For our prompt of “Bees” today, I decided to sketch one little bee hiding in a flower. I actually haven’t seen many bees yet this year as the weather keep refuses to warm up properly. It’s still a bit chilly where I live, and not all of the flowers have arrived. I love watching bees flit around from flower to flower. It’s rather mesmerizing. Indeed, as I flit around from sketchbook page to sketchbook page, I’m always hoping to produce a little honey in the process. I’m never entirely sure what I’m going to sketch as the day begins, and usually just made a sudden sketch of whatever comes to mind in the moment when I check the day’s prompt. It’s that promise of something sweet that keeps me coming back for more. I’m certain that if I keep showing up each and every day, I’ll improve. It’s diligent work to be sure, even if I only take a few minutes to complete a sketch. Then, I simply sit back and watch to see what bloomed that day.

Though I’m home all of the time these days, I still find myself able to be somehow distracted more than ever. And time seems to have a different cadence. It moves really slowly and then suddenly zooms forward without me noticing and it’s already evening again. Even though I’m still working from home and so I remember the day of the week, I often forget the date and have to check the calendar. I realize that having plans on the calendar meant that I used to check it often, but these days, there’s no need. Though this still feels like a Saturday, which has always been my favorite day of the week. As a kid, it meant waking up to enjoy a bowl of cereal and watch all of my favorite cartoons. As an adult, it means waking up to have waffles and watch all of my favorite shows. So really, not much has changed. That’s probably why I still adore it. It’s the only day that’s pure weekend, with still another day off to go!

Though I wanted to have popcorn tonight, I also really want broccoli and cheese pasta that Philippe makes so well. I rather doubt he’ll indulge me with both things. This doesn’t stop me at all from making the request, of course. Usually when we have popcorn, it will be proceeded by a devilishly healthy and light dinner. Something modest in size, low in calorie, and perfectly portioned. While I respect and understand the idea of balance, I equally like to just be devilish and enjoy a bit of indulgence sometimes. Okay, whenever I can. So, this is when I’m reminded that I married well and have someone who loves me enough to take on the arduous task of protecting me from myself. Thankfully, I’m so darn easily distracted that it’s not super hard to redirect my attention to something else entirely. I’ll just jump right on to the next lovely flower and enjoy that just as much, like a little bee.

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Bee On Purple Flower Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail


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23 thoughts on “Like A Little Bee

  1. Charlie, you are lucky to have someone who watches over your nutritional health. Hubby and I are too much alike and indulge too much. One look at us and everyone knows it! But, ooh! Popcorn! I think I need some!

  2. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice here and hubs said he’d come outside and help me plant my wildflower garden. Every year I toss new poppy seeds on the bed so I’m sure to have some. It makes me very happy to finally get some seeds in the ground. I’m planning on putting peas in too if it’s really as nice as the weatherman says. If course we all know what liars they can be!! 😂😂

  3. I’m seeing lots of bees in the garden. I love it when a big queen bumble bee flies by me. They’re buzz is so loud. I like to watch them scrambling around on the ground, trying to find a hole to make a nest in. Great painting Charlie.

  4. Wow! What a lovely sketch. I went for a kiddish bee of course. (At least I did one. My follow-thru seems to be lacking these days, unless it is on my list. Which at the moment I don’t know where it is. Lol, I know you can relate. Isn’t it lovely to have a mind that travels so much, you forget things? 😉

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