Near a medieval sea fortress in the heart of Morlaix Bay in Brittany, France lies this charming lighthouse and cottage which was the inspiration for today’s doodlewash. I’m still not very confident in creating water, so I sort of washed over it quickly in Ultramarine Blue and Cobalt Turquoise and then dotted it with some white goache.

The actual edge of this little island isn’t quite so golden, but I wanted another pop of color so I let Quin Gold go to work. This one was pretty quick as I didn’t have much time today, but I did manage to save the white of the paper to let the little buildings pop, so that much was a success!

The coolest part of this little lighthouse keeper’s cottage is that it can be yours for the weekend! You can pick up the keys to l’île Louët in the mainland tourist office, and they’ve apparently been renting it out since 2004. This charming cottage is definitely a retreat, however, since there is no bridge to the mainland. You’re basically making yourself a castaway and getting to fulfill your long-held Gilligan’s Island dream (you have that right?) It’s also missing running hot water and indoor toilets, so it’s the real deal Gilligan!

I’m not sure that I could handle it for a full weekend, (I like my creature comforts) but it does look lovely for the afternoon. Come to think of it, I guess you don’t need hot water to doodlewash, so maybe it would be fun! Also, nobody is close enough to smell your lack of showering and medieval toilet use (except your travel companion, who will likely smell the same way), so it could be just fine! Pack your bags, brushes and body spray, we’re heading to Brittany!

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