When it comes to packing clothes for a trip, you’ll only find jeans in my luggage. It’s the only type of pant I own, and therefore, the only kind I ever wear. But, I do have them in more colors than simply blue to mix things up a bit. They are the only comfortable leg covering I’ve found, so I abandoned all others years ago. I once wore dress pants that are sometimes referred to as “slacks,” a weird and odd word that should have served as a warning, since they don’t fit me properly. The pockets are on the side causing them to flair a bit unless you have no hips at all and are built more like a pencil. This isn’t me, so I hate the way they look on me. So, I just purchased other colors of jeans, as for some reason, even an event were blue jeans would be deemed inappropriate, a burgundy pair is somehow considered fashionable. This is a distinction that makes little sense to me, but it works, so I’ve stuck with it. Thankfully, I don’t attend such events anymore, because events that come with a particular required attire tend to be boring and drab affairs that I’ve found are best enjoyed by avoiding them entirely.

In the very back of my closet is the only suit I own, last worn in a wedding several years ago where I was a groomsman. It was actually more of a casual wedding, and the suits were meant to be ironic as they were paired with bright yellow sneakers. This addition somehow made it all more comfortable since the outfit could then be simply thought of as a costume. Since I’ve only ever had creative jobs, I’ve thankfully never been required to wear those hideous slacks to work, much less a suit. It’s practically impossible to look creative at a meeting while wearing a suit. It’s not attire one typically associates with anything truly imaginative. It’s like a bunch of men simply dressed exactly the same, leaving only a tie as the single speck of pattern or color to exhibit a bit of individuality. Jeans, on the other hand, can be paired with any number of tops and fun shoes, which for me, makes them much more versatile. Men’s shirts these past few years seem to mostly be a sea of plaid, so this year, I decided to only buy fun prints instead. The last purchase involved a dark blue shirt with leopards and a white one with flamingos.

I purchased a tropical print recently, but these are a bit dicey, as there’s a rather fine line between trendy and fun and looking like a Jimmy Buffett costume. Philippe assured me it was the former, but after trying it on at home, I still wasn’t convinced so I only wear it around the house. But one thing is definitive. I’m far too old to truly worry about fashion and comfort is king! Life is way too short to spend even a second of it wearing anything that doesn’t make you feel perfectly happy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fun to try on different styles when it comes to clothes and even when it comes to art. But when you find that fit that feels right for you, it’s usually best to follow your heart. For my daily art, though I attempt the occasional landscape, I’m happiest just sketching stuff that illustrates bits of everyday moments. Simple things that make me happy and remind me of those stories and memories that matter most. And while some may rock the latest fashion and always seem to be uncovering the coolest new trends, you’ll find me instead, chasing the tried and true and happily living a life in jeans.

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Day 19 - Life In Jeans_Stack Of Jeans Watercolor - Doodlewash

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23 thoughts on “Life In Jeans

  1. Turns out I’m kind of judgy. I think anything but a suit at a funeral is wrong. I may be wrong though because the dead person obviously doesn’t care. Other than that, jeans go everywhere. Well, maybe a trip to the Oscars need a tux.😁

    1. hehe! Yeah, I’m pretty sure the deceased doesn’t have an opinion on the subject! 🙂 But those affairs are for the living, so it’s always best to adhere to whatever they require. As for the Oscars… jeans are still acceptable, but have to be black and only by a particular designer who’s currently the most touted in this very moment. 😉

  2. Denim is my favorite fabric. Strong enough that it keeps you safe from scraps if you happen to brush up against something potentially dangerous or fall off a moving vehicle like a bike. Doesnt require ironing and smoothing out. Lasts a long time. Does not require wash after wear for most people. Can easily patch if there needed.

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