Puppy Dog Watching Fireworks Watercolor Illustration

Lighting Up The Night!

For Day 4 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Burst,” I ended up with a little pup watching fireworks. While some dogs are scared by fireworks, my own pup Elliott doesn’t seem to mind them at all. There have been lots of loud pops and sparkles in the sky for the past few nights in early celebration of the fourth of July here. While Elliott is certainly a bit confounded as to what on earth is happening, and wondering if we may indeed be under attack, he doesn’t seem terribly worried about the situation. In fact, he’s happy to be outdoors and simply looks up into the sky with infinite curiosity and interest. He was still a puppy last year when he experienced his first fireworks season. Though, it didn’t seem to bother him then either. I think he rather enjoys them. It seems like something exciting is happening, and he’s always loved parties much more than Philippe or I do. Elliott is the extrovert in the family.

Typically on Independence Day here, there aren’t any nearby fireworks displays. Those all happen in May around Memorial Day. This year, however, there is going to be a large fireworks display directly across the street from us! So, we have a friend coming over and we’ll be sitting on our roof to watch the festivities. I don’t think Elliott will join us on the roof. He may not be spooked by all of the fireworks, but he’s still a little trepidatious when it comes to the spiral staircase that leads up to our rooftop deck. He really, really wants to do it, but it’s just too weird and he’s never successfully navigated those winding stairs yet. So, Elliott will likely just be in his room and taking a nap during the show. We went for a walk early today and stopped to play ball, so he’s a bit exhausted from all of the running in the sun. He was totally thrilled the entire time, as it’s a brand new ball, and those are always the best thing in the world!

This morning, Philippe and I went to get a pot so he could plant the basil he picked up yesterday. While we were there, we found a mint plant that we purchased as well. It’s all I can do to not keep rubbing the leaves and smelling my fingers all the time. It smells so good! Philippe made a cucumber, goat cheese, and mint salad yesterday for lunch and it was delicious. I wanted it again today, but we’ll see what he ends up making. Much like what appears in my sketchbook, cooking is something that Philippe does with whatever inspiration strikes him in the moment, so it’s always a surprise. It was a relaxing day today and I sort of wish I didn’t have to go back to work this week. Though I have one extra day that I added tomorrow, so it’s still a long weekend for me. I feel rested and happy and excited for this evening. There will be food, drinks, and fun! And, of course, the extra special annual event that includes a grand display of colors and shapes, lighting up the night!

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Puppy Dog Watching Fireworks Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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18 thoughts on “Lighting Up The Night!

  1. I hope the fireworks aren’t so close that they hurt Elliot’s ears! I know sometimes they hurt mine! Salads are one of the things I enjoy most about the summer. I know you can get them year round but they’re never so fresh and tasty.

  2. Good for Elliot! He seems like such a laid-back kinda guy. We’ll watch the huge fireworks show that the farmers across the desert do every year. It’s quite spectacular, as we have a broad view of the night sky. I don’t handle pyrotechnics, so, watching from a safe distance is enough fun for me.

  3. They cancelled our fireworks this July 1 due to all the fires. All the cops were downtown so the zoners took the oppourtunity to space out all over the place in our area. Oh I could tell you stories.

  4. Hola, Charlie! Happy 4th of July! Ooo, I had an exciting day! I slept through everything! Yay, pain pills! 😂😂😂 Charlie, this is the cutest painting ever! That puppy is so cute! My Gordo was not a fan of fireworks. He reacted like he did when he sensed a bath was imminent. He was like, “No way, man! I’m outta here!” He would get really nervous and would jump up on me to let him back in the house. Once inside, he would pace nervously because mama was still outside in danger. My sweet little boy. 😂😂😂 My mom and I were remembering how his belly would get really big after drinking water. Predictably, he would scratch his belly and then burp! Even spitting up a little water. 😂😂😂 Charlie, you should’ve carried Elliott up the stairs so he could enjoy the fireworks with you. 😂😂😂 Big hugs, my friend.

    1. Hola, mi amiga! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed this painting. Yeah, I thought about carrying Elliott upstairs, but he’s 60 pounds and not much for being carried. hehe… I think that would have spooked him more! But it was a fun time! Hugs to you!! ❤️

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