For our prompt of “Candles” today, I chose a single candle in a wreath. My mother had something similar to this in her front room when I visited recently and I really liked it. Her candle was actually battery-operated like many of the ones that Philippe and I have these days. I didn’t know they made a candy cane striped version in that brand, but then my mother informed me that they didn’t, but that’s what she wanted. So she used transparent gift wrapping to transform what was once simply a white candle. The effect was far more festive and I had to admire her crafty ingenuity once again. At our house, though, we still have traditional tapered candles that we love to light in the evening during this time of year. Even the act of lighting a candle brings me joy. It’s like announcing that the normal evening is over and now it’s time for a bit of magic. I feel the same when we press the plunger on our Hallmark Treeluminator and light up the entire front of our house with Christmas lights. I thought it would be fun to try to teach our dog Phineas to press it, but he just stared at me as if I were insane. But that’s okay. Secretly, I really want to do it myself each day anyway.

I was off work today for the start of a nice long holiday break and nearly froze up wondering about all of the things I could DO today. There were lots of projects I could get caught up on, but since this was only the first day, I decided to be totally lazy instead. So, I just read a bit and played games on my Nintendo Switch. I have more games on my holiday wish list, so I hope Philippe managed to get me a couple. He doesn’t like shopping from a list and prefers to come up with everything himself. I, on the other hand, love having a list so I know at least some of the things I’ve selected are something the other person actually wants. This year, there was just one thing on his list and so I had to wing it for the majority of gifts. Thankfully, they’re small and not costly, but part of me still hopes they are the “right” ones. This is silly because we’re both the same when it comes to gifts. We love opening them and seeing the surprise and it barely matters what’s inside. It’s just fun to surprise one another with little things. That said, the one big gift I got for him is totally of my own choosing so I’m still a bit nervous about that one.

But, all of the sparkling lights each evening continue to remind me that everything is and will be perfect once again this season. Like when I was a little kid, it seems the days are passing by so slowly. Unlike when I was a little kid, I’m actually thankful that they are moving by so slowly. I love the anticipation so much still and I want it to last as long as possible. In fact, I think I love Christmas even more now than when I was a kid, if that’s even possible. What I really love is the holiday that Philippe and I have crafted together. It’s a lovely mix of traditions from the United States and France. Though I default to France almost entirely when it comes to the food, of course. Everything we do has happened quite organically and just seemed like the right thing to do for the occasion when we met. Now, years later, those little things have become beloved traditions that we look forward to each and every year. And soon, Christmas Eve will indeed arrive and our little tradition of festivities and gifts will finally begin! And once more, we’ll spend an entire evening enjoying magical surprises. A wondrous night that begins quite simply, by lighting a candle.

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26 thoughts on “Lighting A Candle

  1. Perfectly festive Charlie! I’m glad that you got to relax today. Me too, I took the afternoon to paint which life commitments have kept me from doing lately. At least I have been able to have my daily doodles.

  2. Well, I turned 60 yesterday! I received two bouquets of flowers to mark the occasion. There were no candles alas, but I expect some cake at tomorrow evening’s Xmas book group party. They never forget. Plus we have a used book exchange where when it’s your turn you can select a gift to open, or steal one that’s already been opened. We have lots of laughs with that. Have a wonderful time off!

  3. Oh the anticipation! It just makes everything so much more exciting. I know what my gifts “are”, but I don’t know what they look like. Your candle is lovely with it’s greenery! Enjoy your time off!!

  4. Charlie says, ” Even the act of lighting a candle brings me joy. It’s like announcing that the normal evening is over and now it’s time for a bit of magic.”

    I don’t just read that, I feel it…I love the sparkle as the flame stretches and bows…as if it, too, has that Christmas feeling.
    I love the beauty of the greenery and red berries, and I love the happy sounds of Christmas on the way that is painted
    into that wreath and candle.

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