ll just leave you with these lyrics from the show that really help put things into perspective nicely:

“Stop worrying if your vision is new. Let others make that decision…they usually do…You keep moving on. Anything you do…Let it come from you…Then it will be new. Give us more to see…”

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11 thoughts on “Lessons in Doodlewashing: Sunday Blogging With George

  1. I’ve only been blogging since April and I can’t blog daily, I just don’t have much to say. And part of what I do with my daily journaling is to write about my day, my thoughts, my joys, my fears. Kudos to you and to anyone who has the energy to blog daily. I do enjoy reading your blog, not just for art but also for the stories behind the art and about the art. 😊

    1. Thanks Kari! I’m so happy you do! 😃 Appreciate that! And you have plenty to say! I think the secret is to just say what comes to mind and not worry about it. Lol…or at least that’s what I’m doing. If I start to worry about the content too much I freeze up, so I’m just blathering on and hoping it somehow makes sense when I hit “Publish.” 😊

  2. Charlie–what a great story. That conversation could have been written by a team of comedy writers. I read it out loud to my wife and she was laughing as well. I actually think a a lot about being present and in the moment. I fear I fail at it most days. But I want to grow in that. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Thanks Kirk!! 😃😃😃This was a long post without pictures so I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it! Lol Glad you did, and liked it! Was hoping someone would try reading it out loud…this couple was funny, but it needed to be written in script form to get it!! And yeah..I fail at the being present a LOT so I just felt like writing something to remind myself. 😊

      1. I’m a fan of reading aloud to see if the words work. That had a rhythm to the spacing of the jokes that worked really well when I read it. That’s a rewarding bit of copy you’ve got there, mister.

  3. Good morning Charlie, I wondered how you were able to keep up with your blogging pace. I only post three days and sometimes it stresses me to keep it going. Your writing is very funny and heartfelt. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, especially with a new job. We don’t want to loose you.

    1. Thanks so much Sharon!! You are one of the people that make it all possible! It’s more fun when you know that someone is actually out there reading this stuff! Hehe😊 I’m loving it! I won’t be going away anytime soon! 😉 But I have a new found appreciation for bloggers everywhere. It’s rough sometimes!! ❤️😃

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