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Lessons In Doodlewashing: Watercolor Pencils

So I drew the goat I warned you about in the last post (entitled “Some Goat In France” since I’m sticking with a French theme for August). But in between the sketch and the doodlewash, I dropped by the art store to get more masking tape and left with this lovely little box of watercolor pencils by Bruynzeel-Sakura. I’ve never used watercolor pencils before so since this set was just around $15, I figured I’d give them a shot and use my goat as a guinea pig (something I never thought I would type by the way).

I liked these pencils because the color names and color coordination line up with the same names and colors I’m familiar with in traditional watercolor paints. Several of the colors I would have preferred (like Naples Yellow vs. Lemon Yellow) were not in this little set of 12, but they did have Cobalt Blue and Vermillion which was nice (although I didn’t use Vermillion on the goat).

I’m not entirely sure how you’re supposed to use them, as I just jumped right in. I basically just colored and shaded the initial sketch and then attacked it with water using the brush that came with the set. I preferred to use a brown and blue mix for the dark areas over the black pencil, though I did use a bit of black to darken certain areas. The greens were sort of crazy and not very grass-like, but I used both of them with a little bit of yellow to create the area surrounding the little goat.

The colors dissolved in the water really nicely and I was really pleased with the effect. Once an area of color was wet, I was able to blot and pull color to other areas as well, just as in traditional watercolor. In the end, the result takes on a much more illustrative feel, which can be nice for some types of subjects. (not sure if it’s perfect for goats, but it worked out okay for this one).

I don’t think I’ll be switching over to these, but it’s nice to have another doodlewash tool to play with. And since today was all about trying new things, I figured it was a good time to try these. And honestly, who doesn’t love buying new art supplies?! Definitely something fun to have in your doodlewash kit! Goat is optional.

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34 thoughts on “Lessons In Doodlewashing: Watercolor Pencils

      1. Same here. Whether it is a catalog or driving into town to the art supply store, I make a list. I promise myself to only get what is on that list, (which has been edited numerous times before actually shopping), an then my will of iron disappears at the first sight of… paper, paint, pencils…! Oh my…(sigh), so I keep making lists, for next time…when I’ll be good … promise … ;D

  1. Don’t water color pencils rock!? That is what I’ve been experimenting with most of the summer. I’m a sketcher by nature and the pencils were a great way to ease me into actual water colors because I still maintained the control I’m used to with a regular pencil. BTW your goat is pretty cute! 😊

    1. There will be! I’m sort of loving creature doodles! But I’ve put myself in this French theme for August so it’ll probably be September when I really let my creature flag fly! (When you google reference for French animals you usually just get a bunch of drawings of dogs and cats in berets)

  2. Buying art supplies is my Achilles’ heel (or so my husband tells me). That’s a terrific goat! I think I have some Aquarelle watercolor pencils that I’ve not used yet. I might have to play with them now.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, I was about to buy prisma watercolor pencils but as you said I will give it a try! I just started using Sakura koi now will try this pencils too.. By the way great paintings!

  4. Charlie, I love watercolor pencils for field sketching. I pack my pencils, one brush, my sketchbook, a black pen, and a small container of water and off I go into the woods, field, or local botanical garden with a light weight back pack.

  5. Really nice results Charlie! I like the ink line for the goat (I hope I have that right) and the greenish-blue background. I must say I love your French goat, with red wine. I hope you take on the French Poodle challenge!

  6. I sort of fell into watercolor pencils the same way, and now I’m equally comfortable using pencils, tubes or pans of watercolor. There is a sort of “bonus happy surprise” element to using the pencils dry and then applying water…if I have my camera with me when I’m painting, I try to remember to take a snap before and after 🙂

    1. Aww cool!! Would love to see that! 😃💕I actually never took to watercolor pencils, which is odd since I love to sketch most. I ended up liking the ink lines with bits of unruly wet watercolor most, but want to play with these again soon! hehe

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