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Like A Goat Eating Grass

When faced with a prompt of “grass” for this month’s Sunny Days challenge, my mind jumped to the time I would spend on my grandmother’s farm in the summer. There were lots of animals present, but I adored the goats most of all. There was something intriguing about that goat face, munching on grass, while staring at you with a totally blank, rather bored expression. I loved visiting when the babies first arrived as they were so incredibly cute. As a kid, I would also go home with a bit of goat milk and I absolutely loved it! When I got a little bit older my grandmother decided it was time that I might be able to help her milk the goats. I remember having my little silver bucket at the ready and staring at her imploringly as to what I should do next. “Grab the tit and squeeze down,” she would always exclaim and I would start giggling uncontrollably. This made it really difficult to perform the actual task of milking and so I was quite bad at it. In a very brief time, she would intervene, grab the tit and the milk would magically stream into the bucket. I think I managed a single successful squirt before being lost in laughter.

I often miss those days and think back to them quite often. There was a certain magic spending time on a farm. Mornings happened quite a bit earlier than they did back home, but the light was brilliant and there was such a peaceful feeling. This was long before the days of smart phones, or even dumb phones that you could carry around with you. There wasn’t a single thing to distract me from the world around me. Just my own imagination that would be filled with amazing things that I would like to do that day. After I helped with whatever chores I was assigned, I would run off in search of adventure. There were acres to explore and each little patch of grass changed each time I would happen upon it, revealing new mysteries. When I went back to visit as an adult, the farm didn’t seem quite as gigantic as I remember. It actually seemed much smaller. An acre of land was more amazing when crossing it with tiny feet. Even still, the memories came flooding back and my eyes filled with tears.

I wasn’t sad, but just overjoyed. Those amazing moments spent there were the bits and pieces of a life that helped to shape the man I became. I feel a strong connection with nature and a love of all animals. I learned about a quiet world that happens far from the nearest supermarket. A place where every creature is part of a greater purpose and treated with respect and kindness. A place where time can actually stand still, if you let it, as each sunset falls, more brilliant than the next. I sometimes find myself rushing through life these days, trying to keep up. In these moments, I travel back in my memory to those days on the farm. I try to remember what life was like before all the amazing technology that came after. Just those simple days under a warm sun that seemed endless in time and possibility. Where I could take just a little moment, and stare into the distance without worrying about anything at all, like a goat eating grass.

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M. Graham Watercolors: Pyrrol Red, Gamboge, Ultramarine Blue, and Permanent Green Pale. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 21 - #WorldWatercolorGroup - Goat Eating Grass Watercolor - #doodlewash

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19 thoughts on “Like A Goat Eating Grass

  1. You spent your summers on a farm? That is a true American dream, Charlie, and I can tell you understand how special it was. You always get so much joy and meaning out of ordinary experiences, and it enlarges my vision of the world to see a bit of it through your eyes. Thanks for a heartwarming post – and for a great painting of an adorable goat. (I can hear it bleating at me.)

  2. Stunning – image and post – absolutely stunning Charlie!

    You’re thoughts brought such a smile to my face – my maternal grandfather had a farm, and I too have incredible memories and moments when life was so different from “home” – big city. Thankfully, the farm wasn’t far – a few hours drive – and I spent close to half of my time there – and so, both worlds opened for me – and I remember with such details, the essences, the smells, the tastes, – up to milk the cows, but I was far too small and it’s dangerous – cows are big creatures! And “chasing” the chickens to retrieve the eggs – gathered with thanks and grace for later, they would be so good! And the garden – all kinds of fresh – from seed to harvest – all summer long, into the fall – and the acres – acres of land – oh, wow, what memories.

    thanks Charlie – delightful doodlewash and post – and yeah, I LOVE goats!

    1. Aww thanks soooo much! 😃💕 Oh my gosh… thanks so much for sharing your story! What fantastic memories… I can totally relate to that, and hear and smell all the beautiful things you describe! Awesome!

  3. OMG! You are the GOAT, Charlie! Hm, I certainly hope that means what I think it means… well, I know what its intended meaning is here. 😉 I’ve always loved goats; they are so adorable, and yes, so bored. They’re hilarious and I want one (Graham? Gordon? Gerald?). What a perfect place to spend young summers. I’m very jealous!

    1. Thanks, Jacob! 😃💕 I’ve never heard the phrase your are the GOAT, but I can only imagine it must be the most amazing compliment! lol And yeah, I’ll take it! As for the name… hmmmm I’m fond of Gordon, though I can’t possibly explain why.

  4. Reminds me of Heidi, my terrifying nanny goat with one ultra sharp horn which she knew how to use. She frightened all my friends by trying to gore them. She was a a nasty piece of work who finally jumped the fence and attacked our neighbour, baling him against the wall and according to the police, slavered and slobbered over him and frightened him. His wife called the cops, several of whom arrived and arrested Heidi and took her to the dog pound in town. We had to very expensively bail her out and took her home. Damned if she didn’t do it again the following day, but to the wife who was kneeling weeding in the garden. Bowled her for six and slobbered over her for an hour until the husband came home and called the police. Heidi ended up going to a goat farm with high fences and the neighbours never spoke to us again.
    The moral: if you don’t like your neighbours, get a goat.

    1. LOL… oh my… that was just about the most amazing story EVER! Love it! And truly valuable advice to boot! hehe… that’s quite a drama. That nanny goat wasn’t messing around! Seeking vengeance! 😉

  5. I absolutely love that goat…
    Not to brag (ha) but I once won the milking contest at the county fair.

    “A place where time can actually stand still, if you let it, as each sunset falls, more brilliant than the next.” (that is so beautifully true.)

    When I was young, I couldn’t wait to get away from the farm
    and all its unending work. Now…a whole different story. Unfortunately, when my Dad
    died, we sold the farm. Bad Mistake!

    1. Oh no! Yeah, I feel the same! I miss the farm!! 😃💕 My grandparents have both since passed and there’s no farm to visit these days. But I’m also truly envious at your goat milking skills! LOL My grandmother was a pro, but I could barely manage it! 😊

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