So when it comes to shoes, our art challenge prompt for today, you’ll most often find me sporting a pair of sneakers. These are my latest pair, and in real life, they’re not quite this bright green, but I sort of wish they were as they look like something you might wear to visit the Emerald City of Oz. And that opportunity would certainly make me smile! I do own other types of shoes, but I rarely wear them. When it’s cold, you might find me sporting a pair of boots, simply because I have to, but now that it’s spring, the sneakers will win out most of the time. These types of shoes are typically meant for physical exercise of some sort, and I assume walking must count, which I do each day, so that’s enough to justify my choice. I wore a pair of leather shoes the other day and Philippe referred to them as my “old man shoes,” but in truth, they were probably better classified as “age-appropriate.” The truth is, I am getting older and should probably contemplate more grown up footwear, for certain events at least. But for now, I’m happy with my colorful kicks that boost my spirit and always make me smile.

I once purchased a pair of expensive Italian leather shoes that were oh so fashionable, but left little to be desired when it came to comfort. They’re now sulking in the back of my closet in their little felt shoe bags, waiting until that next wedding or funeral when I have to grudgingly put them on again. I was thrilled a few years back when my friend asked me to be her bridesmaid. Well, that simply wouldn’t work, so I was on the side with the other groomsmen, but we both knew the real story. The colors for the wedding were gray and yellow and all of the groomsmen were decked out in gray suits while sporting yellow Adidas tennis shoes. Though I never really wore the suit again, at least the shoes got a second life. It was a wonderful souvenir of the event and I still put them on from time to time. You can’t really color coordinate bright yellow shoes, so you just have to add them in with confidence whenever the mood strikes you.

It’s not that I have a problem with growing older, it’s just that I can’t deal with growing up. If there are things I still love, it just feels weird to ignore them because I’m a middle-aged man who should somehow be passed all of that. It’s not like I received a note in the mail telling me that because I’m older I should now like this instead of that. Except for the oddly timed junk mail that assumes I’m a decade older than I actually am. There’s just an odd socialization that happens when everyone else your age starts to do something a certain way and you have a choice as to whether or not you want to comply. It’s funny, because it’s no different than when I was younger and always trying to fit in. One of things I love about being a grown up is that I now know that fitting in doesn’t matter at all. There’s nothing made more important when it’s just what everyone else is doing. The opposite, in fact, is true. So no matter how old I may become, I’m quite content to trod my own path, happily enjoying my life in sneakers.

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38 thoughts on “Life In Sneakers

  1. I totally get you, Charlie. It’s like, you hit a certain age and you are supposed to stop doing certain things. A big NO! If I can still do them and feel good doing them, too bad. What is age appropriate? Who decides that? Life is short, and it goes by way too quick.Kick up those heels and stay young, Charlie! Love the green sneakers!!

  2. Oh Charlie I just love what you said. I am the same way and I think you should wear whatever you want. People look older because they dress older just because they think they should. Age is just a number. Love the green shoes.

    1. Thanks, June! 😃💕 Yes, age is just a number and I guess if you ever feel the need to fit in there are rules that might apply. But I think it’s way more fun to actually enjoy what you enjoy and leave those rules for others to follow!

  3. Never grow up – that’s my motto. My daughter often calls me a little child (when it comes to my sense of humour anyway). Love the green sneakers – just like the yellow Converse I drew yesterday (but green)!

  4. Love your sneakers. I just bought a pair of electric blue patterned shoes – it’s like wearing the sky when I walk! Your post hit home tonight. Next week, I turn 65 and dealing with pensions and medicare and the general hype around that mark could make it easy to feel old. I’ve always tried to fight that feeling – one of the reasons I love Doodlewash and your daily posts. They always make me feel young!

  5. Oh charlie yes we are going to that stage but our 💓 is never be old enough we set our mind that.grown .old .till we can be fit.
    Never bother old. Hey if Admin become old where we go. Comon be young. N be happy. thanks

  6. So, Peter Pan, I love your green sneakers. One of the best things I discovered about growing older is that the age differences between me and others no longer matters. When I was a kid, two years older or younger meant I couldn’t be friends with that person as we had nothing in common. Now I have friends 30 years difference in either direction and I feel grateful to know them all.

    1. Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 And that’s so true!! I love that bit as well. When we were young just a couple years seemed like such a large distance. It’s nice to see that distance begin to vanish.

  7. The light play on the shoes and the shadows around ‘under’ them
    give them real soul ( sole too) . You have given them life and breath.

    “in real life, they’re not quite this bright green, but I sort of wish they were as they look like something you might wear to visit the Emerald City of Oz. ” definitely has to be included in that book you are working on in the back of your head! I was going to say
    you have the magic of the Emerald City in your paint brush…it’s true, but I think it
    starts in your soul. Thanks for brightening the world with your magic.

    “The truth is, I am getting older and should probably contemplate more grown up footwear,” Nah…I’m sure your feet would resent it.

    and this one:

    “You can’t really color coordinate bright yellow shoes, so you just have to add them in with confidence whenever the mood strikes you”

    Please don’t sue…I couldn’t help myself…a whole poem flashed into my head when I read it…I stopped writing this too long comment, posted the poem, and headed it with
    your quote, giving you and doodlewash credit. If you are not okay with this, I will remove it, but it was like wearing those magical shoes and finding that I couldn’t quit

  8. I was thinking the other day how my parents and grandparents felt they had to act their age (or the world’s idea of it anyway). We are lucky that we can wear jeans and sneakers no matter how many years we’ve been alive. I love all the brightly colored sneakers around, and green is an excellent choice! (K)

  9. Yay most definitely for traine-I mean, sneakers 😉 I wish I had some green beauties like this! My brown shoes used to get similar “old man” comments from my friends. Bah! They’re comfy, and that’s all that matters!

    1. You definitely need some green trainers! hehe… I always forget they’re called that. No idea what they’d be training me for since I don’t enjoy sport. And yay to comfy brown shoes! 😃💕 Critics be damned!

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